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File 139351302228.jpg - (74.96KB , 580x464 , TheMarsVolta-580x464.jpg )
20418 No. 20418
The Mars Volta, the only band I know of with their own point and click adventure.

I know I keep posting about them I'll stop but I can't stop listening to them since they broke up, I can't get enough of their Unreleased material.
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>> No. 20436
i would think buying some acid would be cheaper than Zaireeka on vinyl
>> No. 20440
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The Flaming Lips idk dude u could be right.
>> No. 20446
how fuck did i confuse The Mars Volta for The Flaming Lips?

wow i feel dumb
>> No. 20454
File 139408024453.png - (16.52KB , 125x84 , 139358891692s.png )
Idk could be that they are both psychedelic and trippy as fuck lol u drop a lot of acid dude? Jk. Wanna drop acid and listen to the Flaming Lips sometime? :D
>> No. 20463
i would love to try acid sometime but apparently all the acid around here is fuckin terrible, so i haven't been bothered to get any
>> No. 20477
File 139440604859.png - (160.01KB , 1280x1087 , derpy_hooves_by_makintosh91-d4rnoom.png )
I can get really good acid where I am now where's my Zaireeka on vinyl? Lol. Don't drop it personally but friend of a friend now permanently thinks he's a glass of O.J.
>> No. 20482
he probably took way more than you're supposed to, one drop is enough to get you fucked for at least a quarter of a day
>> No. 20486
Yep point is epic story. But seriously in my area we have intense acid hookups. Like rave culture is really big here LSD Molly u can get really cheap liquid acid idk where I'm going with this I don't do either lol.

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