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It's funny how things change so quickly. 6 years ago Avril's Girlfriend got 100K views and that was big news. People were all butthurt and it was amazing it got so many views.

I looked at it now and it has less than 300K. That feels like babyshit nowadays. Popular songs can get 100K - 200K easily
>> No. 20329
File 139200321848.png - (136.13KB , 358x311 , 1346038897915.png )
6 years ago? As in 2008? 100k was not that big of a deal in 2008. Maybe in 2006 but not in 2008.

File 139173722433.png - (925.36KB , 806x1024 , WubzinSkurji.png )
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>> No. 20317
this is a joke right
>> No. 20318
Even if it is, it's still horrible. Somebody please autosage this.
>> No. 20319
afk, shooting myself

File 138712393922.png - (17.18KB , 126x175 , 94340645.png )
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Let's do this.
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>> No. 20132
they had a bomb as fuck album last year
>> No. 20159
>> No. 20308
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  Slowdive apparently had some techno on the bonus disc of Souvlaki

File 138640145591.jpg - (37.10KB , 640x360 , pleased applejack.jpg )
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Ok, I need ya'll to recommend some metal bands for me, I can't seem to find anything good so, obviously the next stop is /vinyl/

Note* Plus points for bands that are fond of badass guitar solos
Note 2* Anything but death/black metal, I wan't to feel like i'm listening to metal, not summoning satan...
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>> No. 20137
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  does this count as metal guize?
>> No. 20305
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I know this is months later but I've found the perfect song to describe your predicament.
>> No. 20307
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Deathklok is Love. It's every genre of metal at once.

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  chiptune is perfect
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>> No. 20300
VVVVVV was well put-together.
It's not my favorite game of all time, but the music, visuals, storyline, and gameplay were all pretty good and meshed really well.
>> No. 20301
>dat e-mail
>> No. 20303
File 139166449299.png - (259.48KB , 567x303 , mah nigga.png )
Yeah, I liked it a lot, especially since I went in wanting to hate it.

>dat email
>pic related

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>> No. 20263
File 139105890062.jpg - (16.80KB , 280x287 , 545725.jpg )
American Folk Songs For Children (1953):
>> No. 20264
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>> No. 20265
Fuck...that's seriously sad. Well, he lived one full ass life. 94 is a really nice age. Still I'm gonna miss him. I remember hearing his stuff when I was just a kid. Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie were the soundtrack to my childhood.

RIP Pete, may the struggle continue on.

This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces it to Surrender.

File 139091960241.jpg - (26.69KB , 366x480 , gaga.jpg )
20245 No. 20245 [View]
ITT: Post albums to kill yourself to.

I'm making a collection.
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>> No. 20254
File 139096106702.jpg - (2.77MB , 1500x1500 , vitamin dick.jpg )
oh if we're doing it that way
>> No. 20255
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Oh man...

This is some of the worst music ever. This awful.
>> No. 20259
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File 136953925189.jpg - (1.23MB , 1500x1500 , cover.jpg )
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Because the old thread is buried under to many threads, and Nova is a big dump feg, I present to you Sharethread 2.0! I'll start this off with one of my favorite electronic albums from this year.

RP Boo - Legacy [2013]
>bleep-bloops, footwork, juke, ghetto-house
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>> No. 19329
File 137770170297.png - (73.28KB , 246x312 , 70 Edit.png )
Nights - "Whisper"
>Dream Pop, female vocals.!YkQUBBLQ!VeTclhAwosfTRXQAvFWJ80uho-hUjXChm4_Y26BJmSY

Radiohead - "The King of Limbs (Live From the Basement)"
>Thom Yorke and the Phonograph Noggins!VZxhESRL!G5SkMDTp5C54yTT0vP7ZUBP8PiV-pXAZOwURhPpsxfE

White Fence - "Cyclops Reap"
>> No. 20229
>> No. 20244
Just found this.

>Marvelous Cain - Gun Talk
>old school jungle, toasting!cUghyBBR!NR4jMAKzv9h0-2GATkOmrL0uFG9IwJdgOZ-hRJ-X_OM

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  I actually love this shit.

How about you?
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>> No. 20101
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>> No. 20167
File 138930785467.jpg - (54.44KB , 856x844 , 1379727188964.jpg )
>> No. 20243
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  this is fucking hilarious

No. 20237 [View]
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  Scorpions thread.

Fuck "Rock You Like a Hurricane."
Why didn't this album get more hype, especially this song?
>> No. 20240
File 139074894674.gif - (1.50MB , 230x172 , euphoric.gif )
>Why didn't this album get more hype, especially this song?
Because it's shitty. vh1-core, dadrock.
>> No. 20241
Shitty, vh1-core dadrock usually gets a lot of hype though

File 139054400213.jpg - (6.58KB , 204x151 , x.jpg )
20230 No. 20230 [View]
>> No. 20231
If there was a version without the moaning backup vocals, I would check out more.

How about some piano screamo
>> No. 20232
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>> No. 20234
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  Twinkle Skramz anyone?

File 138881061654.gif - (672.43KB , 400x300 , contemplation.gif )
20157 No. 20157 [View]

oooh pretty

someone here is going to like this
>> No. 20161
File 138894021375.png - (98.90KB , 475x797 , 43.png )
I know I did.
Well, with one listen. Gotta give it a few more.
>> No. 20226
I guess I'm someone.

File 139020453902.jpg - (231.82KB , 1520x1024 , illuminatimasons.jpg )
20201 No. 20201 [View]
So guys, I just made a little ep. It's about a half hour of music if you guys want to hear it.
It's lo-fi, sample type music with a bit of a range of influences from extreme metal to country.
>> No. 20206
File 139035595874.jpg - (95.82KB , 500x500 , 1363504892718.jpg )
Copied from your /oat/ thread since it probably got buried before you saw it, and in case you wanted my highly credited opinion.

I can't front, this is a bit of a jumbled mess of a project. The tracks somehow manage to both homogenize themselves enough to get gratingly repetitive by the end of the project, but still don't sound like they fit in with one another. Your sample layering ends up clouding up your audio spectrum, making everything into a huge wash of sound, and not in a good way. The vocals you put in come off as extremely cheesy, and the lyrical themes are almost offensively heavy handed. There are some nuggets of cool ideas in here (i.e. the endings of both Fear of the future and Lunar Litury) but I'm having to dig far to deep for them. Sorry to be this harsh, but I think you have some cool ideas to work with, but the execution of those ideas can't really be overlooked.
>> No. 20225
Yeah, I'd rate it a 5/10 personally. I'm starting work on a new project and I think it'll be a lot better than this one. This one was my first serious music project so it's going to be pretty rough and noobish. The next one should be a lot better, I learned a shitload from doing this project. New one I'm thinking it'll be about conspiracy theories.

No. 20207 [View]
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>> No. 20209
Spooky ghost thread, dude.

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