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So I just got a Stanton T62 turntable and have just gotten into buying and listening to vinyl, anyone have God-tier records I should be looking out for?
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What cartridge are you using? The kind of disc and type of music you want to listen to can influence your choice of stylus and cartridge - there unfortunately is no golden "all purpose" combo out there yet.

Be very wary of re-issued classic discs, BTW - modern engineers have not had a very good track record at faithfully remastering disc releases.

Other than that, have at it. As far as I'm concerned you really can't go wrong, aside from mastering issues, and those are getting better and better.
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Just using the cartridge that came with it. As for music, I love love love New Age. I would love to get something that would work really well with them, but there is a lot of music that we have to play so I don't know much about record players.
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For that style / era you'll definitely want a cardrige and stylus that works on light tracking weight - to better catch the higher frequencies and reduce the chance of damaging them.

New age, huh? The only artist I'm familiar with that gets routinely classified as "New Age" is Chip Davis and Mannheim Steamroller. Good luck finding secondhand discs in circulation though. American Gramaphone has always prided themselves on being a forefront audiophile label. The search is worth it for the sleeve art though.


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