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>> No. 20670
File 139784355975.jpg - (49.61KB , 688x415 , wutang.jpg )
>Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with.
>Beautiful almost brought a tear to me eye. But when was it best? A lot of it is shit nowadays.

>> No. 20671
Eh, it's a genre that's still thriving.

I'm gonna side with thatguy on this one:>>20659

Punk won't exist like we knew it, and maybe that's for the best. But punk will never stay dead. Always rising homey, we're always rising.
>> No. 20819
Punk rock is a state of mind.

File 140038654277.jpg - (52.33KB , 700x477 , car_faec.jpg )
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rate my nightcore channel

what do you think of ?

how does it make you feel musically?

I find it to be moderately pretty cool
but you are free to observe other personal emotions
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>> No. 20804
Night core Swag
>> No. 20814
Nightcore is cool, but this stuff isn't what I'm used to! It's good though.
>> No. 20815
>all of these one-off posters that actually like nightcore

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  Because this place is /mu/lite right?

File 139857119293.jpg - (32.70KB , 530x353 , dj rashad.jpg )
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RIP Rashad


Last edited at Sat, Apr 26th, 2014 21:00

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>> No. 20754
blood clot

lot of us woulda assume that shit was lean like Pimp C

if you had to pin a cause of death on substance, then that'd prolly been cigarettes, blood clots are more common in smokers
>> No. 20756
i thought it was codeine

either way he was not in good condition as of last year
>> No. 20758
Oh. last report I'd read said it was a suspected OD.

File 139902147757.png - (169.66KB , 1095x730 , rainbow_dash__lead_guitar_by_reversalx-d5ibu66.png )
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a little piece of my strange music ^__^

Last edited at Mon, May 5th, 2014 03:12

>> No. 20753
File 139906045813.png - (87.82KB , 413x247 , asl.png )
First track just sounds like a bunch of bro-step drops strung together with some basic beats and some guitar lines. I'll give it a 4/10

The second track is more...listenable. It sounds really basic though. It's not bad, but at the same time it's kinda like anything else I could hear on Beatport on youtube. I'll give it a 5/10. Generic but not too bad. It sounds at home in a cheesy 90s cyberpunk movie.

The third track starts off nice enough. Sounds like something I'd hear in an indie game. It works well as kinda background-y stuff. It gets boring after a while though. The second half does nothing to stop it from being boring. I'd say...5.5/10

Fourth track...I think you're relying too much on that distorted synth. It comes across as too cheesy to me. All in all the track seems a bit too cluttered with all these sounds. They're not really meshing well. Strip the track of so many sounds and you'd have a nice minimal track. The mid-point is kinda grating after a while. The ending brings that cluttered sound back into the forefront, it's bad and kinda grating. 4/10

Fifth song...the intro is just urrrrgh. It's...just...everything is just so harsh and angular and not in a fun way. The klaxon synths don't help either. After that it becomes more listenable. It reminds me of something Darude would do. Then the end just kinda feels like you condensed the song into a minute. It feels a bit copy pasted. I'd say it's a 4/10. Cut the klaxon and it'd be a 5.

Sixth track...kinda sounds like a lot of your other tracks really. It goes for a sort of driving Darude influenced melody/beat. In fact on some of your better tracks you seem to be...not quite cribbing off of his stuff, but it's like you listened to his stuff and said "yeah, I want my music to sound like this". This track gets a 5/10.
>> No. 20755
Wow. Well.. Thanks for listening! All this tracks are very old ones from 2001 to.. hmm.. 2008-2010.. These times I had only 5$ headphones, made in china and only AC97 souncard. lol. In original tracks sound even worse) I've just tried to improve sound a little and remix them. There is at least 9 more I want to complete. And forget. All this for history that I don't want to throw away. Next album I work now in parallel is a different rock/metal electronic mix with female clean/guttural vocals. And after that I planned some sega chiptune playing live with guitar on local events. Something like Danimal Cannon or Norrin Radd. Maybe with vocals and bass.
P.S. I know Darude but never listened to him :D We are so similar? Maybe he starts like me)
P.S.S. I make music not for money. From now and forever. I don't need extra money.

Last edited at Sat, May 3rd, 2014 01:05

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  I'm just gonna leave this here.

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file 138660490691jpg
>> No. 20650
lelwhut? whut r u doing OP? OP stahp.

File 139705143550.jpg - (118.91KB , 950x344 , bcrich-trace.jpg )
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Any guitarists on ponychan? Pic related

My B.C. Rich Warbeast Trace.
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>> No. 20641
I play. I have a Dean knock-off Super Strat. It's got two humbuckers instead of three single coil pick-ups though.

It's a sweet beast. Heavy as fuck though, weight wise. Sound wise it's pretty rich and kinda more ethereal when amped. I have to push the distortion waaaaaaaay high to get a good rock sound.
>> No. 20645
File 139725313563.jpg - (104.78KB , 1280x960 , 1.jpg )
I've played guitar for a long time though I don't feel I'm all too great. I've played guitar for a local alt rock band and bass for a punk band.
>> No. 20647
I'm a horrible person who went to lessons for a few years but never learned to play anything much more than "Let It Be" half-heartedly.
I gained three guitars in the process, one of them an unfinished (not glossy) Cordoba classical guitar, one of them a Yamaha F200-something (cheap but not too cheap) and an incredibly cheap, generic electric guitar that I broke the whammy bar in the first day.
And when I say generic, I mean generic.
There wasn't a brand label to be seen.

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Any good J-Rock suggestions?
>> No. 20590
B'z. Definitely B'z.

Maybe Monkey Majik if you're into pop rock.
>> No. 20592
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  The Pillows. You cannot go wrong with The Pillows.

Also Asian Kung-Fu Generation is pretty good for what they are.

Oh and also Shonen Knife. They are love and life.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 2nd, 2014 13:08

>> No. 20599
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>You cannot go wrong with The Pillows.
Pretty much.

File 139546245270.jpg - (39.54KB , 550x786 , humboldt-ragtime-band.jpg )
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recently I was watching Galaxyart stream some drawing of art and he was playing some ragtime music so /vinyl/ can you help me find some good stuff of said genre/style?
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>> No. 20563
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You'd be looking for groups who specialize in Dixie-style and New Orleans jazz. Rags make up a lot of that repertoire.

Also, pre-Swing in general.
>> No. 20564
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  One mustn't forget the only authentic Ragtime Opera ever composed - by Joplin himself.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 30th, 2014 23:35

>> No. 20565
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  And I gotta stump for my old classmate, Drew.

File 139603610940.png - (19.25KB , 143x190 , bloodshot.png )
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Because why not, ya /mu/tants. <- Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan <- Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice <- Sigur Rós - Starálfur <- Sigur Rós - Popplagið
>> No. 20550
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  3rd wave = worst wave
And second wave was too hermetic to call it a genre.
So I'll be posting first wave.

Are you trying to insult me?
>> No. 20552
>are you trying to insult me?
No. Not really. I was just kidding around.
>> No. 20562
2nd wave > 1st wave >> 3rd wave

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  He's the King of Pop, Why doesn't he get a thread?
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>> No. 20542
>implying either of those artists are bad

Sure Prince is a crazy fuck right now, but he had some good albums, like Purple Rain. Also don't go hating on James Brown, that guy was brilliant. Sure he had some personal issues and that spousal abuse shit wasn't cool, but musically he was great.

>> No. 20543
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Prince was a great artist, James Brown however got a parody from Weird Al.
>> No. 20551
>James Brown however got a parody from Weird Al
So did Michael Jackson. What point are you trying to make here?

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  It's called Christmas Island and here's the track they released for it.

>> No. 20544
>not People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People
not interested.

File 139522709228.jpg - (7.23KB , 225x225 , Recess.jpg )
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What does /vinyl/ think of the new Skrillex album?
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>> No. 20523
>not reading the subtext

he means that by not even listening to the new album that you're judging it just like some one who is squeamish about blood and gore judging a George Romero film before even seeing it.
>> No. 20534
>i'll be honest, skrillex has some really good potential that he just does not take advantage of
Yup. He's pretty good at sampling, and some stuff is even catchy (like the main melody in Scary Monsters etc), but in the end pretty much everything gets drowned in crappy brostep distortionwubz.

I gave 5 songs a listen on yt, and it's pretty much what I expected. Which was, well, crap, yeah. Stranger had some potential, but the synths were AWFUL. Coast Is Clear was a bit different. ~160bpm and the beat gave it a DnB-ish feel, and it was almost pleasant to listen to. The rest was simply bad; the generic beats, the wubz that got boring after the first song with them had been created, the composition.
It's not worth listening to, I'd say.
>> No. 20537
I'm saying that that's not an accurate metaphor because it implies that I have some inability to judge skrillex's music, like being squeamish for George Romero films. I can judge Skrillex's music fine. And I didn't actually judge the album, I just said Skrillex in general is terrible, though I don't have a reason to believe that this album would be different.

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