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No. 20679
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  This one is from Lil Dicky
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Damn nigga, that's good. Anyway, Aesop is my favorite rapper, and he happens to be white. Super lyrically dense. It's like biting into a literary sandwich that's densely packed with layers of ham, beef, cheese, sour-kraut and all sorts of goodies.
>> No. 20682
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  So how white classifies as white?
Test subject #1: Dendemann, Northern Germany
>> No. 20683
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  Brother Ali is albino, does that count?
>> No. 20684
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  I ain't heard news from this guy in too long, but he did start out pretty popcorn and turned ever more.
>> No. 20685
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  DJ Vadim is pretty white, unless you think Slavs aren't white.
>> No. 20686
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  Also for some reason I forgot about El-P. Also don't forget Cage. Man, there are a ton of white rappers.

Oh also Sage Francis.

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  Or do we need to go till Finland?
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>> No. 20690
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good question
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>> No. 20692
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  what the fuck are the Irish?
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>> No. 20695
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  do half arabs count?
>> No. 20696
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>> No. 20697
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  Turks grown up in Germany since elementary school?
>> No. 20698
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  No mention of Brighton yet? I am disappoint.

>> No. 20699
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  >Dr. Syntax
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  >Tom Caruana
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>> No. 20704
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  Limey hip-hop coming in. Scroobious Pip is p cool.
>> No. 20718
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  Hey, I almost forgot about Cecil Otter.
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  Honestly he's kinda terrible but I always think of him since a friend of mine has a story concerning him.
This was back when he hung out with a crip and anyway, out in Jonesboro is a massive gettho. They cruised into it to meet someone and my buddy sees a mercedes rolling through. He's like "What the fuck, he must be super important, normal people don't just roll through here with a new mercedes." "I don't know man, they haystacks folks so it might be them."

The two get there and everyone is like "You just missed Haystack bro! But he gave us a couple pounds of weed, check this shit out!"
>> No. 20724
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  whoa i'm actually kind of impressed... totally not my genre either (white rappers)
>> No. 20725
sometimes distant professionalism takes a back seat to personal experience
>> No. 20726
White rapper isn't a genre though. It's all hip-hop. Sure dudes like Mac Miller have a certain lane like cloud rap or whatever, but it's all hip-hop. It's not sectioned off via race.
>> No. 20729
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I'm no music buff but shit no I am pretty sure you're wrong. White rapper is a genre because white people and other colors/ethnicites actually do have different styles, forms, or subject matters - not limited to the originator of the content.

Just like J-pop is a genre, and is not 'pop music only, and not J-pop'

It only is 'the genre of hip hop' when you refuse to distinguish that it is white people rapping.

Genres of music, best I seem to be able to tell, are defined by their descriptors and distinguished by them as well, and since you can organize any kind of category, class, type, etc. you can also establish categories for color and ethnicity.

Because no, white people do not rap like black people, indian people do not rap like british people, and aussies do not rap like hispanic gang bangers.

By default they are all able to be broken into genre that distinguishes them.

Or am I wrong and the 'universal rules of genre defining in music' have finally been established and anon is familiar with it and might be kind enough to inform me of the standard?

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>> No. 20731
Interesting take on.
But since we are at music, wouldn't you at least insist any sensible categorization should be made based on acoustic information alone?
Guessing the apporximate skin tone of the vocalist sometimes works fine, sometimes simply don't.
>> No. 20732
I honestly think you're wrong on this one Graham. Aesop, Cecil Otter, and Brother Ali can easily fit into more backpacker genres, just like Eminem can be seen as an early pioneer of horror-core. Mac Miller is very much in the cloud rap lane and dudes like Yelawolf fit into stuff like conscious hip-hop or alt-hip-hop easily.

Also El-P can do a whole lot, he's done backpacker stuff and more straight-forward gangster shit on Run the Jewels.

There are a lot of brits who are white who roll with the grime sound and you got Dutch dudes who play with boom bap.

On the flipside groups like Odd Future are very horror-core, and that genre is very white for the most part. Also POS and guys like Del The Funkee Homosapien fit into alt-hip-hop which is more friendly to white dudes. I think you're just looking at it from a very small point of view.

Sure Chicano rap is a thing, but that differentiates itself by sounds too rather than simply being about race. Chicano rap samples from very Latin sounds, so it can differentiate itself from most other forms of hip-hop.

Really I think genres are more about the sound itself rather than the race of the people around it. What would we call In Living Colour then? Black rock? And who else would be there? Bad Brains? Would you say that House of Suffering and Cult of Personality are similar because the people playing the music are of the same color?

I'm being a little unfair, but I think you're kinda wrong. I'd say that Lil' Dicky isn't all that different from "black rap". Sure the race might change the subject matter, but at the same time, Atmosphere has rhymes about shit unlike anyone else and no one's gonna call Slug "half white rap" or whatever.
>> No. 20733
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  Despot feels like he has a lot of potential, he could be a real powerhouse on the scene if he ever gets around to releasing an album. I also really like Sadistik in a pretentious poetic way.

Dude, it sounds like you're implying that all white rappers sound the same and take no inspiration from black rappers. That's the only way "white rapper" would ever be considered its own genre.
>> No. 20734
he's said that he will never release an album
>> No. 20738
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>White people can't rap like Black people
>White people can't sculpt like Black people
>White people can't paint like Black people
>White people can't write like Black people
>White people can't sing like Black people

That argument has never held water. It's still racist. Reverse it, and you'll have a shitstorm on your hands.

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>> No. 20740
File 139869260525.png - (47.56KB , 500x403 , whitio.png )
hilariously related picture
>> No. 20749
>people calling Graham on his shit
>Graham giving a half-assed defense on his shit
>multiple people refuting his evidence with fact
>ditches thread and never even says "oh hey, i might be wrong on this" or "you have your right to an opinion but i think i'm still right"
So /dis/ moves at such a blazing pace that you need to get back to it huh? Instead you're gonna spam /chat/ with a music thread?
>> No. 20757
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>> No. 20799
You're cute when you are mad.

It isn't that they cannot its that they are not of that color and cannot represent that 'genre' as they do not themselves represent the 'genre' that includes any description of race or origin. You may categorize them into another genre and redefine it so they fit better and skin colors become indistinguishable until you remember them if that pleases you.

And I'm no music scholar but it seems 'where you from' is one of the most important parts of subject material in rap music.

Because people of different cultures, different colors, different countries and who speak different languages have different context and content, and sound different, I reserve the ability to differentiate.

You can call that racist all you want but its a willingness to homogenize difference you are asking to be done, which destroys individuality and ignores the notion that we should be celebrated in our differences because we are different.

Not because we are all the same or don't have stories that come from our cultural, social, geographical backgrounds that make us unique.

>Dude, it sounds like you're implying that all white rappers sound the same and take no inspiration from black rappers. That's the only way "white rapper" would ever be considered its own genre.

White rapper would be a genre if you distinguish it as one. If I call for white rappers and you share white rappers you at least adhere to the concept of the genre for the sake of 'white rappers'. If I asked for white rapper videos and you posted rappers who were not white then this would suggest there could be no genre distinguished in your mind - but you can distinguish, so likewise a genre can be as well.

Yeah but who is making up all these genres? horror core? Who decided this would be an actual genre and when did they etch it out into reality? Where is the actual guidelines for this so we can all be on the same page?

I'm saying there is no guideline for said genre classification as far as I am aware, so it falls on the ability for us to communicate a genre that distinguishes the genre. That you understand it makes it an accurate descriptor in communicating, not that it appeals to your morals or sense of egalitarianism.

If, as a music consumer, I want to differentiate 'white rappers' and everyone knows I'm talking about rappers who are white then I don't see why this cannot serve as a genre, seeing as how we are just making up rules and shit for it at this point aren't we? It categorizes the music based on a common description which hinges on the origin of the music.

Or are there, as I said here
>Or am I wrong and the 'universal rules of genre defining in music' have finally been established

so again I ask ARE THERE actually rules and defined genres set in stone as well as process for forging new genres as they come for this section of music... or are we all just making shit up here?

I think we're just making shit up. In that sense all you need to know to understand a genre is enough about its description to form a category.

"Done by white guys" should certainly be one when in a climate of similar artists who are overwhelmingly not white I feel. Sure we might want to say 'but the music is more important!' yet if I post a thread asking for white rappers everyone would be able to review 50 different submissions and figure out if all 50 are white rappers or not. If I asked for Jewish rappers people might throw Lil Dicky and Drake together in that genre.

How many non white rappers and their music got posted in this thread? Thats because, despite this not being a 'labeled genre' in the isles of best buy or wal mart, despite distinguishing rappers by their personal characteristics which bothers some of you, everyone still knew what I was talking about.

White. Rappers.

noun: genre; plural noun: genres

a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

I assert that there are commonalities in form, style, or subject matter that go beyond simply 'how it sounds' but can be traced to the person who makes the sounds and their origins, and that further this is a strong identifying factor in the music itself - where people are from, how they grew up, what they rap about.
>> No. 20800
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>where people are from, how they grew up, what they rap about.
Should add outward appearance, which being white is much more about than where you from, grew up and choose content-wise, though.
>> No. 20818
>> No. 20822
you should add or subtract whatever you need to single out the category you are looking for if you are trying to be specific

I don't see how you could any other way. Not efficiently anyways.
>> No. 20829
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  I guess Joji half-qualifies...
>> No. 20854
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  >Lil Dicky
>> No. 20902
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  awww shit bet ya'll haven't heard this cattle hand rap GOD
>> No. 20928
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>> No. 20939
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  MC Chris

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