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No. 20280
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  Anypony else enjoy Mr. Scruff?
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why not post this in the electronic thread? it's electronic. also why didn't you post the kottonmouth kings stuff in the hip-hop thread. you're bumping down threads that other people might use.

just post your shit in it's own thread, its getting really obnoxious.
>> No. 20289
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  Holy crap, why have i not heard of this guy yet?
>> No. 20290
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  This is some of the best Acid I've heard in ages.
>> No. 20292
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  Thanks for the new obsession, Graham.
>> No. 20293
Maybe you've never had Windows 7?
>> No. 20294
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What does Win7 have to do with anything? And yes, I'm running it right now.
>> No. 20295
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  >Dat Moondog
>> No. 20298
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  What the hell is wrong with the music industry that top 40 does not in fact consist of nothing but this?
>> No. 20299
You're really liking this stuff, aren't you?
>> No. 20304
File 139167484100.png - (205.08KB , 900x1114 , applebloom_on_coffeeduty_by_assiel-d5d6a81.png )
There are 3 songs in sample music folder in Win7.
One of them is Mr. Scruff.
>> No. 20306
So there is. Never opened that folder until now.
>> No. 20327
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>> No. 20343
File 139247744573.png - (202.39KB , 900x1434 , 902430_581506451868304_1160074816_o.png )
You're quite welcome!
>> No. 20344
File 139247754529.jpg - (30.67KB , 414x279 , dgbdv.jpg )
lel mkay anon why not just write down your guidelines on how i should post in /vinyl/ and email it to me pls make sure you describe exactly how you don't want me to post so I can try to follow your guidelines for ponychan

I'll get back to you on it shortly. I promise.
>> No. 20345
Quite frankly, the anon probably already did and you should check it.
>> No. 20346
File 139249988384.jpg - (158.84KB , 750x600 , hitchens-razor.jpg )
Dear frankly,

we shitposting nao

Last edited at Sat, Feb 15th, 2014 14:32

>> No. 20367
File 139269842766.png - (335.68KB , 588x244 , pierro.png )
>> No. 20385
Shut up.>>20367
>> No. 20395
I see what you did there.

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