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File 141109077551.gif - (653.95KB , 267x403 , a-a-ano.gif )
21188 No. 21188
Since I'm gonna start making music again I guess I'll make a new thread for this shit. Post the music you make here.
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>> No. 21189
I like some of the textures after 2:30.
>> No. 21192
File 141123199364.png - (139.95KB , 301x338 , The pits of moe.png )
The noises can only get harsher~
>> No. 21258
File 141315460994.jpg - (345.58KB , 1059x1059 , a3432615393_10.jpg )
> industrial hip-hop instrumentals, inspired by Death Grips, Clipping, Dälek, Einstürzende Neubauten, etc. Samples are glitched and distorted to make aggressive rhythms out of melodic works.

I used to make pony music under the name "Mechabloby" and this new project has kinda been in the works for a few years, partially because I would keep destroying the tracklisting by removing already made tracks and replacing them with newer tracks I preferred and partially because the files were stuck on a computer I had no access to for a long time. I'm planning on making some new material during the Winter holidays that may include some recorded vocals, but until then, hope you enjoy!
>> No. 21259
definitely gettin that death grips vibe from this. cool beats that go hard as fuck, dude
>> No. 21260
I don't listen to much like this but this is pretty cool, dude. Keep it up.
>> No. 21261
File 141315940312.png - (718.78KB , 3115x4000 , 1401546869632.png )
Try being more playful with your noise. Keep the variations going, maybe add a little rhythm or some glitches too. Also just because it's noise doesn't mean it always has to pierce the listener's ears - be more playful with your sound and don't just rely on the high pitches. Other than that, keep it up, it seems like a good start.

This is just ace, dude. Those beats are aggressive enough to get me pumped and hyped, yet it's also surprisingly accessible too. Really digging this, man.
>> No. 21262
> I used to make music under the name "Mechabloby"

oh shit I remember you, Equinophobia was my jam
>> No. 21263
Fantano, your beginning sounds rattle the front of my brain in a nice way.

As noted before, maybe shy away fron higher frequencies, you're more interesting when you don;t make high pitches. The lower end stuff is texturally more interesting than your higher end stuff.

Kinda high when writing this so disregard.
>> No. 21267
File 141332341642.png - (9.21KB , 700x700 , Skinny Trips.png )
An experiment in trying to balance the frequency range, and add a little more depth to my high end tones.
>> No. 21270
File 141341585479.png - (108.17KB , 419x418 , 132088478018.png )
>Mostly acapella overdubs

Working on this right now, for the upcoming season:

I like it. Guttural. Visceral. Definitely get a sense of progression, too.
>> No. 21271
Audio 141342148701.mp3 - (687.75KB , Of Gold.mp3 )
>> No. 21279
Audio 141366759219.mp3 - (2.03MB , It Came Carpenters pitched up.mp3 )

I know I'm two months early, and I don't care, this shit is fun
>> No. 21317
File 141407059264.jpg - (26.86KB , 300x384 , smug anime grill.jpg )
#cosmicnoise #deep
>> No. 21339
Audio 141574836703.mp3 - (5.36MB , WBTA.mp3 )
Freaking throat won't unclog itself after the head cold this weekend - it's probably going to stay with me through the end of concert season, too, dammit.

<Some phlegm-philled Phour Phreshmen
>> No. 21352
File 141642883168.png - (308.38KB , 638x504 , Smug animes.png )
Another attempt at bridging harsh noise and drone
>> No. 21395
File 141816832241.png - (18.52KB , 700x700 , ▲⌐│∩▲.png )
Picked up a TB-3 made something that isn't actually noise
>> No. 21420
Audio 142000049494.mp3 - (7.00MB , 2014-12-30 Track 9.mp3 )
Y'all can join us on the back porch when yer ready.
>> No. 21422
File 142003425299.jpg - (422.40KB , 2832x4256 , 1419863686715.jpg )


>> No. 21431
File 142034636164.jpg - (54.96KB , 500x500 , TFT.jpg )
More shoo-bee-doo:
>> No. 21439
Hey, you posted some really spooky Halloween song Vocaroos once but I can't find them on your Soundcloud
>> No. 21443
Do you mean the Grim Grinning Ghosts covers?
>> No. 21447
File 142094441706.gif - (313.31KB , 500x380 , 136544325475.gif )
Not noise this time, sorta.
>> No. 21552
File 142508953150.jpg - (66.23KB , 500x500 , oldcoupleonbench.jpg )

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