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So, long story short, we lost our local record store to fire and resulting water damage a couple weeks ago. They just had a literal fire sale this weekend and I've decided to share the last batch of albums I bought as I digitize them. I'm not even going to clean them up, just leave them in their poppy, waterlogged, smoke-encrusted glory.

RIP Endless Records (and Hats)
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>> No. 20350
File 139251772043.jpg - (319.31KB , 600x567 , EnochLight-CommandPreformances-Front.jpg )
Enoch Light - Command Performances
>1965, Exotica, Space Age Pop, Stereophilia

Recorded optically on 35mm film stock, Enoch Light's releases on his Command label pushed the boundaries of high-fidelity stereo sound at a time when stereo was still largely seen as a gimmick. His albums featured his signature "ping-pong" stereo effects and ultra-wide separation, and in conjunction with masterful arranging really give you a sense of how exciting a time it was in the evolution of recording technology. Light's tracks have been sampled numerous times, most notably for the "Mad Men" theme and "Frontier Psychiatrist".
>> No. 20352
File 139252222488.jpg - (111.80KB , 550x544 , richie-havens2.jpg )
Richie Havens - Mixed Bag
>1967, Folk / Folk-Rock

Acclaimed and honored for his charitable work by more foundations and organizations than I care to actually read about, Richie Havens was a prime example of putting words into action. Being the opening act for any music festival is surely harrowing, but when Havens took the stage as the first performer at Woodstock, his set was extended to three hours, due to several following acts getting caught in traffic. This, his first major album, includes Handsome Johnny, the anti-war anthem featured in the Woodstock documentary and which jump-started Haven's career on a National scale.

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>> No. 20353
File 139252636547.jpg - (377.93KB , 1156x1146 , BMB FAO front.jpg )
Baja Marimba Band - For Animals Only
>1965, lounge, exotica, pop covers

The Baja Marimba Band was formed as an offshoot of the wild success of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, and in fact was led my Herb's marimbist and composer of Spanish Flea, Julius Wechter. Their releases followed the same "South of the Border" gimmick that was popular at the time. Their rendition of The 12 Days Of Christmas (Partridge In A Pear Tree) is possibly the most infuriating recording of the song I have ever experienced. Use it to torture your enemies. Or your cat.
>> No. 20360
Checking this thing out
>> No. 20361
File 139265636859.png - (24.38KB , 500x500 , c8x5yeiy6t4w.png )
Original Beat Donut Steel
>> No. 20364
File 139266973592.png - (72.57KB , 173x235 , skrecz.png )
Okay, what is this and how do I get more.
>> No. 20366
File 139267537981.jpg - (173.89KB , 900x884 , 137722602225.jpg )
Mediafire is being a bitch right now, otherwise I'd be uploading more albums.

Stairway to the Sea, Amen, Take the Money and Run, and Dueling Bongos, in that order.

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>> No. 20389
File 139308802640.jpg - (1.38MB , 1791x1837 , Back On Broadway front 50.jpg )
Sammy Davis Jr - Back On Broadway
>1965, lounge, pop

These days, most people know him in the context of Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack, and it's easy to forget Sammy Davis Jr. was just as big a star in his own right - with his own variety show, even! I love this album as a perfect example of the blend of Vegas swing, pop, and soul that Davis brought to his performances in an era that - very obviously - far predates any notion of "pitch correction". Claus Ogerman's arrangements fit wonderfully with Davis' delivery, particularly on The Joker, Sunrise, Sunset and Hello Dolly.
>> No. 20390
File 139308875682.jpg - (64.17KB , 655x655 , VH album.jpg )
Nathaniel Shilkret and the Victor Salon Orchestra - The Music of Victor Herbert (vol II)
>1939, opera, old as dirt, 12-inch 78s

I actually passed on buying this album when I first found it at the shop since Volume I was missing, but when I saw it had survived the fire and hoses I had a massive pang of guilt and had to buy it. Victor Herbert is nowhere near as big a name in the public mind as he once was, but during his heyday he was the top composer of light opera in the US. This collection compiles the themes from his best-loved shows - from Naughty Marietta (Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life!) to Babes In Toyland - into succinct operatic medleys expertly performed by the Victor Salon Group's vocal talent.

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