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40862116 No. 40862116
#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtsey/Common Sense/ Fun #Its Varmus's fault

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.

Here, all are welcome and accepted – so long as violence does not occur, as indicated by a the sign reading “Weapon bin by the door, put it in or we put you out. Cold."

On the blackboard, one may find what appears to be a scribble of nonsense:

The bar is NOT auto-staff, and it will stay that way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Topics tonight include:
>Remember to yell, it solves all problems.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Bar is now: OPEN
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>> No. 40862122
File 142966823357.jpg - (146.16KB , 849x640 , tumblr_nbhowbKHUR1tpuvbxo2_1280.jpg )
>aint no thang
>> No. 40862123
>I don't get it.
>> No. 40862124
File 142966833059.jpg - (247.33KB , 670x464 , 1428017116600.jpg )
>I made the title about the first thing I saw on my desk, a Creamy Tahitan candle and the first thing I was reading about which was Saren gas
>> No. 40862125
>You're ocnfusing :S

>> No. 40862126
File 142966839877.jpg - (156.04KB , 599x888 , 142828413669.jpg )
>To Ember
Umbra. I'm your aunt.
>She turns the iphone around and shows him a picture of her and Spirit together hiding in the shadows at his violin recital to cheer him their quiet way :3
>> No. 40862127
File 142966841481.jpg - (75.34KB , 500x692 , 1422591021990.jpg )
>I dont see how that could of been any better explained.
>> No. 40862130
File 142966852082.png - (752.46KB , 2104x2167 , I'd ship it.png )
>Nah I got it, I was just being silly heh
>> No. 40862131
File 142966854420.png - (113.01KB , 500x300 , 1422127502279.png )
>> No. 40862132
"Cmon, i bet youll look handsome."
>She stands up, her hand still glowing
>> No. 40862134
File 142966872790.jpg - (83.75KB , 500x545 , 1428894954235.jpg )
"Oh, I see then. Nice to meet you." He said as he viewed the picture of the audiance members that he hadn't known were present at the time the photo was taken. "I certainly didn't know you two were at my recital though."
>> No. 40862136
File 142966878982.jpg - (128.43KB , 1124x1280 , 16110__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_socks_princess+molestia_gamer+luna_video+game_artist-colo.jpg )
"I've come to expect the unexpected."
>> No. 40862138
File 142966883225.jpg - (321.51KB , 540x720 , 5f657c2d893cb33c07059d96ab657bd7.jpg )
>Spirit was suddenly sittign next to Umbra, both speaking one after the other
Of course we were.
You live here.
We like music
And you
So why wouldn't we be?
>> No. 40862139
File 142966886694.jpg - (432.52KB , 540x720 , 3a05ace0ede895db9f3c95c2fa71661a.jpg )
So what woudl the unexpected outcome of this spell be then, oh whise expecter-Luna?
>He said with a little chuckle
>> No. 40862141
"Oh! speaking of the unexpected my oldest, alina has taken a shining to you, even made her own litle lunar shrine. little creepy when she tries to stay up all night talking about how she wants to be as cool as you till her little nogging falls asleep, but to each their own..i rambled, anyway Alina wants to meet you."
>> No. 40862142
File 142966899137.png - (1.05MB , 1000x1294 , 39722__solo_anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_curvy_artist-colon-trollie+trollenberg_bandeau_loinc.png )
"What spell?"
>> No. 40862143
File 142966904060.jpg - (603.59KB , 1028x1069 , 103634__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_clothes_traditional+art_ass_skirt_midriff_princess+ballo.jpg )
"I'll probably see her in her dreams."
>> No. 40862144
File 142966907405.png - (19.88KB , 680x310 , A Terrible Fate.png )
>> No. 40862145
File 142966916152.jpg - (1.33MB , 1080x1440 , 2011-10-16-445306.jpg )
Blank wants to make me an...that thing you are.
>> No. 40862146
"Humanoid, i do it all the time mainly becuase im very spell adept. Like a wizard and shit."
>> No. 40862147
File 142966925698.png - (449.66KB , 800x800 , 90627__anthro_princess+luna_princess+celestia_questionable_blushing_upvotes+galore_bedroom+eyes_.png )
"Bipedal? Anthro?"

"So you specialize in transformation spells?"
>> No. 40862148
File 142966928508.png - (61.42KB , 800x454 , here__go_crazy_by_nicklausofkrieg-d3jx9bg.png )
"…I suppose that's a good point." He admitted as he looked between the two of them.
>> No. 40862149
File 142966936218.jpg - (279.88KB , 450x600 , 2011-02-01-369447.jpg )
Both of those suffice I suppose.

And it's true. I'm quite proud of her actually. A royal guardsmare AND a talented mind~
>he smiled and rubs the angel-morgannas head
>They both look back, blinking
>> No. 40862150
"Well I don't like to toot my own horn..but all magic. I've yet to master shadow spells or chaos spells however. My brother silver is a damned master at shadow spells. I've rambled again. But yes I'm good at transformation spells."
>> No. 40862151
File 142966947943.gif - (59.07KB , 580x560 , 1420415095152.gif )
>Valentina hummed to herself as she had a meal at the bar counter, looking around to see who was there.

>She then flicked a paper football into Ritsus drink, Ritsu herself giggled and shook her head.
>> No. 40862152
>she smiles and giggles, her hair getting all messy and her wings flapping happily before folding back up
>> No. 40862153
File 142966964270.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
Alright go do it.
>> No. 40862154
File 142966963801.jpg - (115.28KB , 550x660 , 141462__safe_anthro_princess+luna_artist-colon-shepherd0821_evening+gloves.jpg )
"Too bad she's not serving under me. I heard that the Princesses of your world don't aren't even around."

"Embodiment of magic in your world?"
>> No. 40862156
File 142966972981.png - (2.24MB , 1041x1545 , wildrider.png )
>Pill would just be capsulizing her equipment for the mission,and decided to have a relaxing drink before the mission approaches.
>> No. 40862157
File 142966974730.png - (61.42KB , 800x454 , here__go_crazy_by_nicklausofkrieg-d3jx9bg.png )
"…So." He said in an attempt to break the silence, focussing his gaze on Spirit as a certain matter came to mind. "Avedon said he would talk to you about finding a way to get my counterpart here back to where she came from. Could you give us any info on that?"

The 'counterpart' certainly expressed a newfound attenriveness for this conversation at the mentioning of such a topic, looking with a degree of hope at the fox-girl with the bangs for what she would say to this inquiry.
>> No. 40862158
"That would be twilight if you're talking about elements. Heh, I'm just a guard captain, I wouldent go so far as saying I'm the embodiment of magic, your highness."
>she smiles and scratches her cheek all bashful like

"Ok..try not to focus on that burning feeling in your spine by the way, totally normal.."
>comforting words as the purple glow enveloped his body and in a flash he would be bipedal of your description that I love when you do them :3
>> No. 40862159
>she would get glomped by a familiar black alicorn
>she smiles and hugs her friend
>> No. 40862160
File 142967010337.png - (2.24MB , 1041x1545 , wildrider.png )
"AHHHHH!!!" She shrieked as she hit the floor.

"Do I umm...Know you?" She asked as she sat under the alicorn unamused,and in a lil pain.
>> No. 40862161
File 142967013367.png - (449.66KB , 800x800 , 90627__anthro_princess+luna_princess+celestia_questionable_blushing_upvotes+galore_bedroom+eyes_.png )
"And yet you say you're good at all magic?"
>> No. 40862162
File 142967015772.png - (82.69KB , 300x341 , Caesar 1.png )
Heh. If I had a princess like you I'd probably be willing to get back into the servi-
>he gets a bit blind-sided by Blank, he was no stranger to pain but he wasn't prepared for having his very bone and muscle structure ripped up and reformed. It was worse than pain it was....weird. To an orderly man that was more painful o.o

>He grew out into a tall, leanly muscled man. Clothes pulling up and not growing with him, just awardly framing his chest like the top of a cape or a scarf. A body matching his sword. Something that may have been elegant and beutiful in another life, but it's purpose was not to be looked at, it was made to kill, and bore all the marks of it. Burns, gunshots, the gentle and ragged grooves of blades both. He was not as broad as some others, but his stomach was trim and fell to powerful haunches and and firm shoulders, built like a wolf.
>> No. 40862163
"It's me blank you silly filly. We've been through hell undeath more times than celestia has banished somthing for a thousand years!"
>she helps her up
>> No. 40862164
File 142967021276.jpg - (199.73KB , 491x734 , 221234__safe_anthro_princess+luna_traditional+art_cute_artist-colon-newyorkx3.jpg )
"I'd give you good pay for a returning vet."
>> No. 40862165
File 142967034736.png - (97.22KB , 400x337 , Caesar 28.png )
Oh. Yes. Well Rokkir would probably know where you came from...if you actually did come from somewhere.
>Avedon didn't miss a beat, tail simply moving forward to anything and keeping an air of composure and dignity
Well I did work as this world, or at least my world's Luna's right hoof...what exactly do you have a need for however? I recall you saying you were having some trouble having to take care of both the day and the night.
>> No. 40862166
"Holy fuck."
>she stands there with a face of shocked approval
"I think I outdid myself.."
>she poofs up some clothes for him

"Guess I cornered myself with that bit huh?"
>she chuckles having just transformed Avedon without a hitch
"I suppose I could be.."
>> No. 40862168
File 142967043801.jpg - (207.41KB , 1024x1358 , 13755__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_dress_curvy_princess+balloona_artist-colon-innocenttazlet.jpg )
"That's been resolved. Anbd I'm thankful it has too. Buut, I can't think of anything though."

"You sure did."
>> No. 40862169
File 142967047930.png - (235.69KB , 496x555 , Caesar 3.png )
It took you long enough to do that yes...
>He said smoothing down his new suit of clothing and feeling his fingers, as a soldier immediately checking how his weapons felt in his grip
Good work Blanket.
>> No. 40862170
File 142967050338.png - (1.76MB , 757x1485 , wildride2.png )
"Ohh I think I know what's happening now..You were friends with a different me...And by chance its probably the one of me thats in a urn right now in Carrots ship..Yeah she got umm sick and well turned into ashes." She said rubbing her neck.

"I'm the Pill who works for Eden..I don't exactly have a world to call home at the moment."
>> No. 40862171
>> No. 40862173
File 142967070454.png - (241.00KB , 1600x752 , go_easy_on___em_by_nicklausofkrieg-d3kjhp7.png )
"Rokkir?" She repeated with a tilt of her head. "And who's that?"
>> No. 40862174
File 142967073496.jpg - (64.49KB , 698x667 , 1425698969577.jpg )
The Shadowrealm.
>She said simply as if that explained it all
>> No. 40862175
File 142967074198.gif - (177.33KB , 500x596 , Pandora.gif )
>To anyone who wants to RP!

>There was a white haired cat girl who was hanging upside down from the rafters, a sore look on her face it seemed!

>There was Dom Blackjack and Ary at the bar. Doing...nothing! Just staring at eachother they watch the cat hang of course.
>> No. 40862177
>she stops for a moment, trying to wrap her mind around what she just said.
(Mother fucking sentimental shit coming up)
>the pill popper shes spent so much time with. Escaping limbo itself. Traversing the rings of hell. Fighting for her. Dieing for her. Laughing singing and drinking with her. Is laying in an urn reduced to mere ash by a sickness she never was even aware of. But here was another pill popper. Was it the same? No. Will it have to do? Maybe. For now only time will tell
>she wipes a small tear from her teal draconic eye
"Well..ill pay respects later, till then I hope we can get to know eachother!"
>> No. 40862179
File 142967097195.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
What do your guards normally do? The only one I can think of is Shining Armor but Im not sure if he works for you directly.
>> No. 40862180
File 142967102213.jpg - (61.75KB , 600x905 , Death_Korps_of_Krieg_by_Obrotowy.jpg )
"…Right. Well, when you or whoever else finds the time to speak to him I'd appreciate knowing what he has to say."
>> No. 40862181
File 142967107456.jpg - (351.06KB , 850x1100 , 25572__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_monochrome_breasts_traditional+art_s1+luna_curvy_princess+.jpg )
"He works for both my sister an I. But usually they escort us to other locations, protect us when threats arise. But there are those who are like the police, and the like. Others have desk jobs. And so on and so forth."
>> No. 40862182
File 142967109874.png - (2.24MB , 1041x1545 , wildrider.png )
"Yeah well you know my name,and my profession is time patroller for this realm and a few others." She said as she stored her capsules on her belt.
>> No. 40862183
File 142967117610.png - (1.37MB , 1140x1640 , Ave and Green.png )
>Both seemd slightly offended
You're speaking to her. We're avatars of Rokkir.
Hm, well I'm not precisely looking for an official job, but I wouldn't mind using what I have learned to help you and ensure you're getting the most from your guard and be on call to assist you with any problems. I would actually quite enjoy serving you in that advisory capacity.
>> No. 40862184
"I suppose I could be the embodiment of magic. Hell I was made in the everfree by necrotic magic. Anything is possible."
>a lightbulb goes off in her head
"Speaking of possible, were it be se if I were to serve under you?"

>she smiles and puffs her chest out proudly, such is the master family way
>> No. 40862185
"If I were to assume that's like a time cop were I to be correct in that assumption?"
>she asks all proper like
>> No. 40862186
File 142967138577.jpg - (603.59KB , 1028x1069 , 103634__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_clothes_traditional+art_ass_skirt_midriff_princess+ballo.jpg )
"Sounds good. But one rule must be followed. You must look as you are now. My world is one of those pure worlds where we don't allow outsiders from another realm to enter. If you look like that, I can look the other way. I can change you back and forth, and it would be far less painful that it looked like when Blank did it."

"You'd have to be anthro, no if ands or buts. You also wouldn't be Captain either."
>> No. 40862187
File 142967146264.png - (204.40KB , 448x598 , Caesar 4.png )
....If you puff out like that that bra is REALLY not enough for you to be wearing sweetheart. Maybe you should conjure yourself a sweater :I
>He nodded
I was created to serve none other than you. Once upon a time there is no limit to what demands you could have made of my appearance. I will respect the customs, ways, and appearance of your world and keep the fact that I am from another hidden as well.
>> No. 40862188
"Yeah were something like that." She said stuffing the last few capsules on her belt.

"And you're a princess or deity correct assuming from the wings and horn."
>> No. 40862189
File 142967150088.png - (449.66KB , 800x800 , 90627__anthro_princess+luna_princess+celestia_questionable_blushing_upvotes+galore_bedroom+eyes_.png )
"Hey, at least I'm not asking you to do anything crazy."
>> No. 40862190
File 142967154858.jpg - (245.30KB , 652x922 , Sergeant Major Dupont Mac E Cog.jpg )
>Val sails a paper airplane into Avedons hair, open it :V
>> No. 40862191
File 142967157446.png - (128.65KB , 900x855 , squad_broken_by_nicklausofkrieg-d474wqq.png )
"O-oh, I apologize, I wasn't aware. So, um, how does that work? You say she'll know if I came from somewhere and where thay somewhere would be, but assuming she does percieve everything you two percieve then is she simply too busy with some other matter to formulate a response for you to give me on the subject?"
>> No. 40862192
"Transformation is only painful the first time. It's kinda like sex. Only without the 3 minuets of crying and regret after. And that would be fine, I've already given my oath to lay down my life for others and the princesses. Which I've done. Multiple times. It's been a interesting life so far."
>she smiles
"And don't you worry about being anthro, I can do that! I already have armor for it. It's more along the lines of captain armor but I can make a few modifications. I dabble in the forge when I'm not getting dive bombed by paperwork."
>> No. 40862193
File 142967177243.png - (967.42KB , 800x986 , 70875__solo_nudity_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_questionable_breasts_hooves_princess+balloon.png )
"I don't think I want to know the kind of sec you've had. Also, you're going to have to not tell everyone that you're from the everfree or a spawn of necromantic magics. If that happens, my authority won't be able to spare you."
>> No. 40862194
File 142967175945.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
I know! It's almost disappointing.
>He joked a bit
>Umbra is the one who answers
Rokkir is Shadows. Shadows are neutrality. Created where light and dark meet. A shadow is a reflection from an object and all objects are present within the Shadow-Realm, so Rokkir senses all things. But as Neutrality, she does not interfere beyond to preserve balance. There isn't a missing balance here.

>Spirit continues in a slightly warmer tone...slightly.
She's not missing. She was created by a wish. Not taken from another place. She only began to exist a few days ago. Everything she knows is a mirrored memory of your own mind.
>> No. 40862195
File 142967176985.jpg - (351.06KB , 850x1100 , 25572__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_monochrome_breasts_traditional+art_s1+luna_curvy_princess+.jpg )
"Weeell okay. Then again... Naaah."
>> No. 40862196
"Both wrong actually. Just a normal pony who happens to be alicorn!"
>she smiles warmly, a defining motherly tone in there.

>she looks down
"Oh that.."
>she puts a chest plate for this particular form
>> No. 40862197
File 142967197766.png - (188.02KB , 401x354 , _Caesar.png )
You're just scared you lost your imagination~
Good good. There's inspiring your troops, and then there's them ideas.
>> No. 40862198
"Spare? Holy crap."
>she snaps her fingers and in a flash shes anthro now, (think cadence from hoofbeat if ya read that stuff) "much better."
>she adjusts her turtle neck and jeans to feel comfortable, her purple hair tied back in a pony tail as her eyes were behind half moon glasses, her wonderful teal draconic eyes, her wings which were as large as her body feed nearly behind her
>> No. 40862199
"Huh most alicorns are of noble blood or excelled at their talent the realm or universe you are from must be different. Intriguing." She said tapping her chin.

"Tell me does Luna and Celestia rule there?"
>> No. 40862200
"Eyes up here dad."
>shes now anthro description here :3
>> No. 40862201
File 142967214529.jpg - (941.28KB , 1273x1244 , 215016__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_blushing_traditional+art_belly+button_bed_stockings_snow.jpg )
"Oh yeah? Then now you have to go into the barracks in your undies, and introduce yourself, and conduct your first day's exercised like that, and no, I don't care if it's raining."

"Yes, the public won't stop, and the most I'd be able to do is send you home. You know, to your realm of residence."
>> No. 40862202
File 142967226868.jpg - (110.57KB , 461x800 , 1363932161772.jpg )
She tried and failed to obscure the shock at this realization, at the idea that she was a being who was literally poofed into existance as an opposing 'copy' of another being both physically and mentally. Death Korpsmen were clones, yes, but even they were not so utterly alike when it came to the mind...

"…I…I see." She spoke out after successfully comprehended the fact that the entire life that she remembers to have lived up until she awoke beside her counterpart was a complete and utter fabrication. "I'm not sure I'm better off for knowing that, but thank you."
>> No. 40862203
File 142967231951.png - (228.47KB , 612x900 , 142826101995.png )
>> No. 40862204
File 142967234704.png - (188.02KB , 401x354 , _Caesar.png )
Not to clarify: Can I still wear my hat? Otherwise I'd feel trully nude.
>he said with a bit of a confident and playful smirk
...You're pointing from your stomach to your tits you know :I
>Spirit nodded
We thought you should know. At least you don't have a family missing you...this is yours...

>Umbra and Spirit could both sense her feelings echoing in the Shadow-Realm
...You know Umbra and I are just copies
>> No. 40862205
"You just wanna see his ripped body~"
>she jokes around with a giggle

"Well, I think id rather take being torn to peices by that lunar dragon again before getting an angry mob to the anus..ill be careful what I say. I'm a bar tender after all, I need to be careful what I say regardless. Oh speaking of is there a bar in the castle by chance? I kinda want to keep with my routine on working when I have time off. Odd I know, but I go nuts when I don't have somthing to do."
>she takes out a comb an brings her wing around to brush out any dead feathers. Holyi crap her wings are huge
>> No. 40862207
"N-no I'm not!"
>she turns around, blushing some moar
>> No. 40862208
File 142967258508.jpg - (1.01MB , 1248x1668 , 103744__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_traditional+art_bikini_crown_princess+balloona_artist-co.jpg )
"Hats are optional!"

"Nah. Cause I'll be in my room with a nightkin." She said with a wink.
>> No. 40862209
File 142967268551.png - (73.07KB , 178x301 , Caesar 9.png )
Psssh, if you're so into the bats why not make me one of those!
>he chuckles
You're so easy to tease...
>Baps her
Relax you're my daughter! im not looking at that!...well only, technically my daughter but I still respect you~
>> No. 40862211
File 142967283618.jpg - (88.27KB , 610x753 , 32485__nudity_anthro_princess+luna_questionable_barbie+doll+anatomy_featureless+breasts_anime+an.jpg )
"Because I'd be doing quite a bit of changing on you."
>> No. 40862212
>Missed my post i think?
>> No. 40862214
"And I don't take it for granted."
>she hugs him, only a little shorter than him
>> No. 40862215
File 142967289593.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
I bet Blank could manage with some practice. It's been startling me how quick she picks up new skills. Like a sponge that one.
>Rubs her back and picks her up a bit so she doesn't feel so short
>> No. 40862216
File 142967296976.png - (304.62KB , 670x700 , 84881__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_upvotes+galore_panties_bra_armpits_necklace_artist-colon-.png )
"No, you're fine as you are."
>> No. 40862217
"I have no idea what a nightkin is!"
>she said with a smile

"Neither. Both of them went to fuck on an island and left a new government in charge."
>she said being blatantly honest
>> No. 40862218
File 142967301161.png - (449.71KB , 936x1200 , 19500__anthro_princess+luna_questionable_bondage_gag_artist-colon-kloudmutt_ballgag_curvy_breast.png )
"Thestral? Bat Pone?"
>> No. 40862219
File 142967305406.png - (198.27KB , 659x644 , Like A Boss.png )
Why thank you. I'll expect your choices. Certainly would have made my tour of duty more intriguing. Though I'm curious, less about what actually happens and more your society. Is such a thing normal there? What are the ponies like?
It's a threstal, a bat-pony.
>> No. 40862220
File 142967309055.png - (0.98MB , 2202x1024 , wargear_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4nzmjk.png )
"…I see. So if you two were able to learn to live with it then that means I should be able to as well, is that where that line of reassurance is coming from?"

Her voice was not sarcastic in nature, simply thinking aloud in a sense as she regarded the two foxgirls in front of her.
>> No. 40862221
"They were incest...I'm starting to think i misjudged your realm and or universe. Sounds more perverse then anything now and backwards just from that statement alone." She said face hoofing.
>> No. 40862222
"I do learn quickly~"
>she smiles and nuzzles his cheek
>> No. 40862223
File 142967316567.jpg - (698.12KB , 1042x1509 , 221237__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_traditional+art_cleavage_nurse_artist-colon-newyorkx3_ad.jpg )
"Everyone is very friendly, except for some who in the higher tax bracket. But as a whole, everyone is pretty nice."
>> No. 40862224
File 142967331212.gif - (79.49KB , 200x150 , 142828390168.gif )
>Spirit answers
Listen, I was literally taken over and made to be a copy of Rokkir, for her to live through. I'm my own person now. You might be a copy of Emiline, but your memories aren't false. All those thigns did happen, just to him not to you, but you are him so it was to you.
There has never been a place or time where the top of society have not been the most offense.
Really what have you learned from me?~
>> No. 40862225
"you have no idea. Not to mention theres war high destruction level weapons ahoof. I'm a bar tender and the caption of the slowly degenerating royal guard. At least in my world."

"You have a private bat pony guard in your room luna~? Naughty princess you~"
>she elbows her in a joking way
>> No. 40862227
File 142967337829.png - (304.62KB , 670x700 , 84881__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_upvotes+galore_panties_bra_armpits_necklace_artist-colon-.png )
"None taken. But yes, there have been times where I just want to spear them, but don't because, that's not me."

"Yeah? It's common knowledge around the palace. You'd have found out sooner or later anyways."
>> No. 40862230
"Sounds like the slums of the slums in the thirteenth realm..But thats impossible the thirteenth realm has been sealed off for awhile now. Due to even its gods abandoning it."
>> No. 40862231
"That duty honour and owning a farm get you places, and protecting the ones you love the most comes first."
>she smiles that proud master smile
>> No. 40862232
File 142967349737.jpg - (31.90KB , 478x704 , Alpha as Fuck.jpg )
I know I know, you're much more'd cleave them with an axe~
>> No. 40862233
File 142967353697.jpg - (210.14KB , 789x1071 , 210723__solo_anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_monochrome_traditional+art_belly+button_bikini_curv.jpg )
"Too barbaric. I'd go with a claymore."
>> No. 40862234
File 142967362385.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
Good enough lessons and not useless ones...but never forget at the end of the day, right and wrong,, love or hate, duty and is strength that matters. Whoever has the power to enforce their will, to enforce their vision, is the one who decides what lessons matter.
Claymore? A fine enough choice but personally I'm a fan of the bastard-sword.
>> No. 40862235
"Yeeesh..not a tourist hotspot I take it?"
>she sits at the counter

"Anyway, should I start changing my armor up? Or is there a set prepped? I'm a double D bust by the way if that makes any difference on the armor. Steel chafes like a bitch."
>> No. 40862236
File 142967372196.png - (449.66KB , 800x800 , 90627__anthro_princess+luna_princess+celestia_questionable_blushing_upvotes+galore_bedroom+eyes_.png )
"I use em like they're a broadsword, gotten a little sluggish, but I'm still pretty good with it."
>> No. 40862237
"Its a realm of nothing but war and conquest."
>> No. 40862238
File 142967383894.jpg - (504.88KB , 826x1274 , 376461__solo_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_suggestive_blushing_clothes_traditional+art_stocki.jpg )
"I'm well aware of what armor does when it doesn't fit. I'll have a set crafted for you, you'll be wearing golden armor as the other is reserved for bat ponies. But I'll give you the option to work days with my sister, or nights with me. And yes. I'll get some armor made for you. If you have measurements, it will be easier."
>> No. 40862239
"Where as I would just take out my tomahawk and start hacking away at their spinal cord till somthing gave way so that all will know not to fuck around. I'm basic like that. I'm all about making examples of stupid mother fuckers."
>she smiles innocently. Such a daddies girl
>> No. 40862240
File 142967392800.jpg - (131.41KB , 700x906 , 166384__safe_anthro_princess+luna_uniform_new+lunar+republic_sci-dash-fi_artist-colon-foxenawolf.jpg )
"No doing that though to.. Well anyone."
>> No. 40862241
>> No. 40862242
File 142967398666.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
Well perhaps there is something I can consult you on, I would spar with the other Luna I knew, I would be happy to do the same with you.
...I once had a man hung up by his own skin off a tower. A traitor who cost sold out the defenders of a village. I cut his skin to slits in certain places so it hung a but, nailed him up, and let him hang there a few days as the birds and insects worked at him until the skin eventually broke and sent him falling to his death...
>> No. 40862243
File 142967405658.png - (2.62MB , 1270x1520 , 88865__safe_anthro_princess+luna_artist-colon-thearcanepony.png )
"Makes me think of a thousand years ago... Anyways! Yes, I wouldn't mind sparring."
>> No. 40862244
File 142967410907.jpg - (68.64KB , 900x636 , death_korp_of_krieg_guradsman_by_nonark-d3c7cde.jpg )
"…I guess that's true, yes." She said after a moment's pause, smiling ever so slightly despite herself. "Thank you again, I appreciate all this."
>> No. 40862245
"Aww that's no fun.. Ah well, I have plenty of other ways. Knives, swords, claymore, a plethora of spells..I had too much spare time on my hooves.."

>she nods
"Ill see when I can get those measurements in. Is there a certain style to it? My world has armor similar to the human..I think it's called roman? And their "knights" armor, a combo of the two, y'know, short cape, heavy plates. But also centurion looking."
>> No. 40862246
File 142967415618.jpg - (164.88KB , 768x820 , 1428426171042.jpg )
I was trained by a Nightmare Moon worshiping cult. I'm proud in a certain way of how close we were to it...and I look forward to it.
>he said with a smile
>Spirit reached over and idly pet her hair
Your welcome.
>> No. 40862247
File 142967430575.jpg - (603.59KB , 1028x1069 , 103634__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_clothes_traditional+art_ass_skirt_midriff_princess+ballo.jpg )
"It's just heavy armor. enchanted to be lighter than it looks, and crafted in a way to offer maximum protection while also giving the most mobility possible."

"You're not one of those zealots who is expecting eternal night, right?"
>> No. 40862248
"That sounds"
>she wipes a pretend tear from her eye

"Remind me never to go there.."
>she spins on the stool. Right round. Baby right round.
>like a record player.
"So what about you?"

>> No. 40862249
"Sounds good!"
>she coughs a bit
"Any chance I could get a tiny modification?"
>she said in a hushed tone
>> No. 40862250
File 142967446107.png - (73.07KB , 178x301 , Caesar 9.png )
I was. That changed to simply being quite devout in my loyalty and commitment to Luna and through her, well you, Equestria. The rest of the Night-Watch are dead. There was aschism between those who would choose to follow the new princess Luna, and those who wished to attempt to corrupt her back to Nightmare Moon.
I'll go into detail sometime for you~!
>> No. 40862251
File 142967446488.png - (967.42KB , 800x986 , 70875__solo_nudity_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_questionable_breasts_hooves_princess+balloon.png )
She leaned in as her tone quieted down quite a bit.
>> No. 40862252
File 142967456311.png - (274.98KB , 743x1024 , 39683__solo_nudity_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_suggestive_clothes_bed_bottomless_curvy.png )
"Well as long as you're not on about eternal night. I'm good." Most didn't even know what the original debate between this Luna and her sister was even about.
>> No. 40862253
"I come from realm four,and univer 275 of that realm. My world was destroyed by a teleportation experiment,and well Eden decided to thankfully recruit slash save me then."
>> No. 40862254
File 142967462854.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
>The cult hadn't even taken the time to tell them there had BEEN a Princess Luna and not just always a Nightmare Moon. That backfired really badly on them...
No I quite enjoy bikinis and the beach-season too much for that these days.
>> No. 40862255
>she whispers it into her ear like a first grader telling a secret
>> No. 40862256
File 142967473034.jpg - (968.03KB , 1088x1695 , 277146__safe_anthro_princess+luna_traditional+art_belly+button_cleavage_midriff_ponytail_headpho.jpg )
"Hey! I enjoy those too!"

"Okay. The it will be made, and I will do my best to make sure it looks like there was no modifications done."
>> No. 40862257
File 142967489130.png - (198.27KB , 659x644 , Like A Boss.png )
Could spar on the beach. Sand builds endurance and gives a good excuse to do that!
>> No. 40862258
File 142967494121.png - (591.38KB , 1280x1654 , 133579__safe_anthro_princess+luna_blushing_dress_artist-colon-mabeltonpinetree.png )
"I got plenty of endurance and stamina. I regularly work out."
>> No. 40862259
File 142967491751.jpg - (227.64KB , 850x1055 , 1427269187757.jpg )
She chuckled a little at the treatment, allowing Spirit to pet her hair. Emiline, meanwhile, had remained silent this entire affair, but a smile of his own creeped on his face with his counterpart successfully recovering from a realization that was far more a horror for her than it had been a surprise to him.

>…Seeing how it's almost 11PM on a school night I should really be getting to sleep. Goodnight Ave, this was certainly fun.
>> No. 40862260
"Thanks for understanding Luna."
>she smiles brightly, somthing about her smile that makes it so contagious

"We ought to go into a battle together, with copious amounts of bloodlust and just go to town with it~"

"Lots of fuck uppery going on in the other worlds isn't there?"
>she munches on a hazel nut donit
>> No. 40862261
File 142967506851.png - (24.99KB , 126x139 , Caesar 5.png )
Tiny chance we might kick up buried treasure and go on an awesome pirate-quest then. Who cares, an excuse to go is an excuse to go if you want.
>Night :3
Depends against what Blank.
>> No. 40862262
File 142967517174.jpg - (351.06KB , 850x1100 , 25572__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_monochrome_breasts_traditional+art_s1+luna_curvy_princess+.jpg )
"Hey, I may be old fashioned. But I know not to judge, and I am not going to judge you on what you just told me. You've been a good friend so far, and what you just told me. Isn't gonna change that."

"I don't think we will. But there's a chance."
>> No. 40862263
"Not all the time...Just sometimes."
>> No. 40862264
"Scrub bandits or large demons, depends on what I'm in the mood and or run across while feeling pissy I guess."
>she shrugs

>she smiles and hugs her, she was around 5' 9-10" tall so probably shorter than Luna, but her wings just make her look bigger
"Thanks Luna, that means so much to me."
>> No. 40862265
File 142967545652.jpg - (128.43KB , 1124x1280 , 16110__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_socks_princess+molestia_gamer+luna_video+game_artist-colo.jpg )
Considering Luna was six foot two, Blank was shorter than her.
"You're welcome."
>> No. 40862266
"So what kinds of things do you like to do pillsy?"
>she uses her friendly friend names :3
>> No. 40862267
File 142967552163.png - (53.11KB , 897x891 , An Officer and a Gentlecolt.png )
>Avedon picks her up again so she and Luna can have a proper hug
I got arrested for piracy once despite never having done it.
>> No. 40862268
File 142967559883.jpg - (753.67KB , 1354x1045 , 159481__solo_anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_traditional+art_bikini_princess+balloona_artist-col.jpg )
"I'm sure it's not the worst thing that's happened to you."
>> No. 40862269
>blanks face would be just above her bust then, lucky for Luna no boob face rape!
"Holy crap you're tall right up close"

"So am I to be a regular guard or escort guard because I know you guys so well already?"
>> No. 40862270
File 142967564662.png - (2.24MB , 1041x1545 , wildrider.png )
"Ugh I like eating,and training,and inventing." She said as she pondered her hobbies.
>> No. 40862272
"Huey! Why did you do that?"
>she looks purturbed by her seperation from the hug
>> No. 40862273
File 142967568911.jpg - (647.12KB , 1198x1056 , 374169__safe_anthro_princess+luna_traditional+art_beach_artist-colon-newyorkx3_milkshake.jpg )
"Depends on what you feel like doing."
>> No. 40862274
File 142967570561.png - (97.22KB , 400x337 , Caesar 28.png )
No actually I picked up a tiny parrot-costume for my filly Nightfall on the way back home. Was quite worth it if you ask me...I...I uh have a small problem with...dressing things up in outfits.
You were hugging into her boobs nearly!
>> No. 40862275
File 142967580710.jpg - (142.11KB , 648x864 , 175514__solo_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_suggestive_clothes_skirt_cleavage_upskirt_tennis.jpg )
"Dressing things in outfits?"
>> No. 40862276
"Well danger is where i thrive."
>she puts her fist to get heart and stands straight, obviously very practiced because of keeping the cadets in line like the little shits they are
"Luna. Princess of the moon and starts, of twilight and the dream scape, of shadows and darkness, I pledge to protect you, your castle, and loved ones from any and all threats."

"Hey! That's not too different from my popper, only she liked to try some zany thing from time to time."
>> No. 40862277
File 142967601571.gif - (79.49KB , 200x150 , 142828390168.gif )
Yes! Like dressing them up like fire-fights, or little commissar uniforms, or parrot costumes...I did not figure it out until I had a daughter :I
>> No. 40862278
"So? I can't fly and hug, it feels too weird.."
>she pouts
>> No. 40862279
File 142967612605.jpg - (351.06KB , 850x1100 , 25572__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_monochrome_breasts_traditional+art_s1+luna_curvy_princess+.jpg )
"Oh okay. Then you gotta prove yourself to Shining Armor to be promoted from the normal guard."

Oh. Well... Don't dress up the Guards then." She teased a little.
>> No. 40862280
"Well I do raise my teenage daughter,but she's been on so many missions lately."
>> No. 40862281
File 142967631911.png - (135.84KB , 330x473 , Caesar 8.png )
...I make no promises except that they would be exceptionally cute.
>he said teasing back
...You are weird. It's how you should feel o.o
>> No. 40862282
"Point me to the guard captain ,sister, I'm ready to rock some socks."
>she said with pride

"Now that's different! I don't think pills had a daughter.."
>> No. 40862283
File 142967643035.png - (449.66KB , 800x800 , 90627__anthro_princess+luna_princess+celestia_questionable_blushing_upvotes+galore_bedroom+eyes_.png )
"Okay, fair enough."

"Wait till you get your armor, and I add your record to our files."
>> No. 40862284
"Shes a sixteen year old bat pony who takes after her mother only she excels at using magic as destructive ki attacks."
>> No. 40862285
File 142967652199.png - (24.24KB , 213x214 , Lord Commibwob Avedon.png )
So where did the policy of keeping creatures from other worlds and realities out originate from?
>> No. 40862286
"I am not weird, besides I know you would like seeing that anyway. You Pervy man you~"
>she jokes
>> No. 40862287
File 142967659402.png - (87.46KB , 215x269 , Caesar 12.png )
...I like seeing you flying? o.o
>> No. 40862288
File 142967663997.jpg - (0.96MB , 1110x1526 , 257575__anthro_princess+luna_princess+celestia_suggestive_blushing_breasts_traditional+art_ass_c.jpg )
"A long time ago when we've seen first hand the devastation others from other worlds can cause. And Billyfish didn't help with her retcon thing or whatever it was, damaging a lot of our towns."
>> No. 40862289
File 142967670267.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
Wait she took that over to your planet. Was anyone seriously hurt?
>> No. 40862290
"That's not what I meant but alright."
>she chuckles and pokes his nose

"Oh! I almost forgot to ask, there's a bar at the castle right? I'd like to work as we behind the counter, just as a side thing, I can't stand to sit on my flanks for long periods of time. Plus it's calming."
>> No. 40862291
File 142967681398.png - (304.62KB , 670x700 , 84881__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_upvotes+galore_panties_bra_armpits_necklace_artist-colon-.png )
"A lot were injured. My sister and I had to send out letters everywhere saying all medical expenses are to be waived, and everyone who was injured will receive medical attention."

"No, there isn't a bar in the palace, if you're on duty, you won't be behind a bar serving drinks. I can promise you that."
>> No. 40862292
File 142967686050.png - (188.02KB , 401x354 , _Caesar.png )
>>40862290 what did you mean then?

...and sit your flanks on my lap then :P
Good, at least no one was killed...
>> No. 40862293
File 142967690082.png - (2.62MB , 1270x1520 , 88865__safe_anthro_princess+luna_artist-colon-thearcanepony.png )
"Believe me. I was glad to hear that."
>> No. 40862296
"Darn, I can mix a mean drink.."
>she sighs
"Ah well. Cest la vis. Anyway let me run into the washroom and get my measurements!"
>she adjusts her glasses and runs in with a measuring tape and a pad of paper, not even two miners later she comes back with her every measurement from height to pinky finger width

>she does indeed sitcom his lap, having to adjust her wings
>> No. 40862297
File 142967716240.jpg - (351.06KB , 850x1100 , 25572__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_monochrome_breasts_traditional+art_s1+luna_curvy_princess+.jpg )
"Alright. I'll get these on to the blacksmith, and he'll get it made for you. Don't worry though, he can be trusted with your little secret."
>> No. 40862298
"A ki attack? What is that exactly? Some kinda magic?"
>she asked inquisitively

"Thanks Luna, you're a true friend, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask, anything at all you just let me know."
>> No. 40862300
File 142967743731.png - (361.43KB , 1920x1080 , 601103__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_artist-colon-whoop.png )
"I know. I can always ask if I need a favor."
>> No. 40862301
"Something like that yes." She said as she got herself some tea.
>> No. 40862302
File 142967759056.png - (53.11KB , 897x891 , An Officer and a Gentlecolt.png )
>Sorry for delay, had to run an alert, got a cool katana stance!

I know I don't know you quite as well as Blank but I can't imagine you're terribly different from the other Luna's I've known, at least not in the quality and character of your heart. I'd always be happy to help too.
>> No. 40862303
File 142967761199.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
A white pony with a brown mane and blue eyes enters the bar. she is wearing a green hoodie, with holes made specially for her wings and her hair is in a ponytail
>> No. 40862304
File 142967765639.jpg - (131.41KB , 700x906 , 166384__safe_anthro_princess+luna_uniform_new+lunar+republic_sci-dash-fi_artist-colon-foxenawolf.jpg )
"From what I've heard, the other Luna was a bitch, and that does not sound like me at all."
>> No. 40862305
File 142967769177.png - (24.99KB , 126x139 , Caesar 5.png )
I've known several! Some of them have been, others havent!
>> No. 40862306
File 142967772972.jpg - (88.27KB , 610x753 , 32485__nudity_anthro_princess+luna_questionable_barbie+doll+anatomy_featureless+breasts_anime+an.jpg )
"Well I've only heard of the one Blank's told me about."
>> No. 40862308
File 142967778676.png - (520.42KB , 2357x2880 , All my want.png )
....Is that a creeper hoodie?

>Asked this large brown pony from behind the bar counter
>> No. 40862309
File 142967787400.png - (24.24KB , 213x214 , Lord Commibwob Avedon.png )
The one here around this bar for example was brainwashed by a Kelpie or something and now some zombie russian practically rules the city.
>> No. 40862310
File 142967798035.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
The mare stares for a second.
I am no creeper sir. What would give you that idea?
>> No. 40862311
File 142967799772.png - (967.42KB , 800x986 , 70875__solo_nudity_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_questionable_breasts_hooves_princess+balloon.png )
"That sounds bad."
>> No. 40862312
File 142967807647.png - (485.40KB , 2217x3000 , Pffffffffffffffff.png )
...No no not you. I mean the hoodie...kinda looks like that...erm...nevermind. nerdy things.
>> No. 40862313
File 142967823569.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
My hoodie is a creeper? But that is illogical, my hoodie cant express emotions. How is being a creeper nerdy?
>> No. 40862314
File 142967824347.png - (135.84KB , 330x473 , Caesar 8.png )
Lets hope your story ends happier than most Lunas shall we?

So I also hear your sister has a new prince in her life~
>> No. 40862315
File 142967837488.png - (131.60KB , 900x1105 , All high powered ponies are the same.png )
Yeah, but it kinda looks like it has the face of a creeper from that game mine craft
>> No. 40862316
File 142967836397.png - (1.09MB , 1280x1280 , 91098__safe_anthro_princess+luna_crossover_sword_weapon_crown_castlevania_artist-colon-balooga_a.png )
"Yeah, about time too. She's been driving me nuts."
>> No. 40862317
File 142967850354.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
I have no idea what in Celestia's name you are talking about sir.
>> No. 40862318
File 142967857128.png - (558.45KB , 1276x910 , Carmel apple.png )
...I should stop talking. I'm Dom.
>> No. 40862319
File 142967860186.gif - (79.49KB , 200x150 , 142828390168.gif )
What do you think of him?
>> No. 40862320
File 142967869624.png - (304.62KB , 670x700 , 84881__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_upvotes+galore_panties_bra_armpits_necklace_artist-colon-.png )
"He's just a male Teton. So.. Same thing I think of Teton really."
>> No. 40862321
File 142967876686.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Nice to meet you Dom. My name is Marionette Strings, but you can just call me Onette.
>> No. 40862322
File 142967879123.png - (132.62KB , 800x1000 , Anon Dom.png )
Onette? Alright. Not a bad name. Kinda cute
>> No. 40862326
File 142967894051.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
Well what I think of her is shes far too esoteric purely for the sake of being esoteric, and really rather arrogant...yet I like speaking to her regardless for some reason. Something along those lines?
>> No. 40862327
File 142967895163.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Onette blushes, her white cheeks becoming bright red.
You think so? Thank you.
>> No. 40862328
File 142967895883.jpg - (94.00KB , 707x997 , 721847__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_smile_artist-colon-fensu.jpg )
"She's alright."
>> No. 40862329
File 142967907880.gif - (79.49KB , 200x150 , 142828390168.gif )
Are you looking for some timelord of your own?
>> No. 40862330
File 142967913120.jpg - (334.89KB , 836x1069 , 657932__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_breasts_traditional+art_simple+background_pri.jpg )
She burst out into an uncontrollable laughter., settling down after five minutes.
"Where on Equestria did you get that ridiculous idea?"
>> No. 40862331
File 142967919551.png - (248.69KB , 466x503 , Caesar 23.png )
Probably from being partially insane from the people I find myself around by now I'm sure.
>> No. 40862332
File 142967929310.png - (3.03MB , 4000x4000 , 807250__solo_anthro_solo+female_princess+luna_suggestive_breasts_cute_upvotes+galore_belly+butto.png )
"No, I have a guard I see in the mornings, and he's good enough for me. I don't need someone who's gonna be around for hundreds of years like my sister does. I'm content with whoever makes me smile."
>> No. 40862333
File 142967941249.png - (204.40KB , 448x598 , Caesar 4.png )
EVERY morning?~

And that sounds good enough for me. I have my Spirit now. Finally found my goddess and in her my love as well~
>> No. 40862334
File 142967949632.jpg - (533.36KB , 865x1252 , 105155__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_traditional+art_belly+button_artist-colon-newyorkx3_sailo.jpg )
"Yep. Most of the time, we just cuddle, or watch some movies."
>> No. 40862335
File 142967963044.png - (209.56KB , 762x1047 , Not good.png )
>>40862327 what brings ya here Onette?
>> No. 40862337
File 142967972408.png - (44.12KB , 192x193 , Caesar Notices the Fourth Wall.png )
Sooounds more like a boyfriend or at least a good friend. Eh I guess theres no real poitn trying to figure out what to call it. Me and Spirit never do. She just goes and does her own thing...or people as she wishes too.
>> No. 40862339
File 142967988089.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Honestly, I am looking for a job. I just recently moved from Maretopia.
>> No. 40862341
File 142967999389.png - (707.72KB , 2275x2590 , Heeeeeello Nurse.png )
Ohhhh, right. What are your skills if I cna ask? Might know a place or two.
>> No. 40862342
File 142968009553.jpg - (128.43KB , 1124x1280 , 16110__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_socks_princess+molestia_gamer+luna_video+game_artist-colo.jpg )
"He's free to pursue a relationship with anyone else as he pleases. It's not gonna break my heart or anything."
>> No. 40862343
File 142968016391.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Well, my main skill is puppeteering, but i dabble in making drinks.
>> No. 40862345
File 142968020507.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
I imagine. So how are you tonight Luna? Ever taken the time to admire the night sky on this world and wonder if you can best this Luna?
>> No. 40862346
File 142968029148.png - (1.08MB , 921x1489 , Super Saying Dom By Pillpopper.png )

>He asked with a tilt of the head
>> No. 40862347
File 142968040943.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Yeah, i brought one of my puppets with me... would you like to see?
>> No. 40862348
File 142968051992.jpg - (207.41KB , 1024x1358 , 13755__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_dress_curvy_princess+balloona_artist-colon-innocenttazlet.jpg )
"I try to outdo myself every night, but I do get lazy sometimes, tonight was one of them, which is why it's cloudy."
>> No. 40862349
File 142968047590.png - (37.00KB , 1920x1080 , Dom template.png )
Why I'd love too!
>> No. 40862350
File 142968065616.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
Lazyness is a luxury I never get to enjoy anymore!...or ever except the time I died.
>> No. 40862351
File 142968060120.png - (449.71KB , 936x1200 , 19500__anthro_princess+luna_questionable_bondage_gag_artist-colon-kloudmutt_ballgag_curvy_breast.png )
"So you're a zombie too?"
>> No. 40862352
File 142968065558.png - (97.22KB , 400x337 , Caesar 28.png )
Nnnooo thankfully. Heart-beat, air in my lungs, only mild craving for brains.
>> No. 40862353
File 142968074469.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
She pulls out a little wooden doll pony with some strings attached to a funny looking piece of wood. she then flies up into the air with the wood in her mouth and makes the puppet dance.
>> No. 40862355
File 142968074639.jpg - (647.12KB , 1198x1056 , 374169__safe_anthro_princess+luna_traditional+art_beach_artist-colon-newyorkx3_milkshake.jpg )
"Okay, that's good."
>> No. 40862356
File 142968086397.png - (261.14KB , 800x775 , Schmoopie doo.png )
>Dom gave a small chuckle as he watches the puppet dance

Hey that's not bad.
>> No. 40862357
File 142968090821.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Suddenly the puppet stands up on its hind hooves and begins to break dance. Really well.
>> No. 40862358
File 142968102035.gif - (265.17KB , 500x333 , Best NIGHT Ever.gif )
Oh why is that? Death-Knights are pretty cool.
>> No. 40862359
File 142968107988.jpg - (76.42KB , 507x572 , 152141__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_derpy+hooves_bed_artist-colon-lil+miss+jay.jpg )
"Not a fan of zombies."
>> No. 40862360
File 142968118697.jpg - (107.48KB , 900x900 , And after time skip___.jpg )

....I didn't see that coming.
>> No. 40862362
File 142968115291.png - (266.38KB , 448x461 , Caesar 33.png )
Oh any reason why? Whats your favourite dead thing then?
>> No. 40862363
File 142968124393.jpg - (751.57KB , 622x1000 , 4chan butt.jpg )
>> No. 40862364
File 142968124592.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
After she is done, she tucks the puppet away, and takes a little bow.
Thank you, thank you. I accept tips.
>> No. 40862365
File 142968150178.jpg - (69.08KB , 1024x703 , Derpy!.jpg )
And for various reasons, this thing is currently in the bar.
>> No. 40862366
File 142968157082.jpg - (131.41KB , 700x906 , 166384__safe_anthro_princess+luna_uniform_new+lunar+republic_sci-dash-fi_artist-colon-foxenawolf.jpg )
"I don't like dead things."
>> No. 40862367
File 142968159377.jpg - (57.43KB , 620x671 , straszne-zabawki06.jpg )
>> No. 40862368
File 142968169216.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>> No. 40862369
File 142968162865.png - (124.44KB , 251x383 , What Do You Mean This Isn't a Tank.png )
My fillys looking into necromancy. Plus I've always liked the feel of that magic.
>Avedon scritches it and sets it on Luna
>> No. 40862371
File 142968176394.png - (308.86KB , 900x1185 , Derp.png )


>Dom snickers, giving her a 5

There ya go.Sure that'll be a hit at like, a cranival
>> No. 40862372
File 142968171057.jpg - (376.16KB , 1280x1764 , hanako_ikezawa__encounter__by_afba-d5mtihs.jpg )
>There is a blind girl currently in the bar, sitting in a wheelchair and quietly sipping some tea.
>> No. 40862374
>> No. 40862375
File 142968175393.gif - (574.55KB , 500x342 , Huh aww.gif )
>Good for you!


"...I'm not a dead thing. Do you like me?" asks the little fluffy purple-grey thing, that looks like a small bipedal cat.


And then you had an Espurr on your lap.

"...Pet meeeeeee."
>> No. 40862376
File 142968181721.jpg - (257.72KB , 799x603 , 1428337.jpg )
"O-oh? Um... Who is this?"
>Tanaka quietly pets the Espurr nonetheless.
>> No. 40862377
File 142968186277.jpg - (68.40KB , 680x680 , Da fuck.jpg )
"...Just Amanda." she says, purring gently as she nuzzles into your hand.
>> No. 40862378
File 142968196422.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>> No. 40862379
File 142968199356.jpg - (75.55KB , 691x900 , 575.jpg )
"Oh... Hello Amanda..."
>Tanaka continues to pet her, sighing softly.

>> No. 40862380
>I thought it's official Ammie toy.
>> No. 40862381
File 142968200416.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Could I work here? Like... as a bar keep? At least till I get enough to get me off of my hoofs?
>> No. 40862382
>how are you?
>> No. 40862383
File 142968203673.png - (73.07KB , 178x301 , Caesar 9.png )
I like it. It's a cool thing. Classy. Bossin as fuck.
>> No. 40862384
File 142968208042.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>ju havent been on steam lately
>> No. 40862385
File 142968219250.png - (312.23KB , 900x1299 , Durr.png )
"Sooooo... Whats up?"

>Not very lore friendly then.

>Gewd, you?


"...I'm not an it." she says with a pout.
>> No. 40862387
File 142968219576.png - (176.36KB , 290x430 , Caesar 42.png )
I know but you're cute when you frown.
>> No. 40862388
File 142968223005.png - (102.50KB , 474x530 , Mmmneh.png )

She frowns harder. :c
>> No. 40862389
File 142968223765.jpg - (55.71KB , 680x720 , 916.jpg )
>Been buuuuusy.

"Oh... Nothing... Absolutely nothing..."
>Amanda might notice that Tanaka isn't looking at her, and her eyes are infact looking off into the distance idly
>> No. 40862390
File 142968226836.png - (22.69KB , 320x240 , Huh.png )
Or maybe Amanda wouldn't because omfg scratchies~
>> No. 40862391
>As usual.

>> No. 40862392
File 142968235463.png - (394.11KB , 560x672 , What the Fuck is That Thing Behind the Chainsaw Fight Between Bruce Lee and the God Emperor.png )
You;re going to break your face! D:
>> No. 40862393
File 142968234522.jpg - (44.48KB , 537x1000 , 5c9.jpg )
"How are you, Amanda?"
>> No. 40862394
File 142968235096.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>i miss our rps o3o
>> No. 40862395
File 142968232834.png - (118.99KB , 900x900 , I won in a wet t-shirt contest .png )
...Well uh....I cna higher you part time? Mean...I don't really own it but hey, 4 years of working here? I get a right.


>> No. 40862396
File 142968238443.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
>> No. 40862397
File 142968244975.png - (272.30KB , 400x1000 , I love you.png )
>Ammielore is serious shit dude.

"Nnnnnot possible."

>Someone and Mandy?

"Tired. You?"
>> No. 40862399
File 142968245457.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Of course, and if you guys like me you can always upgrade me to full time later. Thank you so much. I will work my absolute hardest!
>> No. 40862400
>More serious than Last Airbender shipping?
>> No. 40862401
File 142968256137.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>can we rp sometime this week? o3o
>> No. 40862402
File 142968254874.jpg - (31.02KB , 502x786 , b43.jpg )
"I... I've been better..."
>> No. 40862403
File 142968260836.png - (520.42KB , 2357x2880 , All my want.png )
>Dom grabs her and licks her face

Uh....wait. i should like. Ask you more stuff shouldn't I? Like age and stuff..
>> No. 40862404
File 142968259598.jpg - (218.55KB , 1020x1555 , d3b43f904736691afc069dc5c11efbb4.jpg )
>> No. 40862405
File 142968271814.png - (252.37KB , 472x625 , Noooo!.png )
>Very much so.

"Oh...? Something happen?"


Your tongue is now covered in fur.

...And you can taste marshmallow, for some reason.

"Why would you do that...?"
>> No. 40862406
File 142968286402.png - (188.02KB , 401x354 , _Caesar.png )
>Leans in and pokes her face here and there on pressure points...her face is now stuck being pouty for a few minutes o.o
>> No. 40862407
File 142968294276.jpg - (56.04KB , 700x875 , 989151.jpg )
"I... I'm blind..."
>> No. 40862408
File 142968301765.jpg - (10.85KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
>Shieet, Spahns, you gotta write it down.
>Title it Codex Huggabos.


>> No. 40862409
File 142968308269.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Oh, right. I am twenty-one, but my birthday is in two weeks. If you are wondering if I am strait, the answer is... I honestly don't know.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 23:15

>> No. 40862410
File 142968315765.png - (272.30KB , 400x1000 , I love you.png )
"...This really hurts y'know."

"...Neat. Does this mean you're gonna' have super hearing or something?"
>> No. 40862411
Aw shush, i can do this now...
>Rubs her face, slowly relaxing it until it went to smiley
>> No. 40862412
File 142968326712.jpg - (32.04KB , 680x704 , 9ab.jpg )
"... No... It isn't a joke... I don't want to be treated as a joke because i'm blind now..."
>> No. 40862413
File 142968326953.png - (707.72KB , 2275x2590 , Heeeeeello Nurse.png )
....Well I was gonna ask you to mix a drink for me. But Uh...If I hear any of my wife's friends wanting to hook anyone up with someone, I'll let ya know?
>> No. 40862414
File 142968331644.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>i somehow find that pic adorable
>> No. 40862415
File 142968350701.png - (102.50KB , 474x530 , Mmmneh.png )
"...You're making me smile, this world is now doomed."


"I'm not saying you're a joke. I'm trying to make you laugh."

She puts her little paws on your cheek and smushes them gently, her soft little paw pads rubbing them.

>> No. 40862416
File 142968353839.jpg - (164.88KB , 768x820 , 1428426171042.jpg )
...Eh I'm ok with that. I always thought I;'d have a hoof in the end of the world.
>> No. 40862417
File 142968348706.jpg - (56.67KB , 609x720 , 26b.jpg )
"W-well i'm not laughing..."
>> No. 40862418
>Compedium Cuddlum.
>That's how you should name it.
>> No. 40862420
File 142968366038.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Oh! Well why didn't you just say so?
She grabs some ingredients and a shaker and gets to work, By the time she is done, there is a tan drink with ice and an umbrella.
Behold my Ice Cream rum. It tastes just like vanilla bean ice cream... but be careful to drink too much. It sneaks up on ya.
>> No. 40862421
File 142968375211.jpg - (107.48KB , 900x900 , And after time skip___.jpg )
Hmmm...intresting combo!

>Dom takes teh cup and starts to give it a drink

MMm..not bad! not bad at all!
>> No. 40862422
File 142968380513.png - (312.23KB , 900x1299 , Durr.png )


"...Want me to go get Ammie so heal your eyes or something?"
>> No. 40862424
File 142968387599.png - (135.84KB , 330x473 , Caesar 8.png )
>Like pup
>> No. 40862425
>gotta go, bye
>> No. 40862426
File 142968392482.png - (272.30KB , 400x1000 , I love you.png )
"...Are you Silver?"
>> No. 40862427
File 142968390174.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Yeah, there are still some things i need to work on though. like the heavy vanilla after-taste.
>> No. 40862429
File 142968399556.png - (1.15MB , 2357x2880 , Meanwhile in the donut bar.png )
Make it a Neo shake? With strawberry and chocolate?
>> No. 40862430
File 142968409113.png - (383.67KB , 600x853 , 4f7204254498d3134453916bc5ccbb80.png )
"You can have her try..."
>> No. 40862431
File 142968410912.png - (32.95KB , 242x194 , Hi!.png )

Mandy toddles off for a moment.

And then you had a rabbit on your lap as well.

"...We need more cute things on your lap."
>> No. 40862432
File 142968411337.png - (24.99KB , 126x139 , Caesar 5.png )
Im his father.
>> No. 40862433
File 142968418101.png - (312.23KB , 900x1299 , Durr.png )
"...You are proto-Silber."
>> No. 40862434
File 142968432802.jpg - (296.18KB , 800x600 , 08928e690c7b743467394e295f1453c7.jpg )
"Oh, Hello Ammie..."
>> No. 40862436
File 142968436878.png - (26.68KB , 197x232 , I has a flower.png )
"Sooooo Mandy says you got blind?"
>> No. 40862437
File 142968436908.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
I will have to try that...
>> No. 40862438
File 142968442599.jpg - (285.34KB , 850x659 , sample_095c9e2f5db0a8384ee80463b0e8afbc.jpg )
"Yes... I'm blind..."
>> No. 40862439
File 142968447114.jpg - (42.68KB , 256x256 , GASP!.jpg )
>Yup! I use her as a picbase for my character Ammie sometimes.

>They both have the same levels of self preservation.

"Oh!... Uh... I can fix this maybe!"
>> No. 40862441
>since when o.o
>> No. 40862442
File 142968449939.jpg - (35.15KB , 680x959 , 347.jpg )
"Alright... you can try..."
>> No. 40862443
File 142968452535.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
>> No. 40862444
File 142968454723.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>Adorable... Im currently trying to beat monster x on hard mode lul
>> No. 40862445
File 142968459529.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>wat happen? who do i kill for making ju this way?
>> No. 40862448
File 142968467176.jpg - (70.94KB , 680x1005 , e73.jpg )
>No killing.
>Djinni, played by Demo, broke up with Tanaka, and she ran off in a fit of sadness, having a hypoglycemic attack and hitting her head as she fell
>> No. 40862449
File 142968471441.png - (188.02KB , 401x354 , _Caesar.png )
...Im superior Silver
>> No. 40862451
File 142968507349.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>is off to killz the demo, the wonderful... demo of oz?
>> No. 40862453
File 142968507667.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
>> No. 40862455
File 142968529080.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>> No. 40862458
"Woo! Bunny Magic goooo!" she giggles with a grin.

Suddenly, you feel awfully tingly. A warmth seeping into you, starting at your hands and feet before traveling up your body and to your head!

It felt quite nice, actually.

But then...!

>Feel free to choose which outcome you want, or disregard all of them and make your own! Your char, your choice.

d20 = 13

>1 - 5
Ammie suddenly yelps in pain as the feeling stops abruptly. The rabbit on your lap gives a faint little whine, her spell backfiring on herself. Thankfully, you are unharmed, but Ammie is left with an awful nosebleed.

>6 - 10
You feel your world begin to spin, as if someone just grabbed your seat and begun spinning it around and around! It begins to slow, as you realize your vision is returning! But... Something is off. Something is differnt. Since when did Ammie and Amanda get so tall? Why is everything so big...? Oh dear! While your vision returned, Ammie's Magic seemed to seep into you a little too much! You're a fluffy little rabbit, just like Her! Hope you like carrots.

>11 - 15
Slowly, your vision returned! But, the feeling doesnt stop. In fact, you swear it's getting stronger! Focusing on your ears, you feel them shift and move position, slowly moving up to the top of your head and stretching out! Seems like you're the owner of a pair of temporary black rabbit ears!

>16 - 20
Boom! Your vision is back! Kinda boring, but Ammie's Magic worked like IT should! Feel free to pick another option if you like!
>> No. 40862459
"That's debatavle."
>> No. 40862460
File 142968643386.jpg - (44.48KB , 537x1000 , 5c9.jpg )
>I'm gonna keep her blind for now, but it won't be permanent.

>Tanaka groans feeling her magic, yet her vision doesn't return at all.
>> No. 40862461
Unfortunately for Ammie, that means the spell has backfired on her. Rather painfully, actually.

Ammie squeaks in pain before giving a soft little cry, her nose leaking a thin dribble of pinkish red blood.

"O-Ooww... Why does that happen?..."
>> No. 40862462
File 142968660362.jpg - (164.88KB , 768x820 , 1428426171042.jpg )
No it isnt. Im stronger and swagger.
>> No. 40862463
File 142968672647.jpg - (388.50KB , 900x1250 , 1202737.jpg )
"S-sorry Ammie..."
>Tanaka doesn't realize that she now has a set of cute bunny ears~!
>> No. 40862465
File 142968716948.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>i think dom fell asleep
>> No. 40862466
File 142968733658.png - (42.67KB , 184x184 , 174.png )
>> No. 40862467
File 142968731253.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>what... is that?
>> No. 40862468
File 142968736091.gif - (136.32KB , 276x183 , 3d9.gif )
>> No. 40862470
File 142968749582.gif - (0.98MB , 480x270 , Maid.gif )





Gonna sleepNin! :3
>> No. 40862471
"Nope, Silber is improved."

"Well, at least you look cuter!" Mandy giggles.
>> No. 40862472
File 142968753753.png - (55.86KB , 480x480 , Ned_Flanders_2.png )
>> No. 40862473
File 142968756246.png - (693.10KB , 1000x524 , 6ea4402698dde8ba54c0029d69f7060e.png )
"W-what do you mean?"
>> No. 40862474
"... You got rabbit ears!" Ammie says with w gasp!
>> No. 40862475
File 142968789049.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>who would ju rp as?
>> No. 40862476
File 142968806393.png - (326.81KB , 500x746 , 920c91bfc7bfd0d7b525fc6652f44002.png )
>This girl, who is currently blind.
>> No. 40862477
File 142968811656.png - (1.19MB , 680x1125 , 381.png )
"I-i do?"
>Tanaka quietly feels her head and blushes.
>> No. 40862478
>Anyone else want to RP?
>> No. 40862480
"Hehe, you suit it! Uh, be back in a second, Ammie needs a hankie for her nose."
>> No. 40862481
File 142968824928.png - (538.04KB , 800x1200 , 4ef6c76a2db978011e3bc0e92c3822c7.png )
"Okay... I'll be here..."
>> No. 40862482
File 142968834954.png - (24.99KB , 126x139 , Caesar 5.png )
>Sorry had conenction problems

>Ave is using Amanda to make tea, letting her sit on a cup of warm tea like a tiny hot-tub :3
>> No. 40862484
File 142968832232.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>pulla off totes clever (not so clever) disquise
>revealed to be a rare, not-so-rare Sunset Shimmy-sham
>but with new computer so i dun haz my peectures
>its pan~
>> No. 40862485
File 142968836253.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>ju can haz a Marionette o3o
>> No. 40862486
File 142968840212.jpg - (19.56KB , 243x400 , 27b.jpg )
>Well then
>> No. 40862487
>it was all a clever ruse hue~ i was seein if ju had another char but ju gets sunny
Sunny enters the bar... then falls on her face. She is obviously drunk.
>> No. 40862488
File 142968858064.jpg - (55.71KB , 680x720 , 916.jpg )
>Tanaka doesn't notice because she is blind~
>> No. 40862489
Pulling herself off the floor in a drunken stupor, she hobbles over to the familiar face. She gets uncomfortably close to her face, her breath smelling of booze.
Hi... *hic* there...
>> No. 40862490
File 142968877417.png - (83.74KB , 177x250 , lewd.png )
>> No. 40862492
And soon she returned! Minus Ammie.


And you have a little girl in a pink dress with long, floppy rabbit ears abs adorable buck teeth watching you.

"...Why do you hate me so much?" asks the Espurr who you just sat in boiling water.

"Is it because you can't accept the fact that Silber is best?"
>> No. 40862493
File 142968891582.png - (293.13KB , 1000x1000 , 142825533638.png )

"Sunset? Ewww... Are you drunk?"

>> No. 40862494
File 142968894803.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
Marionette awkwardly waves at the girl. The sight was strange indeed, but at the same time awkwardly adorable.
>> No. 40862495
>Sorry about disappearing, my Skype keeps choking dead.

>Hullo. RP?
>> No. 40862496
Sunset smiled drunkly
I aint drunk, i just had a couple too many... i had good reason though... *hic*
>i know ju haz photoshop, could i ask you to do me a favor and do an easy recolor for me?
>> No. 40862497
File 142968916445.png - (1.63MB , 680x907 , 580.png )

>There is a blind Tanaka in the bar sitting in a wheelchair, an extendable red and white cane resting on her lap. She is quietly sipping some soda, sighing softly.

>Meeeebeh in a biiit

"And what is that?"
>> No. 40862498
File 142968924562.png - (261.55KB , 822x972 , fluttershy__hoodie__by_godoffury-d8ldaki.png )
Dad.. *hic* stroke. Drink *hic* forget.
>i post and if you can recolor it to marionette colors i would love dat
>> No. 40862499
File 142968928471.jpg - (277.90KB , 850x1187 , sample_f0b66d13c84471515341c147a036ab92.jpg )
>Sure, when i get time

>> No. 40862500
File 142968932707.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>also can the hoodie be green?
>> No. 40862501
File 142968938336.gif - (4.03MB , 464x560 , 002.gif )
>> No. 40862502
I said my dad had stroke. I drank to forget.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 00:56

>> No. 40862503
File 142968941978.jpg - (296.18KB , 800x600 , 08928e690c7b743467394e295f1453c7.jpg )
"I see..."
>> No. 40862504
"Hi, I'm back. What's up?"


>It's cool, RP here?

The little girl gives a grin, waving at you in return!

"Hi there!" the rabbit girl says with glee, her voice carrying a Trottingham accent.
>> No. 40862505
File 142968944218.jpg - (31.90KB , 478x704 , Alpha as Fuck.jpg )
>I said warm tea not hot tea D:
...I hate you in the msot loving of ways only.
>He said scritching her
>> No. 40862506
File 142968947628.png - (238.94KB , 500x446 , 33a.png )
"Still nothing..."
>> No. 40862507
What with you? You stare into space... *hic*
she waves her hand in front of her face sloppily
>> No. 40862508
File 142968948321.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
"... I'm blind..."
>> No. 40862509
File 142968959501.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
H... hi.
The mare shyly responds, her brown hair shifting as she lowers her head. She didn't have any accent.
>> No. 40862510
File 142968960620.jpg - (745.25KB , 1276x992 , yum~.jpg )

>Teton approached her.

>Nah, I'm back on Skype. Unless you prefer here.
>> No. 40862511
What happen? Hit your heads too hard?
>> No. 40862512
>Doesn't matter, Amanda is hardcore. D:<

She grumbled and leaned into the scritching.

"You're evil."
>> No. 40862514
File 142968971095.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
"Oh, Hello? Who is it?"

"... Yes..."
>> No. 40862515
"Well, let's fix that then!"
>> No. 40862516
File 142968976651.jpg - (70.94KB , 680x1005 , e73.jpg )
"Alright i guess..."
>> No. 40862517
File 142968986666.png - (188.02KB , 401x354 , _Caesar.png )
Oh I absolutely am. Thank you~
>Licks her to taste the tea
>> No. 40862518

Mandy begins plating with your rabbit ears.

She tastes sweet, making the tea awfully sweeter than usual!
>> No. 40862519
File 142968996321.png - (135.84KB , 330x473 , Caesar 8.png )
>Dips her up and down a few times
I need top drink you more.
>> No. 40862520
Oh... uh...
She said, she seems to at least have sobered up a little.
>> No. 40862521
File 142968994795.jpg - (279.39KB , 805x605 , 1428334.jpg )
"W-what are you doing?!?"

"I fell and hit my head because i went into hypoglycemic shock..."
>> No. 40862522
Sunset's eyes are getting really wide. =
She is pointing at the top of your head, where tons of sets of ears now dwell.
I must be drunker then I thought...

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 01:07

>> No. 40862523
File 142969009694.png - (563.56KB , 600x800 , 740.png )
"Um... Yes?"
>> No. 40862524
"NoooOOOOooooOOOOoooo... I'm all wet! Stop making me wet!"

"Playing with your ears. Ammie loves it when I do it to her."
>> No. 40862525
File 142969015033.png - (728.64KB , 2400x2400 , u wot m8.png )
It's me, Teton. What happened?
>> No. 40862526
File 142969024397.png - (82.69KB , 300x341 , Caesar 1.png )
I wish I could do that but I've never managed to D:
>> No. 40862527
>ju missed my post

You have... uhh.... alot of ears...
>> No. 40862528
File 142969021642.png - (813.96KB , 630x910 , bf9.png )
"Oh, Hi... Djinni broke up with me... I ran away because i was sad, and... I went into hypoglycemic shock, fell, hit my head... And now i'm blind..."

"Oh... Alright then, carry on..."
>> No. 40862529
>Sorry, missed this!

The rabbit girl decides to try and break the ice by doing what she does best!

She proceeds to toddle up to you and rub your cheeks with her ears, giggling all the while.
>> No. 40862530
File 142969028351.png - (124.33KB , 244x600 , 1a2.png )
"What are you talking about?"
>> No. 40862532
"Grr I hope you get diabetes."

She grins before continuing, softly rubbing the base of your ears before gently pinching the top between her finger shd rubbing it.
>> No. 40862533
File 142969038704.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
She tries backing off, a look of horror on her face when you first press your ear on her. It's actually quite funny.
What... are you doing?
>> No. 40862534
File 142969045933.png - (236.20KB , 534x843 , 287.png )
"T-that feels weird..."
>> No. 40862535
File 142969053292.jpg - (27.95KB , 353x506 , Caesar 24.jpg )
Nah im not a walrus
>> No. 40862536
File 142969052858.jpg - (92.05KB , 866x923 , sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8buosf.jpg )
>read a previous post wrong.
>post said PLATING you with rabbit ears... like putting tons of rabbit ears on your head.
>> No. 40862537
File 142969052543.jpg - (296.18KB , 800x600 , 08928e690c7b743467394e295f1453c7.jpg )
>> No. 40862538
File 142969058528.png - (774.94KB , 1813x1644 , oh no!.png )

>Tanaka could feel Teton hug her. Soft, warm and nice-smelling...
I'm so sorry, dearie...
>> No. 40862539
>it meant playing hue
Oh... there are only two... my bad...
Sunny says, hiccuping lightly
>> No. 40862540
File 142969066409.jpg - (41.09KB , 680x819 , 216.jpg )
>Tanaka gently wraps her arms around Teton and hugs her back.
"I-it's okay... I-i'm getting used to n-not being able to see anymore..."

"... YOu are really drunk..."

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 01:17

>> No. 40862541
What do ju care? Not like your my wife.
>inside joke
>laugh track
>> No. 40862542
File 142969081823.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
"I-i'm your friend..."
>> No. 40862543
File 142969082264.png - (401.95KB , 348x520 , even moar hoofbeat!.png )
...Can I do anything for you...?
>> No. 40862544
File 142969095688.jpg - (296.18KB , 800x600 , 08928e690c7b743467394e295f1453c7.jpg )
"I-i... Y-yes please..."
>> No. 40862545
File 142969096228.png - (74.56KB , 337x340 , srsly.png )
What is it?
>> No. 40862546
She sighs.
I go home and get un-drunk?
>> No. 40862547
>poor twilight never saw what was coming next
>> No. 40862548
File 142969114041.jpg - (343.11KB , 801x599 , 1428339.jpg )
"U-um... I-i haven't eaten today... I-i haven't even tried cooking yet..."

"I don't think it works like that..."
>> No. 40862549
I know, time makes less drunk. Sorry Taka... I go home
>if u gonna do that recolor for me, are you gon do it tonight or tomorrow

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 01:27

>> No. 40862550
File 142969127554.png - (225.61KB , 546x593 , you want to see the uncropped version don't you.png )
> :D

...I understand! What would you like to eat?

>Soft hand caressed her cheek~
>> No. 40862551
File 142969133938.png - (131.29KB , 500x380 , 0e7.png )

"I...I kinda want mac and cheese please..."
>> No. 40862552
File 142969140961.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>what about the peecture?
>> No. 40862553
File 142969142195.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
>I'll do it later!!!
>> No. 40862554
>lul okies.
>thankies Middy~
>> No. 40862556
File 142969167085.jpg - (54.07KB , 380x445 , that look.jpg )
Sure thing. I'll be back in a moment!

>She disappeared.
>> No. 40862557
File 142969171659.png - (813.96KB , 630x910 , bf9.png )
>Tanaka sighs softly, a few tears falling down her cheeks, and she quietly sips her drink.
>> No. 40862558
File 142969190409.jpg - (20.55KB , 610x462 , panties.jpg )
>Soon enough, Teton's warm presence returns, along with the smell of mac'n'cheese.
Would you like me to feed you?
>> No. 40862559
File 142969189451.png - (1.74MB , 680x769 , 1c7.png )
"Um... Y-yes please..."
>More tears fall as Tanaka begins crying.
>> No. 40862560
File 142969197388.jpg - (254.51KB , 1280x1011 , dare to tap that_Avedon.jpg )
...Shhhh... Don't cry...

>Teton's fingers brushed the tears away and her warm lips placed a little kiss on Tanaka's forehead.

Say aah...
>> No. 40862563
File 142969465612.png - (174.59KB , 1280x895 , mysty ass.png )
>> No. 40862564
File 142969482554.gif - (4.18MB , 320x240 , husky-o.gif )
>> No. 40862565
File 142969484589.png - (128.79KB , 900x688 , hey mysty.png )
>> No. 40862566
File 142969524246.jpg - (91.04KB , 960x960 , 1429102342071.jpg )
>> No. 40862567
File 142969538696.png - (118.45KB , 900x801 , go ahead call the cops they cant un rule 63 you.png )
>> No. 40862568
File 142969543766.jpg - (45.59KB , 600x835 , F9hZNwJ.jpg )
>Goodnight :3
>> No. 40862569
File 142969550217.png - (361.03KB , 890x898 , coco_pommel_by_moenkin-d8n3zbz.png )
>> No. 40862570
File 142969594914.png - (7.11KB , 356x274 , dAlisH1.png )
>> No. 40862571
File 142969723833.jpg - (41.57KB , 466x348 , Ronald McPolnareff.jpg )
>> No. 40862572
File 142969807364.jpg - (40.69KB , 600x401 , jackie panda.jpg )
>> No. 40862573
File 142969834291.jpg - (40.69KB , 600x401 , jackie panda.jpg )
>> No. 40862574
File 142969892424.jpg - (30.71KB , 640x480 , Bulma_knocked_out_by_the_blast.jpg )
>Hows the printer?
>> No. 40862575
>Nothing good yet.
>> No. 40862576
File 142970323244.png - (19.36KB , 567x566 , That seems kinda interesting.png )
>Writing shit about how computers have developed, and what the consequences of computers being a thing are.
>I've put down that without computers, weather forecasts might not have been a thing, train and other traffic would be much more difficult to organize, and science would probably be waaay behind what it is now, since a lot of science need/needed the computing power that supercomputers give.
>Hell, I even put down that we might not even have put a man on the moon until the 2000's if it wasn't for computers.

>That doesn't sound super wrong, does it?

>And yes, I'm blatantly putting all this here to use you guys as help :3
>> No. 40862577
>Actually the computer we used for the Apollo Launch had 64 Kilobytes of power.
>> No. 40862578
File 142970363868.png - (218.64KB , 643x512 , So!.png )
>Still a computer.
>I'm talking about a world where computers were never invented and improved on.
>The whole Apollo program.
>Without computers.
>NASA would have to do all calculations by hand, because calculators are technically also computers.
>> No. 40862579
>I'm pretty sure that without a computer you wouldn't be able to have anything we get in modern times.

>But seriously let that sink in your phone has more computing power than what they used to get three people to the moon
>> No. 40862580
File 142970381548.png - (114.11KB , 441x436 , So you see.png )
>Yep. That's the point I'm trying to make in the essay.
>Modern society without computers would be a far-off dream of the future. Everything would have to be calculated by hand, and that shit takes time.
>Of course, realistically, someone other than Turing would make the first baby steps towards a computer, but that's irrelevant for the discussion.
>> No. 40862581
>Morning, folks
>> No. 40862582
File 142970482933.png - (19.36KB , 567x566 , That seems kinda interesting.png )
>> No. 40862583
File 142970508605.jpg - (5.36KB , 249x202 , clippit.jpg )
>I see you're writing a paper. Would you like some help with that?
>> No. 40862584
File 142970515781.png - (114.11KB , 441x436 , So you see.png )
>I think I'm mostly good.
>If you do want, look over the points I made and see if you think they're stupid.
>> No. 40862585
>I was joking mostly. Bringing back the horror that is Clippy. But sure I'll take a look at it.
>> No. 40862586
File 142970546013.jpg - (15.79KB , 320x371 , triggered.jpg )
>I never experienced Clippy, so I don't have any horrible PTSD from that guy.
>I'm sure others have, though.
>> No. 40862587
>I always liked Clippy.
>> No. 40862588
>Really? Well, it was a terrible design choice by Microsoft and everyone is glad he's dead.

>He's like JarJar for me: I liked him as a kid, but as I grew I quickly came to find him nothing but an annoyance
>> No. 40862589
>But Clippy is adorable and only wanted to help.
>> No. 40862590
>He was a demon seeking to pull you into a contract for your soul
>> No. 40862591
>Clippy is always was always is always was always is always was always is always was
>> No. 40862592
>Clippy is love. Clippy is life.
>> No. 40862593
>Clippy wants you to be a magical girl.
>> No. 40862594
File 142970635851.jpg - (7.33KB , 180x193 , 180px-Bonzi.jpg )
>> No. 40862595
>Oh, geez, I forgot about that thing
>> No. 40862596
>Good evening, EXPAND DONG
>> No. 40862597
>Vinny corruptions.
>> No. 40862598
>Anyhow, would anyone like to horses?
>> No. 40862600
>Get out of here, you monkey fuck D:<
>> No. 40862601
File 142971163362.jpg - (18.80KB , 250x254 , Oozaru2.jpg )
>> No. 40862602
>> No. 40862603
File 142971508110.png - (73.40KB , 302x456 , I've seen some shit.png )
>I'm done.
>I'm fucking done.
>27.334 letters, spaces included.
>4277 words
>And I have to proofread it.
>> No. 40862604
><Pats your head>
>> No. 40862605
File 142971528047.png - (183.47KB , 685x576 , Ooooh, I get it.png )
>I'll uh...

>Well actually, I have two days to proofread, so that's not so bad.
>> No. 40862606
>How many pages is it?
>> No. 40862607
File 142971581693.png - (114.11KB , 441x436 , So you see.png )
>Front page, table of contents and bibliography excluded, 8 pages. Almost exactly. There's 3 more lines on the last page.
>> No. 40862608
File 142971611686.png - (114.11KB , 441x436 , So you see.png )
>That's 25.476 letters, spaces included.
>Or, 4.083 words.
>> No. 40862609
File 142971628977.png - (298.29KB , 596x454 , YOUTHFUL SHOUT!.png )

>In other news, I'm bored and stuff.
>> No. 40862610
>Eh, the days in schools where teachers bothered to read something that long I'd write...
>Dunno if I really miss them :3
>> No. 40862611
File 142971708237.png - (123.16KB , 457x486 , See, now you're getting it.png )
>I messaged my teacher and asked if it was okay it was super long, after I had written about half.
>He was pretty much like "as long as the rest is just as good, sure thang".
>> No. 40862613
File 142971777186.jpg - (85.38KB , 612x900 , image.jpg )
>> No. 40862615
File 142971789270.png - (196.33KB , 340x340 , banana_doke_doke_doke.png )
>I haven't been writing such long works in school.
>No one was (I remember only one case) because our school system successfully suppresses creativity.
>> No. 40862616
>Ded Space 2 got a lot less scarier once I cranked the brightness up a bit.
>> No. 40862617
>Hallo all~! Anyone wanna rp ?
>> No. 40862618
File 142971837469.jpg - (238.87KB , 689x689 , tumblr_neg2g7fLip1shm75oo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 40862619
>On the way home now

>Anyone up for some RP?
>> No. 40862620
>Blank is~!
>> No. 40862621
File 142971864289.jpg - (21.33KB , 424x341 , z10861921X,Co-ja-pacze-.jpg )
>One of Polish government's sites (Ministry of Finance) is available only from 8:30 to 15:30.
>Only if you browse with Internet Explorer.
>And you have to install a certificate and meddle some more to make it work.
>> No. 40862622
File 142971865692.png - (234.65KB , 1045x1165 , 1420768479582.png )
>Whys it so difficult?
>> No. 40862623
File 142971869426.png - (106.27KB , 413x398 , I think it's trying to communicate.png )
>What even the fuuu-
>> No. 40862624
File 142971887879.jpg - (93.29KB , 600x496 , Bene_kubek.jpg )
>I suspect two reasons:
1. The minister's nephew could only do this good.
2. Because fuck you.

>I'm not even surprised. How bad is that?
>> No. 40862625
File 142971904846.gif - (351.92KB , 345x500 , Shit youre fucked.gif )
>PLaning on getting a lot of it because was pretty depressed and tired last night.
>KNock at the door
>Either FIB, CIA, Private detective at the door. Dunno, someone with a coat on and showing me her badge
>Think I'm fucked for downloading movie or music or being a fruity big pony in RP
>Ask for some Yuri sounding woman with three kids and a husband
>> No. 40862626
File 142971898980.png - (152.71KB , 745x574 , Duckface.png )
>Or maybe it's because it's the government.
>"Hey, does our site work?"
>"Well, it works on internet explorer and only if you do thi-"
>"So it works?"
>"Yeah, bu-
>"Great, no need update then!"
>> No. 40862627
File 142971904725.jpg - (78.10KB , 556x700 , ___fuck.jpg )
>Hehe. FIB.

>I played too much GTA
>> No. 40862628
File 142971906104.png - (163.15KB , 600x848 , tumblr_ne67u61Hag1si99vho1_1280.png )
>It was probably your local investigation bureau, they like to drive around in unmarked cars and look discreet

>Hehehaha XD

>I always liked how in Payday they called them the "Federal Bureau of Inquiries"
>> No. 40862629
File 142971914668.jpg - (41.46KB , 600x459 , alternatywy4_05.jpg )
>> No. 40862630
Nobody expects the federal inquisition!
>> No. 40862631
>I understand why fictional works will disguise the names of corporations to avoid lawsuit, but... do they really need to do that with government agencies?
>> No. 40862633
File 142971929572.png - (221.99KB , 387x551 , Canterlot Civil Protection Service.png )
>The town I live in, used to have a roller rink, 4 grocery stores, A movie theatre, and a University!

>They made a City council, now all we have is 1 grocery store, no theatre or university, no roller rink, and only 2 fast food joints one of them locally owned.

>Hurray for Secret Police! Like Canterlot Civil Protection Service!

>Id imagine that the Government Alphabet Agencies are probably even more so willing to file law suits to cover their names.

>I mean, come on the ATF raided a house and shot a dog years ago and they still get ribbed for it
>> No. 40862634
File 142971930191.png - (104.99KB , 266x209 , lISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SHit.png )
>Wait a minute, I just realized something.

>I SUCK at aiming.
>> No. 40862635
File 142971930283.jpg - (459.71KB , 640x960 , Regen 9.jpg )
>Probably! Not sure what it was about, should of asked.


>was a pretty neat wake up call.

>Might be cause it's being a parody of life.
>> No. 40862636

>Becausr you now have a rabbit on your head.

>They know.
>Take Pear and run.
>> No. 40862637
File 142971939183.jpg - (102.36KB , 500x363 , STEAMPUNK SQUID.jpg )
>Those pants are the best pants I have ever seen.
>> No. 40862638
>Eh, I guess

>Welcome to the club! That's why I mostly play Engineer and Medic

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:16

>> No. 40862639
File 142971944073.png - (773.02KB , 1280x2177 , Officer Tainaka.png )
>They probably would of said "Its for work."

>I woke up once to some choppers raiding my neighbors house once.
>> No. 40862640
File 142971943523.jpg - (35.16KB , 383x750 , 840.jpg )
>Well Isaac Clarke IS an Engineer.

>He doesn't build sentries.
>> No. 40862641
File 142971957870.gif - (748.98KB , 500x269 , MFW college.gif )
>Run where? D:



>It's a rave!

>Raids happen alot here. Lotta times I see DEA guys around...I think they get fake calls a lot because nothing ever happens.
>> No. 40862642
File 142971965545.jpg - (59.92KB , 600x323 , 600px-CBKoHDMP5.jpg )
>Knowing California and the way we enforce Marijuana laws they are actually probably legitimate, I mean you are in Orange Country after all.
>> No. 40862643
>To the hills! D:
>> No. 40862644
File 142971972232.jpg - (135.52KB , 811x811 , By the Emperor, dat ass.jpg )
>... Goddammit I could use this pic instead of the clockwork squid
>> No. 40862645
File 142971982993.jpg - (60.49KB , 471x694 , 131260268348.jpg )
>No one really cares about that anymore. Anyone who has a slip from a doctor can get it :S

>But the hills have eyes!
>> No. 40862646
>> No. 40862647
File 142971982189.jpg - (427.29KB , 1144x1400 , 83fU7bR.jpg )
>That too, but that always just lets folks who get doctors excuses hand it out to people hehe
>> No. 40862648
>Oh shit, just like in Mario!
>> No. 40862649
>As a response to the pants pic.

>Anyhoo, RP?
>> No. 40862650
>With the soooooound of musiiiiiiiic!

>I'm up for RP.
>> No. 40862651
File 142972003645.jpg - (68.55KB , 680x510 , Just hanging with the bae.jpg )
>> No. 40862652
>Prety much! Lol

>I never understood that :S

>> No. 40862653
>looks up at the rabbit
"Well hello where did you come from?"
>blank is anthro, a rather long horn sits on her head, her teal draconic eyes were looking up, and on her face were half moon glasses to make her look classy as fuck.
>she was wearing a snug black turtleneck which made her double D bust stand out a bit, her wings that were almost her whole body length were tucked neatly behind her. The black feathers shimmering in the light, her purple hair tied back in a ponytail, her black coat matching her feathers, her jeans had a few scuffs and stains on them.
>finally she had loafers on

>Hoo. Sorry about the wait.
>> No. 40862654
File 142972014559.png - (221.65KB , 400x497 , [screaming externally].png )
>This nerd and drunkgal?
>> No. 40862655
File 142972010494.png - (82.78KB , 389x415 , 1.png )

>Odd and Leth are trotting out of the park, his wing around her shoulders
"Thanks for today. That was really fun."
>> No. 40862656
File 142972028561.jpg - (68.55KB , 680x510 , Just hanging with the bae.jpg )
"We haven't even mapped a half of it, too! There's probably three days' worth of rides in there!"
>> No. 40862658
File 142972038147.jpg - (28.80KB , 382x510 , Oddliandias.jpg )
"You up for more of the same tomorrow, then?"
>> No. 40862659
File 142972043014.jpg - (26.33KB , 351x347 , Alethia Talking.jpg )

Wanna go to some restaurant and call it a day?"
>> No. 40862660
File 142972051485.jpg - (3.78KB , 69x96 , 1.jpg )
>A cinema in a small town in Poland is being limited because it makes too much money.
>It's that they got a grant from EU and the rules where that if it makes profit over some sum they need to give back a part of the grant. But it appeared to be more popular than expected.
>You'd think that they should pay the fee with all the money they made and continue to prosper but nooooo... it's simpler to just make it show less movies, so it won't make as much money anymore.
>> No. 40862661
File 142972058796.jpg - (32.73KB , 382x510 , It's a bacon daquiri, guy!.jpg )
"Actually, hope you don't mine, but I went ahead and got us reservations."

>Hooray, red tape!
>> No. 40862662
File 142972063521.jpg - (27.61KB , 375x363 , Alethia Surprised.jpg )
".... Ooooooh?"
>> No. 40862664
"Yeah, I thought I'd take you someplace fancy for a change."
>> No. 40862665
File 142972098729.jpg - (26.99KB , 366x353 , Alethia Tired.jpg )
"... Explaaaaaain."
>> No. 40862667
File 142972130088.png - (82.44KB , 354x423 , 2.png )
"Well... y'know, we haven't really been doing much of the traditional flowers-and-chocolates romance stuff, but I thought, you know, you might like to have a quiet, candlelit dinner for once. If'n you're into it, I can still cancel. We can go someplace else."
>> No. 40862668
File 142972138038.jpg - (27.61KB , 375x363 , Alethia Surprised.jpg )
She put her hoof over his mouth.

We're doing that.
No need to cancel."
>> No. 40862669
"Oh, uh..."
>He nods, slightly disappointed, as he pulls out his cell
"Sure. Lemme just give them a call. Be thinking about where you'd rather go."
>> No. 40862670
>... She said they're NOT cancelling you silly
>> No. 40862671
File 142972171408.jpg - (68.54KB , 680x510 , Oddlethia.jpg )
>Oh, whoops, misread that. Sorry!

>Oddly grins
"Great! C'mon, I think I know where it is."
>> No. 40862672
File 142972166761.jpg - (26.98KB , 373x372 , Alethia cheery.jpg )
She just followed with a smile on her face.
>> No. 40862673
File 142972168454.jpg - (79.60KB , 848x480 , ms-canaan2.jpg )
Alert, Citizens. Civil Protection Services. Located. In your. Vicinity. Compliance. Is. Appreciated.

Local. Unrest. Structure. Detected.
Code: Thirty four. Two.
Assemble, Question, Investigate.

>Ritsu spoke over her radio.
Team 2, alley, Team 3 check those sewer grates.

>The Overwatch voice continued over the loud speaker.

>Elsewhere! In the Bar, Scipio and Valentina were being playful cats. Valentina's ears folded back and she took off down the couch and Scipio clawed after her!

>Other chars available upon request!
>> No. 40862675
>blank looks over at the intercom, then goes back to sipping her coffie and reading the paper
>> No. 40862676
File 142972207425.png - (142.19KB , 403x420 , 1S4SZMB.png )
>Ary was in the bar as well, looking at her soon to be wife and her best friend fight and stuff with a smile.

Fight fight fight.

Kiss kiss kiss.
>> No. 40862677
>They trot down the street a while (Oddly eventually pulling out a map and consulting it) before finally arriving outside a small, ritzy restaurant with no name, just the address number displayed boldly for all to see

"Here we are!"
>> No. 40862678
File 142972211181.jpg - (27.76KB , 170x200 , Flowers taste awesome.jpg )
>And then I was back. Sorry folks.

>Does anyone else want to RP?

"...I just showed up!"
>> No. 40862679
File 142972209033.png - (516.54KB , 826x1168 , 1UP.png )
>Anyone want to RP while I fix computer things?
>> No. 40862680
"And what's your name little one?"
>she puts her coffee mug down and picks her up off her head and onto her lap
>> No. 40862681
File 142972218938.jpg - (26.99KB , 366x353 , Alethia Tired.jpg )
"... Hey, how come this place has no name?"
>> No. 40862682
File 142972231596.jpg - (208.36KB , 850x600 , Anami les do sheet.jpg )
>After a moment both of the cats looked over the couch, they both grinned at Ary as they had both remembered something.

Valentina! Go and get our Commander of Civil Protection.

Yes maam.
>The girl in uniform stood up and Saluted Scipio, then stepped outside.

>A short cat girl in a military uniform brushed past her, he spoke as she did.
Exscuzes, desole.~

Aryadne Lite! It s your birthday! And it is now that we go and show you the gift that I, Ritsu, and Valentina have worked on.~
>> No. 40862684
File 142972231737.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>there is a Marionette
>ju disappeared yesterday and i had to go to bed
>> No. 40862685
File 142972231825.jpg - (135.41KB , 720x1280 , Smoking.jpg )
>This guy and Djinni? They might have a thing or two in common.
>> No. 40862686
File 142972244110.jpg - (119.25KB , 800x1000 , Fist of gold.jpg )
>Who and whooo?

>that Short haired blonde girl who is also kinda short is at the bar.

Ohhh~ Birthday stuff~! Didn't think i'd be doing that this early in the day~!

>Ary grinned at the two bouncing up and down a bit
>> No. 40862687
File 142972238790.jpg - (334.21KB , 648x690 , 1429664503305.jpg )
>She wouldnt be in the bar for reasons, any ideas?
>> No. 40862688
File 142972245178.png - (82.64KB , 344x424 , Erin mark III.png )
>Erin glances over at the police scanner
"So, what flavor of chaos is going down out there today?"

>Oddly shrugs
"I think its some sort of artsy thing. Some sort of fancy statement about something. Or maybe it's just to stand out from the crowd, you know?"
>> No. 40862689
"Do you know what all that on that intercom was about? I'm not familiar with that orginazation."
>she nibbles on her donut
>> No. 40862690
File 142972250200.jpg - (674.86KB , 768x1024 , Keep out.jpg )
I think Purple...I like purple. My twin will be here later to tell. She's got a nack forit.
>> No. 40862691
File 142972260570.png - (357.94KB , 500x690 , adventure.png )
"Heya Nari. Still drinking?"
>Well, non. But the guy could still get acquainted with Scipio, I guess.
"... Well, it's probably easier to ask for directions that way."
>> No. 40862692
"I don't know, purple? I'm not familiar with these people, normally I stick to the canterlot castle."
>> No. 40862693
File 142972264132.png - (312.23KB , 900x1299 , Durr.png )
>Yeah, had to work, sorry.

Look! It's an Espurr! Go cuddle it.

>No clue!
And then you had an Espurr on your head. D:

"I'm Ammie!" the rabbit says with a happy grin, getting nice and comfy.
>> No. 40862694
File 142972261893.jpg - (330.18KB , 1000x663 , Your rides over, time to be pacified_.jpg )
Oh we have been more than excited to do so.
>She took Aryadne by the arm and took her outside, the street littered with Civil Protection Officers putting up road blocks it seems, Valentina speaking with Ritsu in the center.

Heya blondie, ready to have some fun?

>A humvee was rolling up, Miya was in the turret rapping a happy birthday ballad.

>A short woman in what looked like Riot gear pointed over.
Just Normal Unrest no worries maam, we'll catch them.

>She turned back, the cat girl was wearing a grey uniform, well kept, but used. One of her ears was scared and had a hole through it.
Oh, this is the Canterlot Civil Protection Service, devised by a friend of my own in the Police Service. They patrol the streets with the help of a program she built to catch criminals and help citizens.

>Scipios goan places tho D:

>Djinni was in the bar any way, though a little withdrawn from the crowd.
>> No. 40862695
"Well Ammie, I'm Blank Flank."
>she smiles with a well practiced motherly tone, and pets her little head
>> No. 40862696
"You've got a twin now?"

"Seems to be the consensus. Purple-flavored chaos."

>He nods and opens the door
"Unless of course you forget what that address is. 'Hey, mac, I need directions to a restaurant, but I don't have the address and it doesn't have a name.' "
>> No. 40862697
File 142972276941.png - (44.76KB , 492x550 , The fuck are you.png )
The guy who looked like a vagabond sat beside her.
"Well, there's probably only one restaurant like this in the city anyway, right?"
>> No. 40862698
"So pretty much the guard but with more force?"
>she pulls out a royal guard badge from her wallet
>> No. 40862699
File 142972283155.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
The white ponies eyes light up at the sight of the adorable creature. Suddenly a very ominous shadow is cast over the back of the poor defenceless Espurr
>> No. 40862700
File 142972283756.png - (22.69KB , 320x240 , Huh.png )
"Nice to meet you Miss Flank!" she says, leaning into your hoof as you pet her head.


The little Espurr proceeds to turn around to the owner of the shadow.
>> No. 40862701
"I always liked purple. Prolly cause of my hair."
>> No. 40862702
File 142972296097.jpg - (245.30KB , 652x922 , Sergeant Major Dupont Mac E Cog.jpg )
>She looked over, her hair..waved at him, she looked a little solemn.


As Ritsu would put "We don' sit on tha Palace steps all day.~"
>She grinned popped a salute and turned briskly on her heel at an about face, her uniform was quite interesting.
>> No. 40862703
File 142972291176.jpg - (155.30KB , 540x780 , One of my favorite pictures ever.jpg )
Ya gonna ask me that eeeeveryday? And yes! It's a day I should drink!

>Jinx picked it up and pet it's head slightly with a grin


>Ary blinked a few times at the rapping Miya and the humveee rolling up along with the roadblocks being set up

Hmmm.. What are all of you up too~

I've always had a twin. Since birth!

>She said going along to the outside of the bar where Val and Sci were leading her
>> No. 40862704
File 142972297710.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
The Espurr is then picked up and fiercely snuggled
Oh my goodness, you are too adorable~
>> No. 40862705
"Yeah, good point. Back to that 'standing out' thing."
>He follows in behind her and closes the door, whereupon they are quickly escorted to their table

"Oh, no doubt of that."

>She nods in agreement
"Purple's the best."

"Huh. Never mentioned that to me. Where are you headed?"
>> No. 40862707
File 142972301972.png - (272.30KB , 400x1000 , I love you.png )
"...Hey! You're the one who owes me snugs." she says with a frown, wriggling in your hands.

The Espurr proceeds to gently wriggle her arms free and press both of her paws gently against your nose.

>> No. 40862708
File 142972304446.jpg - (427.29KB , 1144x1400 , 83fU7bR.jpg )
You'll see, get in the humvee!
>Valentina said, pushing Aryadne. Scipio opened the door with a grin, Miya was still singing.

She lives on my block, she drives an Iroc, but she doesnt know who I aaaaam, cause Im jua WHa!

>The humvee lurched forward, with Ritsu, Scipio, Valentina, and Miya all inside apparently going towards Omega.

Superior firepower and all that.
>She gave the woman a thumbs up and climbe dinto a humvee with several women and left.
>> No. 40862709
File 142972304108.jpg - (41.17KB , 1024x768 , Yeah that's pretty cool I guess.jpg )
He looked at her intently for a brief moment.
"Good to know I'm not the only one around here."
"Just asking because it's routine right now.
And how come?"
She sat at the table, looking around with curiosity.
>> No. 40862710
File 142972309030.jpg - (367.47KB , 1280x1517 , 1426225696740.jpg )
Im sorry?
>She tilted her head, a little curious.
>> No. 40862711
>she smiles and does a gentle salute back
"Let me know if you need any help. I know my way around canterlot like its my own home."

>hand because anthro :3
"Do you have an owner I'm guessing? Or are you alone?"
>she scritchies behind her ears
>> No. 40862712
File 142972315269.gif - (392.96KB , 500x375 , Just havin a smoke.gif )
"... Dammit I'm playing the pronoun game again."
He lights a cigarette.
"Both of us are immortal.

Or am I wrong? Been a while since I met someone like that."
>> No. 40862713
File 142972316526.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
She says, hugging the poor thing so tight it probably couldn't breathe.
Can I keep you?
>> No. 40862714
File 142972332145.jpg - (346.99KB , 784x796 , Mac E Cog.jpg )
Oh non, I am no police officer. Mercenary, shoot for a living!

>She climbed into a humvee with a rather interesting emblem emblazoned on the side of it and the words "Military Assistance Command Equestria Contracts and Operations Group." and then sped off!

No not immortal, well I dont really know since Im not in a lamp anymore..havent had anyone really study me.

Why are you immortal?
>> No. 40862715
File 142972324730.jpg - (352.52KB , 620x874 , CATTIE.jpg )
Dunno! The wife and my friends have something to show me it seems~

>She grinned abit at it

>Jinx blinks a few times as she runs her claw along her hair

I do~? Since wheeeen?

Always get into cars with random strangers~

>Ary giggles as she climbs in, trying to annoy Miya as she goes in, giving a giggle as she said

Should of brought Pandora along~ But we'll do things later~

>She giggled

>She sticks her tongue out and says

It's Ary's birthday and stuff.
>> No. 40862716
File 142972332058.jpg - (41.17KB , 1024x768 , Yeah that's pretty cool I guess.jpg )
"I'm a god of something. Last believer I had died so long ago I can't remember what."
"... Well I didn't know that.

Shoulda bought her a present."
>> No. 40862717
>Oddly smiles at her from across the table
"Well? Whaddya think?"

"Ah. Well, take care! And happy birthday, Ary!"
>She waves as they leave
>> No. 40862718
"Mercenary huh.."
>she drinks the last of her coffee
"Wonder why I've never heard of them.."
>> No. 40862719
File 142972337502.jpg - (26.33KB , 351x347 , Alethia Talking.jpg )
"I like it so far.
What's the food like?"
>> No. 40862720
File 142972351972.jpg - (97.50KB , 500x245 , OH I KNOW THIS FUCKING ANSWER.jpg )
I bought stuff too. Don't worry bout it.

>She chuckles

>Ary waves her off with a grin!


>ANd she's off!
>> No. 40862721
File 142972355200.jpg - (209.42KB , 800x600 , D59HY5U.jpg )
Pandora will probably hear it from miles away.
>Said Ritsu lighting a cigarette, she took her visored tig helmet off and put it on Ary.
Here, you're gonna need this since we all have our own.

>All the girls except Miya seemed to put racing helmets on for some reason. Scipio was the first to hand Aryadne something, it was a box.

Here my love, I retrieved something from Sanus for you. It is a few samples of those crystals you were so interested in, and some books to a long with it.

On top of that I bought you several lovely outfits from the High Bazaar there as well, you will just love to lounge in them.~

>Valentina was next, she handed her a little bit of a larger box.
Here, it is a set of Binoculars that my father had custom built. Scipio said you two are going to be adventuring quite soon and you'll be needing those. On top of that, Ida and I have made you probably the largest dinner you have ever seen.~

>Ritsu was next, she reached into her pocket.
>Gold Rimmed Aviators, no more cheap sunglasses for Ary. And another, a tube when she opened it, the finest cigar she had ever seen. After that, Scipio spoke.

All of us worked, we made you this gift, and we helped make a festival for you in the courts of Sanus, we'll be going there after this.~
>> No. 40862723
File 142972369201.png - (82.78KB , 389x415 , 1.png )
>He glances over the menu
"Well, I read good things about this stuffed eggplant thing of theirs."
>> No. 40862724
File 142972370046.png - (357.94KB , 500x690 , adventure.png )
"...Any chance you'd help me go get her something nice?"
She started giggling.
>> No. 40862725
File 142972384187.gif - (261.39KB , 273x495 , Fuck you.gif )
>And that's when an angry Varmus entered the Bar.
>> No. 40862726
File 142972389545.png - (82.44KB , 354x423 , 2.png )
>He glances up
"...what? I missed something. What's the joke?"

>And Thousand Words is there
"Uh oh. What happened, Varmus?"
>> No. 40862727
File 142972386294.jpg - (26.33KB , 351x347 , Alethia Talking.jpg )
"...Sorry, just imagined a critic going crazy because he forgot the address to this place."
Plate of cookies, engage.
>> No. 40862728
File 142972389550.png - (178.25KB , 532x600 , All my pictures have me with fist.png )
>Ary made sure the helmet fit her nicely and fixed her hair a bit as she put it on, smirking as she did before putting the sunglasses and cigar on as well. She gave all of them a hug, Scipio and Val a kiss on the cheek with a chuckle

Thank you~ Already one of the nicest birthdays I've had in years~ I'll get Pandora and Jinx and the others to come along too~

What is this gift you all worked on thouht, it sounds..interesting~

>She grinned as she took the boxes and opened them of course!, hugging them and storing them away after a moment
>> No. 40862729
File 142972400472.png - (260.32KB , 806x1453 , brazzers.png )
Hmm? Oh. Hi.


>> No. 40862730
File 142972403792.png - (161.21KB , 263x348 , Clem.png )
>> No. 40862731
>He laughs and puts on a fake french accent
"Ah weesh to leave a scathing review, but ah dew not know vhere zee place ees! Mah plan, she is foiled!"

" have to fire her? I thought you said she was doing well."
>> No. 40862732
File 142972414171.jpg - (26.98KB , 373x372 , Alethia cheery.jpg )
She starts laughing.
"But yeah, eggplant sounds good."
>> No. 40862733
File 142972417239.jpg - (180.80KB , 1280x720 , 12342.jpg )
She'd probably like some video games or somethin. Had to get her twin somethin too~

>I'm not sure who to Use, but since Ary is busy, there's a Jinx there, adult one. Or Nariko
>> No. 40862734
File 142972422346.jpg - (309.05KB , 756x1058 , a_link_to_the_past_by_davidrapozaart-d6galoe.jpg )
"... I have no idea about video games. Could you tag along so I won't buy the wrong game?"
>> No. 40862735
File 142972421408.png - (95.83KB , 358x371 , censorship 2.png )
...Ah, thanks.

>He took one.

It's not that at all... She made a deal with some devil.

Now she's stuck as a drawing in a magical coma and I have no clue how to help her.


>1d2 = 1 1 Jinx, 2 Nariko can see an upset Varmus nibbling on a cookie angrily.
>> No. 40862736
>a alicorn anthro mare looked over, she had purple hair tied back into a ponytail, a black coat, a long horn, large wings that were almost her whole body length.
>she had teal draconic eyes that were behind half moon glasses, she was wearing a snug turtleneck and jeans, her turtleneck made her large bust more pronounced
>she looked concerned with the angry pony, like she wanted to help
>> No. 40862737
File 142972425191.png - (146.54KB , 373x314 , A-Amchi-sama.png )
"... You alright?"
>> No. 40862738
File 142972426864.jpg - (316.22KB , 1280x850 , retrobuilt_3.jpg )
>Ritsu answered.
Well, with the wonderful expertise of myself driving things incredibly fast with no seat belt.

Valentina and her knowledge of military grade engines with lots of horsepower.

>The humvee rolled in through Camp Omega, to Ida who was standing next to something under a tarp.
And Scipio with her excellent use of metals to lighten the total frame but keep it strong.

>They all stepped out of the car, and Scipio hugged Ary from behind, knocking their helmets together. Keeping her close lest she exploded.


>Ida then pulled the sheet off, and there it was in a 1969 Mustang body was the finest car Aryadne had ever laid her eyes on. It was bright yellow, a dark stripe down the center, on the window in a small corner was Mac E's insignia on the bumper was a military tag, next to the insignia on the window was a Canterlot Police Shield. And intricately picked into the door handle was Scipio's blacksmith signature. All of these were low profile as to not take away from the car. On the back window however was a red sticker of a long haired woman, Scipio?~ Valentina spoke.

The engine is custom, and we only tested it many was it Ritsu.

I almost 900.

Wow, so you are kinda older then a lot..hehe.~
>> No. 40862739
File 142972440001.png - (44.76KB , 492x550 , The fuck are you.png )
"... Does that mean I get to call you things like 'squirt' and 'kid' and 'grasshopper'?"
>> No. 40862740
File 142972440245.png - (178.25KB , 532x600 , All my pictures have me with fist.png )
Could get her a sword!

But awwirte. Lead the way.

...What's wrong buddy?

>ASked the Jinx!
>> No. 40862741
File 142972435568.jpg - (14.12KB , 500x500 , the wend weker.jpg )
He gets up and suddenly stops.
"I have a sword.

I have two."
>> No. 40862742
"Eggplant is good! You want an appetizer too? This sampler plate is catching my eye."

>He blinks
"That's terrible."
>> No. 40862743
File 142972436875.png - (89.40KB , 203x202 , Untitled.png )
>Anami stepped by Varmus and bowed her head. ~

Hehe grasshopper, nah. My names Djinni.
>> No. 40862744
File 142972456161.jpg - (26.33KB , 351x347 , Alethia Talking.jpg )
"Depends, what's in it?"
He pulls out a coin and flips it.
1d4 = 3
"I'm Roving today."
"Looks like right now I'm a Joe."
"... Fenris. Dangit, now I sound like a Mary Sue."
>> No. 40862745
File 142972450474.png - (188.76KB , 475x318 , Ow my shoulder.png )
Fucking hell...
>> No. 40862746
File 142972452679.jpg - (273.77KB , 1200x1200 , Ritsu refrence here.jpg )
>Ary's Jaw drops as she holds her hands together up to her cheek, wiggling her butt around as she looked all excited before "eeee!"ing a bit and running tot eh car, quickly crawling in through the window and going out the other window, hugging the roof with a grin.

Oh man! Almost 900!? THis is beautiful! Scipio! I may need to work out our relationship~

>She said with a grin, obviously joking and sillyish, just loving her gift!
>> No. 40862747
File 142972458482.jpg - (598.68KB , 1920x1080 , 78m3kdH.jpg )
Are they cooooooooooooooooooool swords?
>> No. 40862748
File 142972464227.png - (82.73KB , 461x499 , Master_Sword_(Ocarina_of_Time).png )
He pulls this replica out of the bin.
"Is this a cool sword?"
>> No. 40862749
File 142972475503.png - (1.08MB , 700x754 , BLOWHAAAAAAAAAAAAARD.png )
>He met Blank Flank already ;P

Not really.

A friend of mine fucked herself over by a deal with a devil and I couldn't help.

Yeah, it is.

Anami. Can I help you?
>> No. 40862750
File 142972475701.jpg - (68.54KB , 680x510 , Oddlethia.jpg )
"Grilled stuffed mushroom caps, grilled stuffed radishes, grilled stuffed onions..."
>He looks up from the menu
"I'm catching onto a bit of a theme here."

>What happen?
>> No. 40862751
File 142972475261.png - (164.46KB , 475x318 , Sigh1.png )
Season 5 is actually good...
>> No. 40862752
File 142972473101.jpg - (26.34KB , 351x357 , Alethia concerned.jpg )
"... Can I help?"
"... I'm allergic to radish."
>> No. 40862754
File 142972484134.png - (21.03KB , 124x108 , o^o.png )
Blink blink.

"...Owner...?" the rabbit asks, stopping her nuzzling to give you a puzzled look.

The Espurr responds by rapid fire noseboops.

"I can't breeeeath D:"

"...Since right now."
>> No. 40862755
File 142972482544.jpg - (12.31KB , 133x132 , Da fuck.jpg )
"Wo-hoah, someone woke up on the wrong side of their bed."
>> No. 40862756
File 142972482611.png - (1.25MB , 545x1221 , 142959585149.png )
Hmmmmmm! Looks kinda retro!

>She strokes her chin

Then again. Sci has a bunch of swords too...

....Ooooooh....Well that's a bummer.

>She tapped her claw on her chin
>> No. 40862757
File 142972484360.png - (95.83KB , 358x371 , censorship 2.png )
Unfortunately, no.

Unless you count "keeping me sane" help.
>> No. 40862758
>why not rp doe? :3
>> No. 40862759
File 142972485265.png - (456.43KB , 384x1041 , 1424233569077.png )
I can call you joe if you like?

>All the girls giggled a little, Miya then spoke.
And a lil juice that Ida and I mixed're gonna tear up them streets fah sho.~

>Valentina then handed the keys over to Scipio, who dangled them with a grin and tossed them over to Ary.
Shall we?

>Ritsu and Valentina got in the back, and Scipio in the passenger, everything about the car as Ary sat down was custom and sleak. The dashboard emblazoned with Aryadne's normal insignia the radio minimalist, the gear shift, wheel switch, and hand brake all bore Arys insignia, each with a grip representing the three women who put what they had into the car.

>Valentina spoke.
Well, Darlin, take me for a spin.~
>It was then immediately apparent why there were roadblocks set up in Canterlot..for Arys car.~ Miya standing off to the side with Ida in their skirts grinned waiting for the car to be turned on.

Not at all, but it is lovely to see you.
>> No. 40862760
>He nods
"I, uh, assume you tried renegotiating the deal?"

>I've only seen the 2-parter opening so far. Need to catch up.

"No radishes then."
>He tilts his head
"I'm curious, what happens when you eat them?"
>> No. 40862761
File 142972500889.jpg - (16.87KB , 236x236 , it's going up my what.jpg )
".... So that's a no?"
"... Well I can try.What's wrong?"
"Well, that's my name.
At least until I roll again. You?"
"... I get really puffy."
>> No. 40862762
File 142972495982.png - (116.74KB , 475x318 , Hmm.png )
Well, I avoided all of season 4 because of alicorn Twilight, and I still dislike hate it. but Season 5 is actually good.
>> No. 40862763
File 142972499216.png - (274.44KB , 577x720 , 2345.png )
My names Djinni, like I said! Hehe.
>> No. 40862764
"Oh nevermind about that~"
>she smiles a very warm and motherly smile

"But do you have any family around in that case?"
>she gets a bit of carrot cake
>> No. 40862765
File 142972500390.jpg - (41.17KB , 1024x768 , Yeah that's pretty cool I guess.jpg )
"Cool name. Mind if I nab it for when I start walking around?"
>> No. 40862766
>I haven't watched since season 2 opener. I escaped early
>> No. 40862767
File 142972508664.png - (159.94KB , 386x372 , 4742.png )
Isnt it a girls name?
>> No. 40862768
File 142972509686.png - (329.17KB , 600x884 , awww___.png )
I didn't sleep. Hi Ben.

Yeah, well, it is. I'm trying to figure out how to undo it, but it's tricky as fuck.

>Because with the amount of people takjing to him, he has no reason to approach someone he doesn't know too much - you gotta start the interaction here!

...Thanks, Anami. You're a charmer as always.

Yep, that's when I got tricked despite my best efforts.

Virginia made a deal with the devil and is now stuck as a piece of parchment.
>> No. 40862769
File 142972509338.png - (266.36KB , 512x369 , vlcsnap-2013-03-05-15h47m15s63.png )
Season 2 wasn't bad though.
>> No. 40862770
File 142972513685.jpg - (94.42KB , 1600x900 , 1371841533_twdclementine1.jpg )
"... That sounds like something from the bad place."
"I'm a god, what do I care?"
>> No. 40862771
File 142972516865.jpg - (90.58KB , 600x750 , CTeASHsD8OJX1EPX6v2CJfUrymrGncDGNA4n1d63u7w.jpg )
Awww at is very sweet.
>She bowed her head again to him, her long black hair flowing.
Might I make you something to eat perhaps, if you would like to talk I can lend an ear.~
>> No. 40862772
File 142972516248.jpg - (155.54KB , 600x800 , eb2bcb0f8c845ba440262f60e69e6b10.jpg )
"Mhm! My family's around all the time!"

"...You need warm milk."
>> No. 40862773
>well in that case said alicorn anthro mare would approach him!

>blank walks over and sits down
"What's got you in the dumps?"
>> No. 40862774
File 142972525689.png - (274.44KB , 577x720 , 2345.png )
Yeah, I guess you have a point there.
>> No. 40862775
>I've learned to live with it. The initial transformation at the end of Season 3 was really poorly handled, but Season 4 did a good job at cleaning up after their mistakes. She struggles with her new body and position, and Discord was not so easily reformed -- it's all basically a game to him, one he ditches as soon as he finds something more amusing.

>He nods
"Yeah, I'll let the waiter know to keep our food away from radishes. Don't want you to have to deal with the swelling."
>> No. 40862776
File 142972530663.jpg - (50.90KB , 256x256 , BURN.jpg )
>Ary grinned as she caught the keys, she leaned over to give Scipio a kiss on the lips and gave everyone a huge hug before going to the driver side again and entering. She ran her hands a long the wheel and gear shaft a bit before turning the car on. She gave the engine a few teasing pushes on the gas just to hear how loud it is. Satisfied she flowered it, burning on in place for a second before going off so fast, then the wind blew Miya and Ida's skirts up
>> No. 40862777
File 142972526501.jpg - (135.41KB , 720x1280 , Smoking.jpg )
"'Sides, I could probably be a gal in the next universe I go to."
"Thanks, Odd."
She gave him a kiss.
>> No. 40862778
>I just couldent be arsed to watch it any more, it introduced me to the fandom and I couldent watch the show afterwards. I like the fandom more now :3
>> No. 40862779
File 142972532094.png - (129.58KB , 475x318 , Watching intently.png )
> She struggles with her new body
And yet at the end of season three, she showed no difficulty with the wings, even flying at the end with no troubles.
>> No. 40862780
"Waddya mean?"
>she gives her a peice of carrot cake
>> No. 40862781
File 142972545251.jpg - (65.33KB , 431x800 , 1245c2fbd78cd647070a45565aa5f487.jpg )
I'd think it'd be safe to get her like. Games. Or tools for computers.

Why not use like. A bunch of nice magic. Yeah. That's the good stuff.
>> No. 40862782
File 142972545129.gif - (723.08KB , 500x430 , AHHHHHHHHHHHHH-.gif )
"... Yeah let's go I dunno anything about video games."
>> No. 40862783
File 142972544468.png - (92.03KB , 264x272 , then i was all like Stick Around!.png )
>Ida and Miya grinned, the engine roared enough to make the birds nesting around Camp Omega flutter off as if disturbed by a crack of lighting, because thats what the car sounded like, like rolling constant thunder.

Hey Val!


We made it loud of enough!

Yes we made it loud enough!

No I mean..nevermind!!

>Scipio giggled as the car peeled out. Both Miya and Ida were giggling themselves into a fit as the bet that it would make their skirts fly. Aryadne's driving skills were no doubt perfect for this machine and it handled just like she wanted.~ In front of her was the straight away from Omega, plenty of open road before the city to hit max speed.

Do you change when you go to new universes?
>> No. 40862784
File 142972547965.png - (64.32KB , 659x711 , i_don`t_get_paid_enough_for_that_by_RIFF.png )
It is.

Nah, I'm not hungry. I however plant to try to drink myself dead.

I'd prefer alcohol.
>> No. 40862785
File 142972551880.png - (295.58KB , 751x1063 , I'm the Nostalgia Critic only backwards.png )
"When I feel like it.

I spent my military service in the Imperium as someone completely different."
"... Should we call them, then?"
>> No. 40862786
>He nods
"And no luck reversing the curse?"

>He kisses her back happily
"I kinda know the struggle myself. A little bit. Got hit in the face with poison ivy as a kid once. Next morning, my face was so swollen I couldn't see. Could barely even breathe."

>Yeah, Season 3 was...problematic. They were struggling to figure out how to do the show without Faust, and the struggle showed.
>> No. 40862787
File 142972558819.jpg - (127.20KB , 930x523 , 8251982872_9195a5d25b_o.jpg )
Oh now thats just not good, you need to find your balance. As much as I shouldnt, I am going to pour you a drink but just enough to teach you a thing or two.~
>She then hummed to herself as she poured him a drink.

Military Service? There are quite a few servicemen around here so you fit in!~
>> No. 40862788
File 142972556379.png - (82.00KB , 550x600 , say_what_by_RIFF.png )
A friend and worker of mine got herself fucked over really bad.

Well, basically because it's incredibly delicate and if one thing gets fucked, she'll die.

I can't risk that and Chaos magic, while powerful, is just not delicate and precise enough.
>> No. 40862789
File 142972560624.png - (242.64KB , 512x369 , vlcsnap-2013-03-05-15h47m37s21.png )
It had like... a couple good episodes... That's really about it.
>> No. 40862790
File 142972569510.jpg - (157.14KB , 850x850 , Ben geared up.jpg )
She happily noms on the cake!

"...I kinda' live here?"

"You can mix them~!"
>> No. 40862791
>I assume you missed me? :3
>> No. 40862792
File 142972568221.gif - (398.34KB , 500x375 , Are you sure it's mine.gif )
"... Nah.

Don't really consider myself a veteran."
"... Oh dear.

Let's just order before this gets too medical, okay?"
>> No. 40862793
File 142972568004.jpg - (44.94KB , 254x594 , 51a7c5690cdad05f0628a44a02302589_large.jpg )
Why is that?
>> No. 40862794
File 142972581221.jpg - (78.07KB , 477x600 , Let them eat lead.jpg )
>Nariko nodded, kicking his butt to make him move and to lead her along!

>Ary took the chance of the open road to swerve left and right, even doing some donuts and burning out before driving towards the city, she was surely giving the two cats in the car a nice ride and grinning the whole time, honking hte horn and making all kinds of giggles and laughs and cheers

A. That's rood.

>Jinx said folding her claw and paw infront of her chest
>> No. 40862795
File 142972572900.jpg - (12.31KB , 133x132 , Da fuck.jpg )
>Sorry, dropping out.
>> No. 40862796
>Thousand nods
"Do you at least know the name of the devil?"

>He chuckles
"Right, sorry."
>> No. 40862797
"Penny for the details?"
>she have him a donut

"Oooh~! Friends are family then? Or quite literally?"
>she smiles and gives her the plate, holding for her like a nice lady
>> No. 40862798
File 142972579565.gif - (0.97MB , 500x276 , Who needs digestion anyway.gif )
He swallows his cigarette.
"Well, mostly because it wasn't such a fun memory.

And while it was longer than the average Imperial Guardsman's, my service was rather shorter than an average soldier's."
He starts walking quickly!
>So they ordered and..?
>> No. 40862799
>And they go to the store or...?
>> No. 40862800
File 142972590059.jpg - (129.00KB , 579x819 , cdce783e3ae578f1c82a43faec24b254.jpg )
Oh my god man.
>Ritsu said to herself as she was rolling around in the back with Val. Valentina herself was calmly making "Woo" noises as she was slid from one side to the other, Ritsu then cheer.
Wooo Diddly whips!

>Scipio was giggled herself but keeping herself deep in her seat her eyes forward as she held onto the door and listened to the engine, feeling the strength of the car turn them about.

This is my best work!
>Exclaimed Scipio, now in front of Ary was an opening street into Canterlot, road blocked off with Civil Protection up and down the street. Ritsu spotted a cafe.

haha! Drive past it!

Ohh I see, why was it so short?
>> No. 40862801
File 142972593917.png - (357.94KB , 500x690 , adventure.png )
"... Soooo, what kinda games are there?"
>> No. 40862802
>Oddly smiles at her
"By the way, have I ever told you how beautiful you look?"
>> No. 40862803
File 142972601282.jpg - (41.17KB , 1024x768 , Yeah that's pretty cool I guess.jpg )
"I survived two months before getting shot.

The average guardsman survives an hour."
"... If I say 'no', will you continue saying that?"
>> No. 40862804
File 142972609813.png - (565.93KB , 670x1060 , I made a bad thing and a mess.png )

They'd just try to take her away and poke and prod it. And most likely kill her in the process.

None so far.

Ugggghhhhh. IT's hard. Really hard. Can't make any bad moves.

>Varmus deadpanned.