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No. 21568
Open Morality: The Clean Sweep

This is to be our Applejack themed album, parodying Enter Shikari's album The Mindsweep on their self-managed label Ambush Reality.
This time around we're looking to get some strong, powerful music that stands up tall and proud. Not necessarily "hard"; that's already been done, but I'm sure you get the idea! That's far less ambiguous of a theme than Mindscapes', but still leaves a little room for interpretation for you to play with. As usual, there are no genre restrictions!

But, as usual, there are some rules to follow:
NSFW submissions are discouraged.
All submissions must be under 15 minutes long.
All submissions must not be obnoxious/incredibly loud.
All submissions must be LOSSLESS (WAV, AIFF or FLAC) and uploaded to an external website.
All submissions must NOT be posted in public when done; work-in-progresses and teasers are accepted and encouraged.

Here's the official Skype chat purgatory, from which someone will add you. (Paste this in your search/address bar):

Deadline: TBC
Please do not submit any work to us yet.

Keep up to date on any future developments by following us on the facebooks:
or by looking at our website:

That's all for now! Good luck with your submissions, we look forward to hearing them!
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>> No. 21569

1) /vinyl/ is kill. Posting here is pointless.

2) This is for NON-pony music. There are other pages for that.

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