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No. 20855
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  What is your favorite Pink Floyd album, /vinyl/?
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>> No. 20857
File 140216313783.jpg - (24.58KB , 298x295 , ug.jpg )
Because I am a pretentious asshole.

Meddle is pretty sweet too.
>> No. 20863
File 140224475369.jpg - (128.92KB , 953x953 , animals.jpg )
definitely not that one, OP
>> No. 20864
The Dark Side of the Moon, if only because it's the only "classic rock" (I hate that term, btw) album that actually has some personal significance for me. Wish You Were Here, Meddle, Animals, and Obscured by Clouds are pretty good as well.
>> No. 20865
I personally never understood the hype over Animals. I've always found it to be one of the most boring albums.
Except Dogs.
Dogs are amazing.
>> No. 20870
Dark side of the moon
>> No. 20871
Meddle. Meddle has some of the cooler sounds to come from Pink Floyd. Also Piper at the Gates of Dawn has Interstellar Overdrive and that song is the shit. Next is probably Wish You Were Here.

Dark Side of The Moon is just so meh to me.
>> No. 20894
File 140269286899.jpg - (35.88KB , 300x300 , the-wall.jpg )
Allow me to be the one with one of the most obvious choices.
>> No. 20896
>The Wall
>the most obvious choice
>> No. 20897
I said "one of"
>> No. 20900
Wish You Were Here and Animals. Obscured by Clouds and Dark Side of the Moon are pretty good as well though Dark Side is pretty overrated imo. I just couldn't quite get into Piper and Meddle though I liked them. I guess Wish You Were Here is partly nostalgia for me, I have a lot of good high school memories tied to that album.
The movie was pretty fucking neato though.

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