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Ok, I need ya'll to recommend some metal bands for me, I can't seem to find anything good so, obviously the next stop is /vinyl/

Note* Plus points for bands that are fond of badass guitar solos
Note 2* Anything but death/black metal, I wan't to feel like i'm listening to metal, not summoning satan...
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>> No. 20015
>implying that all death and black metal is satanic

*coughOpeth, Paysaged'Hver, [insert 100+ bands here]cough*

>Plus points for bands that are fond of badass guitar solos

/vinyl/'s not the best place to ask for new bands for you, then. None of the regulars on here (including me) really care about technical proficiency at all. Hell, I personally find bands that constantly rely on it (ex. Dream Theater and Dragonforce) to be pretty soulless and uninteresting.

Maybe you should ask /oat/ for recs? They now allow discussion about non-pony music (as it's now a completely random board), and the regulars there seem to like more accessible music, so maybe you'll get some better recs from people on there who actually care about things like guitar solos.

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>> No. 20017
Intronaut is pretty cool.

Also you might like In This Moment.
>> No. 20018
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  First off: Not many here care about technical proficiency
Second: Not all black metal are...well..."black". Have you even heard of a band like early Underoath? What about Antestor? They're actually Christian if I remember correctly.

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>> No. 20019
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  >no black or death metal
You at least can appreciate god tier riffs right, or is just nothing experimental for you???
>> No. 20020
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  more for the riff department
>> No. 20021
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>> No. 20022
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  I cant really think of any band that is especially solo-y
Though i seem to have the memory of a ferret
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>> No. 20034
File 138661998549.png - (377.30KB , 450x450 , 3110_4ead.png )
>no BM
Well then count me out. This is basically the only metal genre that doesn't annoy me.

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>> No. 20104
File 138781613919.jpg - (54.94KB , 450x582 , King-Diamond.jpg )

Mercyful Fate - Don`t Break The Oath

Also the only way to start off strong in metal is to listen to black and death metal, unless if you haven`t heard any metal before, and a lot of death and black metal aren't satanic.
>> No. 20107
File 138787004039.png - (108.48KB , 864x800 , flutterrocker.png )
>Black metal elitist who doesn't listen to any other kind of metal
>Post an album by the most well known entry level black metal band in history
/mu/ please go.

Alright, if you want good guitar solos and you're not into black/death metal then I'd recommend classic heavy metal, doom metal and power metal.

Doom metal is played slow and is the most traditional of metal styles. The least amount of punk influence and still shows the strong psychedelic rock influence of early metal.

Power metal is descended from late 70's nwobhm like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, which are both great bands especially Stained Class and Powerslave. Think fast 80's speed metal with a cleaner, more modern and "epic" feel.

For classic metal, most of the big names Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Dio, Judas Priest, Venom, etc are pretty good music.

For classic heavy metal/speed metal Mercyful Fate is pretty legit. Really you can't go wrong with anything King Diamond though his vocals take a bit to get used to.
>> No. 20109
File 138789276287.png - (158.92KB , 974x820 , 38.png )
Wow, such hostile, much edgy.
>> No. 20111
Love this shit, quality stuff but I am more fond of Melissa
>> No. 20112
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Eh, I was just being facetious. I just don't have any way to imagine how someone could be into black metal and no other genres of metal. Do you only listen to post-black metal or something? Can you stand black metal mixed with other genres? Hell, the border between speed, doom, thrash metal and crust punk is blurry with black metal.
Explain yourself because I just don't understand.
>> No. 20120
File 138797329152.gif - (418.70KB , 500x428 , trvnZZk.gif )
No, you were just being hostile.
First of all, you called me a black metal elitist. This is not true, metal is probably the overal genre that I am the least into, so I listen to almost none.
Second, I posted that picture, cause it was Spurdo, and you made very big assumptions based on the fact that it was also Filosofem (which, by the way, I listened through maybe once, because I was bored by it).
Third, I see /mu/ as a place for people who post in a way that you just did, so I don't go there to avoid the general dickery.

I tend to limit my metal library to black, doom and similar, because I can't stand this common manner for majority of metal music which someone once called "penis-oriented style". The technical, solo-filled, testosterone-pumped wankery you'll find in all speed/power/thrash stuff. I want to puke when I hear the extremely boring sex drugs and rock'n'roll crap in 80s heavy metal scene.
Sure there are heavy metal bands I can listen to (like Black Sabbath), and there's a lot of wankery in BM too, which I prefer to avoid. And sure there are mixtures of genres that will play well for me while others won't.
Without some generalisation there is no way to express thoughts. Don't expect me to say that statistically I will enjoy 80% of BM, 5% of death metal, 2% of thrash, 0% of metalcore, 60% of doom and 30% of classic heavy. I just prefer to say I enjoy black.
>> No. 20122
> recommend some metal bands for me
> Anything but death/black metal, I wan't to feel like i'm listening to metal, not summoning satan...

I think deathklok sounds like a good match for you. Its Metal but its cartoony, probably two things you appreciate most about 'metal'.
>> No. 20123
That's pretty vague. Metal that can't be death/black with solos in it, that is.

Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, I guess. Also, there's a shitload of not-satanic death and black metal, if you're still willing to listen.

Maybe start with some Judas Priest and Iron Maiden? Long soloing session without any harsh vocals, which I assume you don't want.
>> No. 20125
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>> No. 20137
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  does this count as metal guize?
>> No. 20305
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I know this is months later but I've found the perfect song to describe your predicament.
>> No. 20307
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Deathklok is Love. It's every genre of metal at once.

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