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Why are military anthems from beyond the Iron Curtain so hilariously theatrical? I've had a pal tell me that its because Russian stuff, especially, is High Opera.
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>> No. 20839
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  It's to instill a sense of awe and grandeur.

"Listen to this sweeping anthem! Listen to the joyous voices of the people! We are truly great!"

Meanwhile, the US has a bastardized drinking song for our anthem.
>> No. 20840
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You say that like it is a bad thing. American anthems have their own style and fire to them that holds similarities to many European marches, but still holds itself as something distinct and sets it apart.

It's like you don't' know Mr. Sousa. I sense bias.
>> No. 20842
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Vausten, I'm shocked you would ever suggest such a thing.
>> No. 20844
I'm shocked that you suck penis

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