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Hey guys please support my stream

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Anyone one know good dub step here?
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Well I got the next best thing
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fucking gross

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  This one is from Lil Dicky
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  MC Chris

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So here I have a soundcloud page, but I haven't shared it on this site. Time to fix that

As indicated, I don't really fall under a specific genre. My goal is to compose music for video games, but whether my music falls under that category is up to interpretation :P

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 23:30

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I am never really on /Vinyl/, but I do a lot of art on /Oat/ so please check out my Friends Music video that would be swagy.

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Well, that was certainly a thing.

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Elicoor mentioned this on /oat/ a while ago and I found these documents interesting especially considering the Manson angle of Beware.

It looks like the Process Church of Final Judgement has a lot to do with Death Grip's lyrics. Here's a rare pdf of their beliefs.

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  What is your favorite Pink Floyd album, /vinyl/?
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>The Wall
>the most obvious choice
>> No. 20897
I said "one of"
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Wish You Were Here and Animals. Obscured by Clouds and Dark Side of the Moon are pretty good as well though Dark Side is pretty overrated imo. I just couldn't quite get into Piper and Meddle though I liked them. I guess Wish You Were Here is partly nostalgia for me, I have a lot of good high school memories tied to that album.
The movie was pretty fucking neato though.

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  What's your kind of Grunge?
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File 140228535921.jpg - (5.30KB , 226x223 , download (38).jpg )
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  This was the greatest EP ever recorded. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

(Also, Bleach was Nirvana's best album, hands-down.)

Last edited at Fri, Jun 13th, 2014 13:59

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  Melvins, accept no substitute.

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  Favorite rap/hip hop albums?

I fuckin love Mm..Food

I didn't look to see if there were any other threads like this because I'm a self-centered white male. Fight me irl and then direct me to a parent thread.
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Judging from that n/a
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  >no one spazzing out about niggas on the moon

you fags are lame.

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Metal...all kinds...

Listening to ambient and drone, atm.
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File 141133649592.jpg - (33.84KB , 500x375 , Dark+Tranquillity.jpg )
One of my favorite bands anyway so...
>> No. 21194
One of my favorite bands anyway... I love metal
>> No. 21195
File 141133671391.jpg - (7.79KB , 300x168 , jjjj.jpg )
as in Dark tranquility?

File 140180232293.gif - (460.38KB , 450x500 , 1938_0466.gif )
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Apparently, Die Antwoord built the opening song on their new album on Aphex Twin's Ageispolis.
Aaaand tons of people are butthurt.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014 06:33

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File 140214975742.jpg - (29.53KB , 216x320 , zippy the pinhead.jpg )
Oh fuckshibbles! One avant-garde artist referenced another avant-garde artist.

The Horror.
>> No. 20858
File 140218067525.jpg - (28.84KB , 402x720 , 1401804498721.jpg )
are you sure?
>> No. 20862
yeah they toured with him back in 2010
wouldn't really call die antwoord avant-garde

File 140205477065.png - (211.46KB , 627x375 , AV.png )
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Aseptic Void - Compagni di Giochi

#psychodrama #ambient #clinical #isolationism

File 140157603927.jpg - (330.44KB , 800x725 , 1290992157_silver-ruby_camdensketc.jpg )
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Why are military anthems from beyond the Iron Curtain so hilariously theatrical? I've had a pal tell me that its because Russian stuff, especially, is High Opera.
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>> No. 20840
File 140166785971.jpg - (54.83KB , 490x485 , 140097346135.jpg )
You say that like it is a bad thing. American anthems have their own style and fire to them that holds similarities to many European marches, but still holds itself as something distinct and sets it apart.

It's like you don't' know Mr. Sousa. I sense bias.
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Vausten, I'm shocked you would ever suggest such a thing.
>> No. 20844
I'm shocked that you suck penis

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  Currently working on some pony remixes but only have a couple mashups at the moment.

Last edited at Mon, May 26th, 2014 19:31

File 139360456955.jpg - (81.22KB , 900x757 , 1392054033397.jpg )
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Any Dreampop fans?

Autumn's Grey Solace
Asobi Seksu
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  Sea Oleena is the shit.

Check her bandcamp, all of her shit is pay what you want. It's amazing.

The album Sleeplessness is amazing on so many levels.
>> No. 20433
That is so awesome; I'm picking up everything she has!
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I really like Blonde Redhead.
Not sure if that counts...

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