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Metal...all kinds...

Listening to ambient and drone, atm.
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  Why is slam death so fucking heavy? Why is old school death metal the best kind of death metal?
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>> No. 20392
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How about this

I like slam, go on and jam
>> No. 20404
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Deicide-Deicide old school death metal, angry!
>> No. 20420
File 139354182583.jpg - (304.14KB , 2304x1296 , 20140227_023.jpg )
Guess which tour start concert i just came home from
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File 139354193226.jpg - (336.17KB , 2304x1296 , 20140227_011.jpg )
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File 139354204178.jpg - (327.33KB , 2304x1296 , 20140227_028.jpg )
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File 139354497607.jpg - (626.02KB , 2304x1296 , 20140228_007.jpg )

Peter Tägtgren on track 11
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File 139697881985.jpg - (3.04MB , 4096x2304 , IMG_20140408_105055.jpg )
>> No. 20630
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ooo nice
>> No. 20631
>4500$ for a ticket
I mean I know its Maiden, but what kind of ticket has that absurd price?
>> No. 20651
I can't believe you're still here, Chocolate-Mint Swirl.
Then again, part of me is surprised the fandom is still around.
If you remember me, then you really must be an old-pony. Current listenings.
>> No. 20652
File 139744593331.png - (4.12KB , 297x329 , 1.png )
Since the thread is dead, here is a link to the bandcamp of my Black Metal project. Everything that is up are demos I made all by myself in my room with barley anything to work with, so they are shit. I have better equipment now and a whole band so future material won't suck.

I'll also include a TRV KVLT picture of myself.
>> No. 20664
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>> No. 20672
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  A black metal cover of Current 93's cover of Lucifer Over London. It's p cool.
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>> No. 20703
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  This is very similar to Burzum and Capitollium i thinks
>> No. 20790
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>> No. 20806
File 140051518522.jpg - (69.72KB , 625x417 , 1.jpg )
> Nasum - Relics> Wormrot - The final insult> Napalm Death - You sufferSome grindcore for you maggots
>> No. 20807
>not having Discordance Axis and Gridlink in your list

And you call us maggots...
>> No. 20809
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  Probably one of my favorite metal bands of the last 4 years. I'm super hyped to see what these guys do on their future albums.
>> No. 20810
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>> No. 20811
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It is almost too heavy
>> No. 20821
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>> No. 20830
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  How metal is this?
>> No. 20832
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  Rate Riot's taste in music.
>> No. 20834
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Who is Riot
>> No. 20836
File 140150166240.jpg - (69.03KB , 587x376 , Yvain-dragon.jpg )
>> No. 20847
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>> No. 20859
File 140219593376.png - (107.88KB , 744x1052 , Luna DT fan.png )
Hello everypony! I am pleased to see Dream Theater here, but this thread still needs MOAR DT!!!
Is it okay to have the word "faggot" in my name?
>> No. 20860
>Is it okay to have the word "faggot" in my name?

Assuming that you're not a troll and you actually like Dream Theater, yes. At least you can admit it, though.
>> No. 20861
They do have some decent tracks, though, but there are very few of those IMO.
>> No. 20866
I am listening to DT every day.
That's just how my tastes work. I like them with all my essence.
>> No. 20867
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Type O Negative

Oh my what have I done I seem to have saged this thread unintentionally

Last edited at Mon, Jun 9th, 2014 00:37

>> No. 20873
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  I always wish there was more power metal like this instead of going full flowery with it.
>> No. 20875
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What ya think of Blind Guardian?

BTW, I was listening to DT's cover to Iron Maiden's To Tame A Land. O damn, that Dune stuff is soooo good. SPICE MUST FLOW.
And now I am sitting here and listening to Piece of Mind.
>> No. 20887
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One of the rules of the internet - Iron Maiden is awesome, no exceptions

Last edited at Fri, Jun 13th, 2014 08:05

>> No. 20888
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My rule is that DT is always awesome
>> No. 20892
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I would make a rule saying Megadeth is awesome. Video for Cattle Decapitation I hope there is not too much gore it is disgusting.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 13th, 2014 08:06

>> No. 20898
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Blind Guardian is pretty much the band that got me into power metal in the first place. I used to really love A Night at the Opera and Nightfall but over the years their earlier material has really grown on me.

And if you like Iron Maiden then you'll likely love Slough Feg. One of the few bands I've seen to have a really strong Maiden influence whilst still keeping their own sound.
>> No. 20901
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Megadeth are good. I started listening to DT right after these dudes.
Thank you, but I don't love IM that much.

Have anybody listened to Haken?
>> No. 20924
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>> No. 20926
File 140304448502.jpg - (1.99MB , 4096x2304 , IMG_20140617_222310.jpg )
I was on an Iron Maiden concert a few hours ago, kicked ass, was exciting as fuck, my favorite is when they played Number of the beast, like they blew fire out of the stage when Bruce screamed SIX SIX SIX

Up the irons, maiden forever!!!!!
>> No. 20970
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  Nice, i heard evil men or whatever the song is called recently

Right now Godflesh is on the radio
>> No. 21087
Is this thread killed
>> No. 21140
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>> No. 21193
File 141133649592.jpg - (33.84KB , 500x375 , Dark+Tranquillity.jpg )
One of my favorite bands anyway so...
>> No. 21194
One of my favorite bands anyway... I love metal
>> No. 21195
File 141133671391.jpg - (7.79KB , 300x168 , jjjj.jpg )
as in Dark tranquility?
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