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I'm a complete hardstyle n00b (I literally ONLY know Headhunterz and Wildstylez) but I'm really fascinated by it. What does /vinyl/ recommend? (related genres like hard trance and gabber are fine too, I don't know them at all.
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I recommend you listen to real music.

I don't know what hardstyle is I just wanted to make that joke
>> No. 20487
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Hardstyle is commonly associated with Jumpstyle.

Which is... literally just jumping around to the beat.
>> No. 20489
Ignore gabber completely, and listen to Tiësto's Magik series for trance.

That's all that I can recommend, really. Trance is something that I want to get into more, but I want to keep my credibility around music nerds and don't know any good starting points for albums that aren't completely pleb-tier.

also hardstyle is terrible but don't let a hiding oldfag like me tell you what not to listen to
>> No. 20490
>that strikethrough
I meant to spoiler that last bit, BTW.

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