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1910s music sounds so weird nowadays. I can't imagine how music will evolve by even 2080. Non-stop dubstep and techno?
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  Or is this more what you meant?

And again, how is this "so weird?"
>> No. 20505
File 139499392565.jpg - (31.42KB , 461x131 , 1910=music started.jpg )
but guys, music started in 1910

File 139449959001.jpg - (15.58KB , 200x200 , human_vinyl_scratch_face_by_johnjoseco-d48itm1.jpg )
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I'm a complete hardstyle n00b (I literally ONLY know Headhunterz and Wildstylez) but I'm really fascinated by it. What does /vinyl/ recommend? (related genres like hard trance and gabber are fine too, I don't know them at all.
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>> No. 20487
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Hardstyle is commonly associated with Jumpstyle.

Which is... literally just jumping around to the beat.
>> No. 20489
Ignore gabber completely, and listen to Tiësto's Magik series for trance.

That's all that I can recommend, really. Trance is something that I want to get into more, but I want to keep my credibility around music nerds and don't know any good starting points for albums that aren't completely pleb-tier.

also hardstyle is terrible but don't let a hiding oldfag like me tell you what not to listen to
>> No. 20490
>that strikethrough
I meant to spoiler that last bit, BTW.

File 139351302228.jpg - (74.96KB , 580x464 , TheMarsVolta-580x464.jpg )
20418 No. 20418 [View]
The Mars Volta, the only band I know of with their own point and click adventure.

I know I keep posting about them I'll stop but I can't stop listening to them since they broke up, I can't get enough of their Unreleased material.
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>> No. 20477
File 139440604859.png - (160.01KB , 1280x1087 , derpy_hooves_by_makintosh91-d4rnoom.png )
I can get really good acid where I am now where's my Zaireeka on vinyl? Lol. Don't drop it personally but friend of a friend now permanently thinks he's a glass of O.J.
>> No. 20482
he probably took way more than you're supposed to, one drop is enough to get you fucked for at least a quarter of a day
>> No. 20486
Yep point is epic story. But seriously in my area we have intense acid hookups. Like rave culture is really big here LSD Molly u can get really cheap liquid acid idk where I'm going with this I don't do either lol.

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  Weird but catchy music. Post away.
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>> No. 20442
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  i like osamu sato
>> No. 20444
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>> No. 20458
I cannot get enough of this song.
A lot of the songs on Filth are awesome

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someone would be kind enough to tell me how is called the song that starts from the second 53?

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  Remember when music was good? 1980s Remembers.
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File 139341135659.jpg - (55.50KB , 550x412 , g1351637165909712348.jpg )
1980's also want's it's hair metal back. Not Weird Al tho we can keep him :)

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File 139344167060.png - (243.37KB , 500x500 , the girl at the bottom right is more kawaii than any of mein's waifus.png )
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>> No. 20445
>that file name

Seriously, though.
That album art is creeping me out.

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  Anypony else enjoy Mr. Scruff?
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>> No. 20367
File 139269842766.png - (335.68KB , 588x244 , pierro.png )
>> No. 20385
Shut up.>>20367
>> No. 20395
I see what you did there.

File 139306398603.png - (142.84KB , 640x480 , nightleaf_00001.png )
20386 No. 20386 [View] Love listening to this type of music as i read...any other bandslike this one? prefer no vocals.
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>> No. 20388
Listened to one of Mount Fuji's albums last was kinda sparse...but i will check those other ones out for sure thanks!
>> No. 20391
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  I know Bowie normally defies all labels, but could this track be classified as Doom Jazz? It differs dramatically from the rest of the album.
>> No. 20394
Mt. Fuji is more drone-ish. But closer to Bohren-style doom jazz than its sister project, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

File 139251166176.jpg - (67.90KB , 960x724 , 1497110_760336673995227_250447168_n.jpg )
20349 No. 20349 [View]
So, long story short, we lost our local record store to fire and resulting water damage a couple weeks ago. They just had a literal fire sale this weekend and I've decided to share the last batch of albums I bought as I digitize them. I'm not even going to clean them up, just leave them in their poppy, waterlogged, smoke-encrusted glory.

RIP Endless Records (and Hats)
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>> No. 20366
File 139267537981.jpg - (173.89KB , 900x884 , 137722602225.jpg )
Mediafire is being a bitch right now, otherwise I'd be uploading more albums.

Stairway to the Sea, Amen, Take the Money and Run, and Dueling Bongos, in that order.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 17th, 2014 15:18

>> No. 20389
File 139308802640.jpg - (1.38MB , 1791x1837 , Back On Broadway front 50.jpg )
Sammy Davis Jr - Back On Broadway
>1965, lounge, pop

These days, most people know him in the context of Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack, and it's easy to forget Sammy Davis Jr. was just as big a star in his own right - with his own variety show, even! I love this album as a perfect example of the blend of Vegas swing, pop, and soul that Davis brought to his performances in an era that - very obviously - far predates any notion of "pitch correction". Claus Ogerman's arrangements fit wonderfully with Davis' delivery, particularly on The Joker, Sunrise, Sunset and Hello Dolly.
>> No. 20390
File 139308875682.jpg - (64.17KB , 655x655 , VH album.jpg )
Nathaniel Shilkret and the Victor Salon Orchestra - The Music of Victor Herbert (vol II)
>1939, opera, old as dirt, 12-inch 78s

I actually passed on buying this album when I first found it at the shop since Volume I was missing, but when I saw it had survived the fire and hoses I had a massive pang of guilt and had to buy it. Victor Herbert is nowhere near as big a name in the public mind as he once was, but during his heyday he was the top composer of light opera in the US. This collection compiles the themes from his best-loved shows - from Naughty Marietta (Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life!) to Babes In Toyland - into succinct operatic medleys expertly performed by the Victor Salon Group's vocal talent.

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File 135974163917.jpg - (143.00KB , 849x816 , Inky_Pie Socks Detext_Crop.jpg )
16394 No. 16394 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Anyone have any cool ambient or drone or even noise albums or artists they care to share?

Bonus points for not the same old Helios, Merzbow, or Hanatarash releases that get posted a lot.

As for ambient, I know a few good websites:

Here's an interesting noise/power electronics bandcamp:
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>> No. 19105
File 137567090668.png - (230.29KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mfrxxkirdP1reol70o1_1280.png )
Haven't posted in a while so here's a big post of stuff:

Justin Walter - Lullabies and Nightmares
>electronic, ambient, electronic valve instrument!3dJW0I4J!Ub02TTkNxujWOMU1MA8UjDrGFE1YuOSKn1Ksgmupvto

Skyline - drone
>ambient, drone, atmospheric!fJs3QYzC!OJY2DVapum1J8ifxsqV4eVE_s-gnsulSSZ6ZL6A1MVg
>> No. 19176
>Textures, drone, field recordings
>> No. 20384
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  >noise rock, experimental
>lightning bolt

File 139286792240.jpg - (226.60KB , 1920x1080 , Abyssal Mint.jpg )
20375 No. 20375 [View]
Any hardstyle fans in here? Best new-style hardstyle I've heard from this fandom, this guy deserves more attention. The track is free too!
>> No. 20376

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>> No. 20373
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File 139250937622.gif - (653.95KB , 267x403 , a-a-ano.gif )
20347 No. 20347 [View]
Since it's fashionable to make one of these threads when you start posting shit, here's my go at it. Ideas are bound to be underdeveloped, so feel free to call me a feg,
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>> No. 20354
I like it. It's got a dark and aggressive sound.

I might give the drums a more heavy hit, but that's me thinking of it like some kinda dark DnB track. I like how rough and mean it sounds though. With those drums amped up and made more sharp, it'd be that kinda track where you're both dancing and wanting someone to get in the way of your dancing so you can just punch some motherfucker.

I like the vibe a lot.
>> No. 20363
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  Can I YouTube?
>> No. 20365
File 139267380125.jpg - (30.09KB , 572x470 , MG0.jpg )
No, I don't think you can, actually...

File 139215945677.png - (39.94KB , 163x191 , Screenshot_18.png )
20330 No. 20330 [View]
Specially if you're waiting another great album from that band and suddenly, dead.

If anyone cares, Benjamin Curtis from School of Seven Bells died on December and really got me down, loved his music so much
>> No. 20331
I remember a few years ago, when I was in a terrible mental state and additionally overwhelmed with exams etc., I heard that Rick Wright had died.
I think I was close to sit and cry.
>> No. 20333
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  †Sen Juba†
†Adam Youch†
†Lisa Lopes†
†Anthony Benedetto†

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