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Jan 30It's happening. [Thread]

File 136051490534.png - (4.27KB , 200x200 , final submissions.png )
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Final submissions must be posted in this thread in order to be judged! Please be certain that you have have no further changes to implement, and that this is your absolute final version, so that the thread wouldn't be cluttered.
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>> No. 407
File 136277706981.png - (56.84KB , 193x236 , It'll be alright.png )
I think the most fitting word for the situation is 'disarray'. Stay tuned!

File 136051493119.css - (1.40KB , colgate.css )
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Test style on this page
Test style on front page

NOTICE: The final submission date has been extended to February 26th due to the missing day on server downtime and on account that the Ponychan staff will likely be busy until the issues have been completely swept away.

NOTICE2: All images from Derpy will likely cease working for an unknown amount of time, so if any of your images are on it, please reupload!

Let the contest begin! To get started easily, download the Colgate theme attached to this post, and start tweaking. You probably noticed the test links above – these let you test any theme without downloading it or needing a browser plugin, so providing feedback to the designers should be simple.

Feel free to start your own thread to discuss your theme, post works in progress, and get comments from other people. If you need a place to host images, you can post them in this thread and link to them in your CSS file.

Good luck, everyone!

  • Each entry must be named after one of the main or secondary characters from the show.
  • The submission deadline is 23rd of February at precisely 10:00 PM GMT.
  • Final submissions should be posted in >>2, with the following information:
    1. The name of the theme.
    2. Either your name, or the name you want us to give credit to if you're one of the winners.
    3. The entry as a CSS file, which can be uploaded the same way as an image. Except for images, the theme must be self-contained in a single CSS file.
    4. If you started a discussion thread for your theme, provide a link to it (so the staff can read over the comments).
  • Once the submission period is over, the site's staff will try out the themes, read over the comments from other posters, and decide on the winners.
  • Winners will be chosen from these categories:
    3 characters from the Main Six (including Spike), and 3 secondary characters that have not yet been submitted (this obviously doesn't apply to the Main Six themes as well; we will not be replacing any theme.)
  • The winning themes will be announced on the news page
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>> No. 233
File 136163214052.png - (198.42KB , 650x768 , Sweetie Belle - Alway wear your Seatie Belt.png )
Unfortunately, we don't have any do we? so I may not be of much help here. However, I do know that Colgate, Rainbow Dash, Nightmare Moon and Applejack are used by a lot of people. I personally use Fluttereyes, for example.

File 136051488709.png - (115.21KB , 480x700 , tnehtimyllaertonmi.png )
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This thread is for temporary image hosting. If your theme wins, it will be hosted permanently on PonyChan itself!
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>> No. 75
File 136118097609.png - (10.03KB , 69x100 , bmac.png )

File 142689039718.jpg - (152.64KB , 500x450 , 82333 - cat kittehfied pixiv twilight_sparkle.jpg )
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New thread
>> No. 421
whooo, nice 420 GET
>> No. 422
File 142689081005.png - (174.09KB , 1280x1057 , berry_punch_at_the_bar_by_artpwny-d5tvr9l.png )
I thought this board was locked.

Or wait? They can't actually lock boards any longer, can they?
>> No. 423
File 142689082864.jpg - (66.63KB , 892x892 , berry_punch_drink_by_mysticalpha-d5ltmmx.jpg )
Blaze it.

File 136159395459.png - (85.66KB , 554x426 , 1310681752244.png )
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Scootaloo tiem
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>> No. 364
File 136185645979.css - (2.02KB , Scootaloo thing.css )
Test style on this page
Test style on front page

>> No. 415
File 137591300034.css - (3.66KB , Celestia.css )
Test style on this page
Test style on front page

>> No. 419
File 137592537704.css - (4.08KB , Celestia.css )
Test style on this page
Test style on front page

File 136104537400.png - (285.98KB , 900x1075 , gilda_portrait_by_emberfiremane-d5i5r71.png )
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Was already working on a gilda theme just because...
but hey look a theme contest. might as well enter
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>> No. 304
This is my favorite theme so far.

My only (minor) complaint is Gilda at the bottom right, but that's just me generally disliking characters in the background all the time

Last edited at Sun, Feb 24th, 2013 20:34

>> No. 405
Great job!
>> No. 408
File 136283460958.png - (760.73KB , 1527x1698 , shy small.png )
Thank you both very much..

File 136158783345.png - (10.03KB , 69x100 , bmac.png )
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>> No. 294
File 136171373228.css - (5.47KB , bigmcd.css )
Test style on this page
Test style on front page

-hide threads cleaner look.
-completely reworked links for slight visual improvement.
-watched thread notification number now 'breaths.'

Last edited at Sun, Feb 24th, 2013 06:47

>> No. 404
I really like this theme!
>> No. 406
File 136238507929.png - (57.53KB , 490x758 , fluer_de_lis__eyes_closed__by_lockersnap-d54srb3.png )
thanks i appreciate it.

File 136192199958.jpg - (58.27KB , 850x709 , 131129799133.jpg )
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The theme contest is now (well technically a little bit ago) over! Thanks to everybody who participated! We'll give you the results of the winners in around a week, and from there we'll add the themes in the following days - we'll be reconfiguring the Settings menu to accommodate the extra themes around the same time.

While we all wait for the results, I've a favor to ask the submitters. Ponychan is looking for one other small task: We need CSS for new ban pages, which will become the message, warning and ban systems. I'll be posting the three rough drafts; we're not exactly artists, and we don't believe we can do the messages justice. Beyond the obvious, the cutie-mark at the bottom right needs to vary between mods (the files can be found on /chan/css/images/mods/modname), and the "Moderator" part needs to vary (faithful moderator/faithful admin). When I say "rough drafts" I really mean it - if you have an idea for it, shoot! Besides the cutie-marks being different for each post, small what-ifs about having the pages themselves customized depending on the mod have also arisen, so if you're really that bored, you can try figuring that one out too!

If you have any question, ask here! We'll handle the coding part, but we just need the CSS - if you possibly need ids that you believe already exist/need to exist by our hands, please just write a temporary label, and describe it in the post.
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>> No. 397
File 136198776138.jpg - (50.91KB , 395x568 , 3qfzt0.jpg )

As I understand you're in the proccess of "educating" my rather daft HTML.

That'd be right? :)
>> No. 401
File 136212972835.png - (601.62KB , 572x707 , 132427901264.png )
I wonder if I'll ever see any of these for real
>> No. 403
File 136232169199.png - (24.12KB , 145x183 , Skærmbillede 2011-05-27 kl_ 12_32_48.png )
Perhaps if you ask "nicely"?

File 136187002493.png - (30.52KB , 138x225 , 131844887925.png )
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Ok, so the contest is almost over. Apart from wishing all of you good luck I have a question.

What sort of tools have you been using to do the CSS?

Personally I use Sublime text 2 ( for the editing. It's a pretty awesome editor. Sorta like notepad++..

And then the web tools in Chrome and Firefox for figuring out how to attack different elements.

Do you all use text editors or do you have something more "advanced"?
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>> No. 378
Oh I know what you mean, I was kind of the same when I started studying web design about a year ago. But I quickly came to prefer coding since I'm kind of a tech nerd like that (I feel more at home and comfortable with absolutes, like actual numbers for health in video games rather than some arbitrary meter or the obnoxious bloody screen).

In terms of coding it works nicely. It gives a lot of suggestions and guesses about what you're going to do next and of course it color codes everything for simplicity like css being in pink (the property being in dark blue and the value being in light blue), etc.

It's very user friendly in my opinion, for either code view or their design view ("what you see is what you get"). I still have to keep mentioning design view is clunky at times because for something large and general like choosing the background colors I used it works beautifully, you'll know if you changed a color or not. But specific things like exact margins and padding, rounded corners, etc, well then its best to preview everything in a browser.

Also dreamweaver has ftp options so actually uploading your files to a server is pretty damn easy. It also works well on either Windows or Mac's, though from my experience (w7 at home, osx at college classroom) it works better on Mac's so it might be a viable option for you.
>> No. 379
Nuh uh. I didn't. It also kinda helped in a way as if I missed something it'd be bright blue.
>> No. 384
For the small amount of stuff I do (1 semi-retarded webpage and 1 wordpress-site, none of which are online) it might be a bit overkill. But I might just install it at some point anyway to try it out. I like auto-completion features. Sublime text also has that + suggestions. But seeing as Dreamweaver is a "real" Web-tool it might do it better.

I see.. Maybe I should have a closer look at it. Because if I could fix it to work in Stylish I could probably release my theme on the userstyle webpage if it doesn't win a spot here.

File 136160637008.png - (135.20KB , 433x700 , discordbg.png )
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I'll just put this here.
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>> No. 355
File 136183145018.css - (12.94KB , test.css )
Test style on this page
Test style on front page

>Two small changes.
>> No. 357
File 136183305236.css - (12.89KB , test.css )
Test style on this page
Test style on front page

>> No. 358
File 136183373564.css - (13.33KB , test.css )
Test style on this page
Test style on front page

Last upload.
>I think.

File 136119130389.png - (11.59KB , 793x400 , swirls.png )
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So, I'm toying with the idea of tossing my hat in, making yet another theme of a character that's had less than 10 seconds screen time. Which colour combo looks the best?
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>> No. 85
Based off the color selection, the little graphic image inside the colors, your hint about screen time, and the file name "swirls"....I think I know who you're working on. If I'm right, I'm thinking the very top left one, and either the bottom right or the one to it's left (two more purplish ones). One of those with the top left.

The purplish ones match her mane while I think the top left is close enough to her body color just by eye balling it to pics of her I brought up on google.
>> No. 166
File 136154554111.png - (1.75KB , 366x171 , _20130222_070554.png )
Ahh, designer's block, how I despise thee so. 8 hours before the deadline, half of which Ponychan will probably be down for (lol Cloudflare), and I've naught but a tileable background to call my own.

>> No. 303
File 136175394422.png - (151.89KB , 388x440 , 131165441480.png )
There's still some more time - as the sticky says, extended to the 26th!

File 136099895026.png - (197.59KB , 900x818 , flim_flam_brothers_revector_by_kna-d4q9xyj.png )
41 No. 41 [View]
Flim: Well brother I say, this place seems a little glum.

Flam: I agree brother. What's say we liven it up, with our marvelous super speedy style sheety 6000?
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>> No. 284
File 136168177813.jpg - (89.07KB , 1261x411 , Capture.jpg )
Good suggestion, already tried it though. The problem being that all those divs aren't touching with each other so you end up with a lot of gaps and white space between each element instead of one nice solid block. Here's a pic to show you what I mean.

That's with a background behind the img too. I really don't like that, it just feels sloppy to me, and from what I can gather there's no other way to surround it all without doing it for the whole thread. I would need to surround the thing in an entirely new div and I'm pretty sure we are only making css files, not messing with the HTML.
>> No. 290
maybe you could adjust the padding and margins some way to make them fit together?
>> No. 291
File 136169244862.jpg - (64.81KB , 1261x268 , Capture.jpg )
Well I did manage to make it fit using that suggestion, but I gotta say I'm real uneasy about this convoluted mess. I'm really worried that things will go completely haywire based off other users screen resolutions, especially if we move into tablet territory, and I sure as hell am not messing with "@media screen" for the contest (that's my upcoming Web Design 2 midterm so I'm saving media query headaches for that).

If it really is bothersome having text over the white and blue I may just put a background behind the entire thing because I'm nervous about this fix.

Pic is how it looks now with the padding and margin, and below is the code itself.

.thread > blockquote {

File 136090328782.png - (332.30KB , 800x800 , tumblr_mdch97pL1t1r7dguvo1_1280.png )
23 No. 23 [View]
Alright gonna give mine a shot. The theme I'm working on (right now anyway, might do more) is a Crystal Rarity theme. I appreciate any comments and suggestions you guys give.
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>> No. 160
Have you considered adding a small amount of opacity to the reply boxes? The solid blue-grey boxes they are now might benefit.

td.reply {
opacity: 0.8;}
>> No. 163
File 136153641260.png - (13.31KB , 462x171 , (0) Theme Contest_20130222_052726.png )
p.s. you could probably use line-height and text-indent together to better manage the textarea's image than simple padding. this was done with text-indent 5.5em and line-height 155%.
>> No. 259
So now that this is all working again (great job Sweetie Belle and ponychan staff)...

Both just artistic choices I made, though if you think they look better with an opacity and a line height and indent I can do that.

That being said the indent is fine but I am not a fan of that line height, it adds a bit to much white space while typing for my taste. And as for the background opacity, it's not terrible, but it does mesh a tiny bit with the other backgrounds already there.

I don't mind changing it, I'm just hoping for some more input from others before I make the change.

Also slightly related note, the opacity rule affects everything including font. To get only background opacity the background color needs to be in rgba format. :P

File 136158001521.gif - (390.85KB , 500x638 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-taste-like-time-and-space.gif )
167 No. 167 [View]
A little test to see if this board is working at all. I can make a new thread and even reply in the meta board but so far replying doesn't work here for some reason, so I'm seeing if making a new thread works at all.
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>> No. 172
File 136159136523.png - (172.59KB , 640x400 , sides.png )
>> No. 218
File 136162519124.png - (219.92KB , 643x581 , Sweetie Belle - Run Away.png )
Did you really think I wouldn't have made sure we had this board too? ♥
>> No. 258
File 136165734649.jpg - (60.92KB , 1000x562 , 133675698680.jpg )
Veggie salad? ie a problem that just runs away from your control? Either way seems like you averted that issue. Great work. That's our Sweetie Belle!

File 136159646949.gif - (0.98MB , 500x281 , computer going crazy.gif )
173 No. 173 [View]
While i don't know anything about CSS i CAN do this (there will probably be errors in terminology but whatever)...

Raise this chan raise this chan~
Together we can raise this chan~

Get on up, make those themes~
Reds and yellows blues and greens~
hurry up now don't be too slow~
open that software here we go~
>> No. 174
i really like this

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