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21065 No. 21065
Come on, don't be shy!
Post songs you feel ashamed for enjoying.
Stuff you would normally hate, but for some reason you can't help but like and listen to it when no one's looking.
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>> No. 21066
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  And I shall start.
>> No. 21067
Can we talk about our fetishes instead?
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  Shittily recorded and shittily played music is a serious guilty pleasure for me. I don't know I like music that's real raw and primitive sounding. It has a certain naive charm to it.
>> No. 21081
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  This is really more of a guilty pleasure because I can't mention my liking of it without someone bringing up it's terrible music video and not really talking about the song itself. Honestly, it's probably my favorite Kanye track despite the horrendous lyrics (even for Kanye, these are bad, but I have a feeling that they were intentionally bad).
>> No. 21082
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  Might as well post two more.

I don't care that this is a Vocaloid-oriented track. It's still one of my favorite songs.
>> No. 21083
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  Come at me, Nova.
>> No. 21084
File 140675280279.jpg - (66.83KB , 500x667 , s6Uw7.jpg )
Now THIS is a guilty pleasure

ohgod i listened to stuff like this (EITS, Red Sparowes, GIAA, Mono etcetcetc) years and years ago, but now I can't fucking stand it anymore.
>> No. 21085
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  This entire album. It's just so funny, plus I honestly kinda like this song. I know it's bad, but I still like it.

>First Breath After Coma

Nice. Yeah, EITS and most third wave post-rock isn't the best...but goddamn if it's not listenable as hell.
>> No. 21091
how is neon icon a guilty pleasure at all it's fantastic
>> No. 21094
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File 140705604482.jpg - (60.41KB , 930x587 , 1.jpg )
I keep telling people that Thrash is my thing and I hate Black Metal...but I can't resist Burzum
>> No. 21099
Shitty, even for doom metal standards.
>> No. 21101
Not even doom metal bro. On that album they were playing a strange mix of black metal and oi punk.

Here's something I guess isn't a guilty pleasure but I think I'm the only guy who digs this dudes music.
He plays the guitar, drums and vocals in this song I know. Dude mixes his own stuff with samples.
And here's him doing what he calls sonic collage, this is the best stuff he's done I think.

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>> No. 21102
But black metal is way better than t(h)rash metal.
>> No. 21106

Maybe true, but being at a thrash metal concert is more fun

then again I'm not an expert at black metal live performances
>> No. 21107
Oh, black metal gigs are the best. You stand with your arms hanging loose and frown a lot.
>> No. 21426
>Stuff you would normally hate, but for some reason you can't help but like and listen to it when no one's looking.
No, this is something I actually liked. So don't think I'm joking when you listen to it.
Oh and warning it is very NSFW.
still better than anaconda to me though.
>> No. 21430
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Trixie,wherever you are.....peace.
>> No. 21432
Haibane Renmei is THE best animu ever made.
Blue Flow is rather tacky, but the OST in general is fantastic. I used to listen to it on loop.
>> No. 21435
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I always liked the song,it is just a bit out there for my tastes.

The background behind the two protagonists in this speciic AMV,ias seen in the end to the series.

I thought it meant that they would have been living in an endless of ruins,like a maze.Quite a bit different from old home.With alleyways and fountains to just sit there quietly,a bit ashamed of being there,waiting for what...some sort o ascension.

"What are you trying to forget?"
>> No. 21440
Never Gonna Let You Down

Yeah, I actually enjoy getting rick rolled.

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